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Monday, January 15, 2007

RGBP Inc. Officers and Committee Chairs for 2007

With apologies for failing to post this sooner, here is a list of the 2007 officers and Committee chairs elected at the November 20, 2006 meeting of the RevGalBlogPals, Inc. board of directors:

President: Songbird (Set Free)
Vice President: Saint Cassarole
Treasurer: Mary Beth Butler ( Terrapin Station)
Secretary: Quotidian Grace

Finance Committee Chair: Mary Beth Butler ( the by-laws provide that the Treasurer is also the Finance Committee Chair)

Nominating Committee Chair: Cheesehead (Cheesehead in Paradise)
Publications Committee Co-Chairs: Theresa Coleman (Reverendmommy's Random Thoughts)
and Reverendmother. This committee oversees both publications and the Cafe Press store.
Webring Administrative Committee Chair: Songbird

If you are a member of RGBP Inc. and would like to serve on one of these committees, please email us (see the link on the sidebar).

And if you haven't joined yet but are interested in joining and serving on one of these committees, please click on that link and let us know. We have 53 members and would love to have more. If you have questions about RGBP Inc. email us or leave a comment.

The board met again this evening in an AIM chatroom and began discussing ideas for future publications or an event for the membership. We'll post details on the blog as they develop--but we'd love to have your input and help to develop them. Our next meeting will be February 19, 2007, so let us hear from you before then!


  1. First of all - blessings and thanks to all you awesome officers. It's wonderful to know that this work is going on in our behalf!

    Second, I floated an idea awhile back about a virtual retreat - where whoever wanted to would commit to set time aside over the course of a couple of days to pray, read and blog on a shared topic. I ran out of steam about it in the fall, but I've got more energy for it now, if you all think it's a good idea. It's just a matter of setting a date that's good and getting the word out.

    Personally, it's hard for me to get away overnight, but I CAN make a retreat of my own at home if I have support/community. Maybe there are others in the same situation?

    Although, if we have a Real Time Gathering, you better believe I would move heaven and earth to get there. Let's try to, please!

    Thanks again, officers...

  2. Thank you, Matriarchs!

    I sent in my $$ and application this evening via email! So make that 54 members. :)

  3. great to read.

    thinking and praying how I can support this group more - from the other side of the pond.

    the idea of a virtual retreat is intereesting juniper68

  4. I think a virtual retreat is a good idea....However I would also like to get a chance to spring free of my surroundings to travel to an event that puts us all together physically.

  5. Yes, I'm with Quaker Pastor that I would really really value the opportunity to get together irl one day...though recognising that it won't be easy to achieve. Hope that my failure to join the company per se wasn't a vote of no confidence or interest in the project...more a failure of my personal organisational skills (with which you are doubtless by now all too familiar!). Thanks for all you do, friends. It is so much appreciated.

  6. I like the idea of virtual retreat too- just wondering how to work it in this mad house!

  7. I think I'm a member. Just making sure. But I became a member as Theology on Tap in the Burg. Can you transfer my membership to LadyBurg (my new blog) or should I send in another application.

    Yup, always causing a problem - that LadyBurg!

    And I feel special being a part of the 53....had no idea there were committees involved. Shows you how closely I read the fine print! I should probably NEVER be secretary (that and I can't spell).

  8. Oh sorry JWD, make that 54 members!

  9. LadyBurg, as long as you have a blog in the ring you're all set. Many of us have added or moved blogs since joining.

  10. I'd love to participate in a virtual retreat (hopefully a real RGBP retreat some day, too). I seem to be soooo disciplined in other areas, but lately my spiritual discipline continues to lag far behind.


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