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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wednesday Festival - Almost March

Greetings to you all on February the last! This is a very quick festival...sorry for the lack of editorial graces which usually connect these entries. Um, I'm doing it on purpose for Lent! :) No, I'm just in a mad rush....getting ready to lead a women's retreat this weekend. The retreat topic? "If Only I Had More Time!"


Poor Mad Peter's Lenten Journey has begun...go read about it here.

Mid-life Rookie played catch-up on her blog over the weekend, with reflections written both before and after receiving some Very Good News. Hooray!

Quotidian Grace reviewed an important book about America's historic involvement in the Middle East.

Here's an nomination for Irreverent Musings. Elizabeth+ isamazing in her writing and reflections on life, especially about healthcare right now since it is hitting so close to home with her father. Please go and visit and maybe leave an encouraging word.

Lorna is wondering whether God's love is unconditional? She would really like some input from you all.

Cathy's been to see the movie Amazing Grace, and reviews it here.

Boy, am I ever glad to hear from RevEm! She has, as she says, "come out of the fog" and shares an update on the last few months.

PamBG posts on the Temptations of Jesus.

Sally is thinking about Methodist Foundation training and revival.

Jonah shares items from his 365 blog:
People singing and praying by candlelight
The cross draped in purple
Horned moon

On his regular site, Jonah also shares an Ash Wednesday post, on the theme of bearing the cross.

Guess what...Tripp has an assignment for all of us! Woohoo!

Carmen shares about how a scene from the Sound of Music has made her think more deeply about Jesus' compassion.

Melissa has a new favorite Bible verse, and invites you to share your favorite unexpected verses!

Tawonda says: "Totally NOT in the solemn and penitential spirit of Lent, I posted a very short, very lame joke on my blog, and I also did some frustrated, what's-it-all-about-Alfie kvetching about the vagaries and lack of meaningful one-on-one mentoring I'm experiencing in my lay ministry program."

Blessed days to you all...and if you'd like to share something that didn't make it in this edition, well, shout it out in the comments!


  1. I took a walk.
    Great Festival today everyone.

  2. I forgot that Wednesday was a-comin... meant to self-nominate my post on the "Modesty Survey"... the pondering of which is not for the blood-pressure-challenged!

    Read a few - but papers are pressing down... little blogging this week for me! But what I read was fantublous - thanks everyone!


  3. If I only had more time :) laughing !!! Hope it goes well MB

    thanks for the festival ...


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