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Monday, February 12, 2007

Meet n' Greet: Migraine Edition

But why should you all have to suffer because I have a migraine?
Answer: You shouldn't!!!

Instead go check out the newest revgalblogpal!!!

Welcome One Woman's Search for Understanding!!!
In her own words: I am a healthcare profession discerning again-a 20 year old call on my life. I finally took a couple of theology classes but am not sure where I will end up. One woman's search for understanding- is my journal, platform and soap box. Joining the ring is my search for support thru community and thru reading your blogs too. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

Now I know you are thinking one of three things. Either
a) I cannot even IMAGINE how will smama is up already after having danced with Justin Timberlake on stage last night at the Grammys.

2) This sure seems like it would be a good time to put up a survey so we could get to know one of our bloggers better.

or) I wish will smama would go back to bed.

Well, you're right on all three.


  1. Yuck. Migraines!! Prayers for healing and for a calm and boring household while you do... (we can always pray that way, right!??)

    Welcome OWSFU (Sorry I didn't type that out!) and never fear -- there are many of us processing a Call that is more than (ahem) a few years old!


  2. Sorry to hear about the migraine! I have had an abominable one all weekend and am just easing out of it today. Blessing and prayers, Christine

  3. Yikes!

    Sounds like more than one of us had a headache of a weekend. I spent part of yesterday at a local casino -- it's a very long story, but my pard and I found ourselves with an opportunity for a free post-church Sunday brunch at the white-tablecloth restaurant next-door to the casino; we didn't realize we needed reservations, and had to wait for an hour to we wandered down to the gaming area to people-watch -- anyway, my lungs and nostrils and eyes were pickled by the all-pervasive cigarette smoke so that by 10 pm I was gasping for breath, rubbing my swollen eyelids and sporting an awful, smoke-induced one-sided headache. (I can hear it now: "That's what you get for going there on a Sunday!")

  4. I missed you dancing with Justin Timberlake? Is that the cause of the migrane? Hope you feel better.

  5. Thanks all, my migraine is much better. I think it was the result of a very stressful, illness-filled week. Here's to dark rooms and understanding husbands.

  6. Glad you're feeling better ws.

  7. I'm really glad you are feeling better too- Migranes are AWEFUL
    Thanks for the welcome even in the midst of your migraine battle!

  8. Gee, I had a migraine this last weekend and missed church totally; somehow I survived my brother's visit, spiritual direction seminar and some guy coming over that night to see an antique tiger oak armoire I was selling on craigslist...go figure. I must have survived as I am typing this now...

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