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Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday, Monday, Monday!

Meet 'n Greet!

First is Christine at Abbey of the Arts. In her own words: "Nature, seasons, poetry, dreams, mystical tradition, contemplative rhythms, community-building, wisdom of the body and intuition, and the expressive arts. I bring a love of all these things to my work as a writer, artist, spiritual director, and teacher. My spiritual path tends to be organic, which means that a primary practice for me is listening in each moment to the ways my life is unfolding and honoring that impulse as an invitation from the Spirit." Welcome Christine!

Next is Trinity Thoughts at St. Hilary Church In their words: "Dear Friend, Welcome to St. Hilary’s blog site! We believe that God works in mysterious ways in our lives. It is quite possible that God is working in you, perhaps calling you to a deeper relationship with God, and this may be why you wandered onto our site. We welcome you as a fellow traveler." Welcome!

Lt. Paula Jo Ziems at Army Chaplain's Journey is "a 42 year old pastor, wife, and mother (not necessarily in that order) who is a chaplain in the Wisconsin National Guard. This blog will share with you my experiences at CHOBC (Chaplain Officer's Basic Course) and will also contain other random thoughts, ideas, and "God Pauses." Thanks for taking time to read it. I hope you're blessed by it!" Welcome Paula! HOOAH!

Mother Laura at Junia's Daughter is a "Independent Catholic priest; college professor, theologian, and spiritual director; ENFJ, Enneagram 2, AKV; wife and mother of three." Mother Laura runs a house church and has a second blog Catholic Women Clergy. Welcome Laura!

Last, in the hope of building deeper community among the RevGalBlogPals, we are starting a second blog for prayer requests, RevGal Prayer Pals ( ). Using the new Blogger privacy feature, this will be an invitation only blog. To be invited, send an e-mail to Songbird ( and you will be added to the list. For the next week the blog is open to all, but beginning Monday, February 5th, it will "disappear" from public view. It will still be possible to join after that date. The only requirements for "invitation" are ring membership and asking to be included.

We hope to have 7 or 8 bloggers on the team for RevGal Prayer Pals. If you might like to participate, please e-mail Songbird for more information.

Have a wonderful Monday, y'all!


  1. Catholic Women Clergy is actually a group blog, whose other author is my friend and sister IC priest Reverend Melani Longoni (though she hasn't posted yet). So please welcome Melani to the RevGals too, everyone.

  2. P.S. Our spiffy new picture is now up at CWC. I am in my new red Christmas present chasuble with Brigid's cross, handmade by my dear friend Amy. Melani, who was visiting sans her own vestments, is in the fiery Guatemalan stole from my deacon's ordination.

  3. Thanks for including me in the Greeting. Actually I just moved my blog from Sacred Art of Living to my new site at Abbey of the Arts.

  4. Welcome to you all. Glad to have you as part of this table.

  5. Welcome Aboard! Good to have you join us on RevGals!

  6. HOOAH! Nice to see my battle buddy here at RevGalBlogPals.

    Welcome Paula... See you Tuesday.


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