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Monday, February 05, 2007

Monday Meet n' Greet: Lost Weekend Edition

Actually, it is not that the weekend was really lost, but it was a busy one for my family so I am not quite sure I remember it. Good thing we took lots of pictures. In the meantime, we have new blogs in our midst. CHECK THEM OUT!

peaceable kin-dom: Composed by Katie M. Ladd, a United Methodist Pastor, This site is made for those who want to build a positively defined progressive Christian community as well as those who may be seeking ways to step onto the path of personal spiritual renewal and discipleship rooted in peaceableness, justice, and compassion.

The 40-Year-Old Seminarian has a header that Whistle, Fish and littlemankitty will appreciate (truly that is a sentence I never thought I would type). This blog is written by MoCat, a UCC minister in the making, and is about the spiritual journey of a 40-year-old seminarian on her way to becoming a parish minister in the United Church of Christ.

Collar This! - Simply put this blog is dedicated to conversation about the attire of young women clergy, and the search for easily convertible shirts.

Got Grace 2! See if you can read this explanation without falling down exhausted: Speeding through this thing called "Life" as a wife, mom, Pastor, Worship leader, Kids Church Director, homeschooler, and anything else I might feel like this day. I totally love God, the Holy Spirit, & Jesus Christ, I love to worship, play the keys, read, rubber stamp, scrapbook, school my kids, hang with friends, a good cup 'o joe (not my husband, the caffeine!)& talking God stuff. Come hang out with me!

Welcome one and all!


  1. Second that! And looking forward to some cute pix!

  2. thanks for the welcome! glad to be here. i'm in a few other groups and i have to say, this is the friendliest of them all! must be the estrogen or something.

  3. Thanks for all the warm welcomes! This is a great place of inspiration for me and I appreciate all of your posts and encouragements.

  4. Welcome new revgalblogpals. Glad you are here.


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