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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Greetings, bloggers.

Welcome to the Wednesday Festival, or as I've dubbed it -- Wednestival. Enjoy the posts -- and those around the ring. It's great fun to discover (or re-discover!) a blog that really speaks to you.

On the road, again?

April would like to invite folks over to her place for a discussion on young clergy on the move to new congregations.

Like many others, Preacher Mom is contemplating a call. She would love some input! Also, she's looking for sermon planning systems that might actually work (me, too -- me, too!). Suggestions welcome here.

Gallycat has decided to apply for her dream job and would love your well-wishes (and prayers)!

Reactions and Challenges
Join Kievas in discussing her reactions to two commonly used terms: "saved" and "born-again".

Sally was challenged this weekend to consider the God we worship -- you can find her short reflection here.

Photos and Reflections
Carmen posted some photos of colors rain leaves behind at In the Open Space.

RevEm has talked about Summer coming back and the mysterious arrival of a blue balloon.

Barbara from Groanings and Grace has posted something beautiful.

Contests and Gatherings
Also over the Emerging Women blog has posted information about their upcoming gathering... I'm sensing some blogger meet-up potential!

Sacred Art of Living has a contest going on as she nears her 20,000th visitor! Go find out about it!

Edited to add: There were a good number of folks in Myrtle Beach recently.... Check out some of the posts by these folks: Rev. Abi, ReverendMommy, Gavin, Beth Quick, The Best Dog Ever, and The Phaith of St. Phransus. Many of these folks have links to others who were there as well as multiple postings about the happenings -- be sure to page through!

Sorry to have missed this on the first go 'round.

Happy Reading,
Pink Shoes


  1. Thanks for a colorful Festival!

    Over at my place, I ask the burning question: What music and podcasts should I get for my new Nano? (And as a friend of mine says, "If it's free it's for me!")

  2. Thank you pink Shoes. Hope things are looking up in your neck of the woods.

  3. Great Wednestival
    Thanks for the link

  4. ooh, y'all go see Mibi! She is writing from Qatar!

    Very cool!

  5. Thanks for the Emerging women link. Our gathering is open to all, so check it out.

  6. Guess what?? Singing Owl is a first-time grandmother! She posted some of the most adorable pictures here.


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