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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The First Wednesday Festival of 2007

Hi Gang! Happy New Years to you all! A big THANKS to Mary Beth for assuming my Festival duties last week while our family had an unexpected holiday vacation in Terre Haute, Indiana. May I say, "You Hoosiers ROCK?"

On to the First Festival:

Karen, over at kc's kaleidoscope, has declared the winner in her caption contest. Pop on over and see who it is -Caption contest winner. She also wishes to express her 'kudos' to reverikag for creative use of the photo for evangelism and to the reverend mommy for tying her caption into the lectionary lesson of the week! I bet they're all goating, er, gloating!

At In the Open Space (sorry, too many prepositions!), Carmen lists her favorite films of 2006 as well as her favorite books—both fiction and non-fiction and also listed the top 10 television shows of 2006, too! You've been busy in 2006, Carmen!

Mary Beth, blogger of Terrapin Station, shares her thoughts about being a pew sitter, instead of sitting in the choir loft. You can read her reflections here.

Eternal Echoes' Sally shares with us a couple of her reflections. First, on grace, then on hope. Two of my favoritest things! Praying that Chris is recovering, Sally!

From The Same Sky has written a post this week questioning something she heard on the radio Sunday morning. She's not completely sure how theologically sound it is (she's "only" a first year theological student - her words, not mine!) but it raises questions about God and the nature of evil in creation, which are difficult - and which she'd love some feedback on!

Deb, at Another Unfinished Symphony, was led to blog this. As she so aptly puts it, "Holy antagonists, Batman...!". I couldn't have said it better myself, Symphony. She also posts about her dreams.

Nominated for this week's Festival is an offering by Sharing a Journey. He writes about seeing two very different movies and finding the messages weren't really so different after all. You can read about it here.

Juniper has a 2006 Best of the Blogs "Award" post at her place: Possible Water.

Quotidian Grace (who missed her calling as a country-and-western songwriter, IMHO) composed a New Year's Rhyme.

The Rev. Tripp penned a sermon on the execution of Saddam Hussein.

Lorna, at See-Through Faith, is asking What if God were one of us? . (Gosh, I miss Joan of Arcadia!) Also, she shares her DD's excitement at being asked to be a godmother to a 3.5 year old (BTW, it's also her 1000st post - Congrats!)

Finally, I invite you to pop over to my blog, Grace Happens, and see why this was a wonderful Christmas in spite of unexpectedly being called away from home and why I'm thanking God for the RGPBs and Hoosiers! Our family is blessed and Son is doing well - all things considered.

You be blessed, too! Happy New Year!


  1. Great roundup! I think there are a couple of links not quite right though - Juniper's blog awards and your blog, Grace Happens - both gave me urls that didn't work. I was still able to figure it out and got there eventually, but here's a heads up.

  2. i miss "Joan", too!

  3. Over at my place I bring up the touchy (so to speak) subject of when contagiously sick persons should refrain from coming to church. Dueling Purel bottles at 50 paces!

  4. Thanks Rachel! I'm not sure why the urls didn't go through, but I think I fixed them!

  5. Great Wednesday festival for the first of the year net. So glad you made it back, and things are better for your family.

  6. Just a little venting at my place...glad to find funny happy things at everyone elses'!

  7. What a great group of links and posts... I am so SOOO glad I found this on-line community in 2006!

  8. Coutesy of YouTube--a Harry Potter trailer at my place!

  9. I've been talking about resolutions at both my places (though in quite different ways!).

  10.>At my place I am soliciting opinions about what the "fear" of God is. If you can help, stop by please. :-)

  11. I have blogged an update about my current circumstances and also a couple of cute reflection on LB my 4 year old

  12. I'm doing a bit of my usual indecisive moaning over at my place - not everything has to be new in the new year, right?! But I sure could use some advice!

  13. You can check out Dogblogger (The Best Dog) St. John's Rev Abi, Beth Quick, Hit the Back Button, or Rev Mommy to catch up on the BIG REVGAL MEETUP in Myrtle Beach.

    Pictures are on and as well. TOO FUN. Especially when sarcastic bloggers go to the World Wide Worship Fun House in bow ties. Really.

    We need to plan a BIGGER MEETUP!! This is too much fun.

  14. Wow, looks like we have another great roundup. And I miss "Joan" too.

  15. Tomorrow I'll finish a series on the "Twelve Days of Christmas," with nary a partride or a pear tree to be found. There's a different painting/icon and carol excerpt for each. It's been fun!


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