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Saturday, March 03, 2007

11th Hour Preacher Party: Fox and Hen

At that very hour some Pharisees came and said to him, "Get away from here, for Herod wants to kill you." He said to them, "Go and tell that fox for me, 'Listen, I am casting out demons and performing cures today and tomorrow, and on the third day I finish my work. Yet today, tomorrow, and the next day I must be on my way, because it is impossible for a prophet to be killed outside of Jerusalem.' (Luke 13:31-33, NRSV)

Oh, my. It's *that* gospel text, at least for those of us preaching the Revised Common Lectionary.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to it! How often have I desired to gather your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing! See, your house is left to you. And I tell you, you will not see me until the time comes when you say, 'Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord.'" (Luke 13:34-35, NRSV)

I know some of our pals have hard sermons to preach tomorrow. Others may not be quite sure *what* they're preaching tomorrow. And for some of us (ahem, me), the idea that seemed so clear early in the week may have undergone a change and a decrease in clarity.

But we are here for each other, sisters and brothers! The coffee is on! Hot water for tea! Waffles!! Oatmeal!! Anybody want a soft-boiled egg?

I'll be here working throughout the day, and I invite you to lend a word of encouragement, share a brilliant thought or tell us a joke, because I'm guessing most of us would love to hear some.

Did you hear the one about the fox and the hen?


  1. I'm away for the weekend at a regional women's event featuring Revgal Katherine as a main speaker. But I wanted to stop in this morning to speak blessings on all who will preach tomorrow.

  2. Oooo, jokes! I heard this one on SNL last week:
    This week the co-inventor of the remote control died at the age of 94. He is being buried - as requested - in between two sofa cushions.

    I am preaching on II Chronicles... I WISH that was a joke! I have some thoughts and a general plan and a baptism so I think all will be well if I can just find the time to do it.

    Wedding at 1, dinner/game party at 6.

  3. I'll be in and out today. I'm preaching twice tomorrow, one difficult sermon for my congregation, and one less difficult to deliver (but more difficult to write, it appears) for our landlord congregation.

    I'm using the Gospel text, have lots of notes and some ideas, my thesis--but can't seem to get an outline or even a direction. I stared at it for two hours last night and finally gave up.

    Yes, coffee would be great. I'm meeting friends for a dim sum brunch, but I do have cinnamon raisin bread if anyone would like some.

  4. No sermon for the weekend, but I'm heading to the church to help interview two possibles for Director of Christian Ed. They are both Missouri Synod Lutheran. Yay, I love being stared at like a zoo animal. "YOU'RE a Vicar?" "What's it like being a WOMAN INTERN?"

    Oh, and then I have to write a high school sunday school thing, because our teacher just informed me that he's only teaching the boys this sunday and he'd like me to take the girls (and teach them girly things??)

  5. And for a little diversion for those of you who need a 2 minute reprieve from getting that sermon ready. March right over to Trivia Challenge - and play with your RGBP friends. At 8:00 am, 11 had already played.
    Check it out!

  6. I read some interesting exegesis of the word fox that has applications in my own life, but is terrible for my sermon!
    It's okay to overlook it, right?

  7. I wrote my sermon on Thursday. I just re-read it...what am I saying??? Oh dear. It will need some work...trying to unpack Psalm 27, and our singing the Taize version (O, LOrd hear my prayer...). So, teaching about Taize and singing as meditative prayer and also connecting it to striving to enter the narrow door - we find God in the striving, in the spiritual struggle. It's not about how many get through...

    but first I have to meet with a boy scout to help him earn his God and Me badge...

  8. I've foolishly locked myself into a sermon series for Lent based on an idea from one of my denomination's worship guides (Sundays and Seasons) centered around the theme "The Roads of Lent." This week's suggested theme is "The Road of Danger." What seemed so clear in discussion at Text Study on Tuesday is now thorougly cloudy. Visions of The Perils of Pauline are passing through my head along with remnants of Chicken Little and a touch of Monty Python. I think what I'm really struggling with is preaching on the dangerous road a Christian faces when I live in a comfortable society. But then again, the farmers who make up a large portion of the parish are well acquainted with risk and danger, so maybe I can work with that.

    I bring some very healthy wholewheat banana ginger muffins to the table. Please pour me a cup of coffee; it's going to be a long day.

    Mompriest, blessings on your preparations and unpacking of Psalm 27--for some reason your notion of striving had me humming and then singing "The Canticle of the Turning."

    Blessings, peace, and light to all who seek the words that will preach tomorrow.

  9. Foxes, hens,'s a regular zoo in here. Good morning, preaching pals. I'm still a bit at a loss as to what I'll be preaching tomorrow, but I'm not awake enough yet to be worried about it. Please pass the waffles.

  10. Delurking to join the party for a change. Hi y'all!

    I currently have nothing but notes, a couple of Barbara Brown Taylor writings on the text, and a blank computer screen. Oh, and a postcard in front of my computer that I picked up in Italy a few months ago, from the monastery where Benedict's cave is. It's a picture of a fresco of "Mary 'Mother of the Church'" - Mary has her arms spread, robe open, and all kinds of people are under her robe/wings. Yeah, I'm a Baptist girl, but I'm looking to Mary for a little inspiration this morning.

    One thing I keep thinking about is team mascots - how we typically choose strong, fearsome creatures for such. Falcons. Tigers. Lions. Pirates. Seahawks. You don't usually see a chicken in that bunch. Oh, wait, the Toledo Mudhens....

  11. Hi friends, just stopping in to say hi then popping out again.

    Wondergirl has been gone on a ski trip so OEH and I have had the house to ourselves for the first time in, like, WAY too long. I think we're going to venture outside today, so I won't be checking in till later.

    Happy writing!

  12. Found me some country wireless out at the church where I am officiating at the wedding - SWEET! Had to get here 3 hours early to get the heat going - unsweet.

    Now - must. work. on. sermon.

    Where are da jokes?

  13. I don't know, will smama, but here's more coffee.

  14. Here's a chicken joke:
    A chicken and an egg are lying in bed. The chicken is leaning against the headboard smoking a cigarette with a satisfied smile on its face. The egg, looking a bit ticked off, grabs the sheet, rolls over and says ... Well, I guess we finally answered "THAT question!"

    Hmm. Guess it won't preach, eh?

  15. earthchick, LOL!
    But no, I guess not...

  16. Now THAT's funny!

    One of my faves is the Wonder woman/Super man one from the end of one of the Vicar of Dibley's... but I shan't repeat it here.

  17. I'm continuing my "Fear of the Lord' series. Tomorrow I'm talking about the benefits of understanding what this all means. But at the moment I have a pounding headache and a very sore throat. I'm drinking Airborne....yuck. I'm supposed to leave after church for Seattle to help find my sister a place (Alzheimers). I'm wondering if this sore throat is just psychosomatic. I do not want to do this. But first...the sermon.

    Anyone else want some Vitamin C, Echinacia wit Goldenseal and a cup of Airborne?

  18. Why did the chicken cross the road
    accordign to:

    The Bible : And God came down from the heavens, and He said unto the chicken, "Thou shalt cross the road." And the Chicken crossed the road, and there was much rejoicing.

    Moses : Know ye that it is unclean to eat the chicken that has crossed the road and that the chicken that crosseth the road doth so for its own preservation.

    Buddha : If you ask this question, you deny your own chicken nature.

    A Nun : It was a habit.
    :)~ And now the chicken dance!

  19. Great jokes today!!

    My sermon so far is a dog. I'm preaching Luke and it's just going nowhere.

    When I get to the part where Jesus turns resolutely toward Jerusalem and weeps, I keep thinking of those awful horror movies where the person goes into the scary basement where the killer is.... I just want to scream "Don't go that way!!!"

    But of course, he has to go that way, right? I wonder if anyone in the pews ever feels like that...

    Jesus as the guy in the Red Shirt on Star Trek. No. That will Not preach.

    I'm in trouble folks.

  20. I'm preaching on Philippians this week and focusing on what attractions and distractions we may find on our Lenten journeys. Right now, it's easier to connect to distractions. I have all of one paragraph finished and no motivation to go further.

    Since I'm not motivated to do real work right now, I offer the joke I heard several weeks ago on NPR: "I've just been diagnosed with CDO. It's just like OCD, except it's in alphabetical order." (This has nothing to do with any lectionary text for the week, but my 4 year old son has some definite obsessive compulsive tendencies, and the joke amuses me!)

    The church is filled with aromas of lasagna for a luncheon here tomorrow. Anyone hungry for lunch?

  21. Back from dim sum (whoot-brunch for $8CDN!!)--BBQ pork buns, steamed shrimp rolls, pork yu mei and other asorted yummies.

    Settling in with tea to get this sermon whacked out of the park so I can enjoy myself at a friend's b'day party tonight. I hope.

    I have two sad paragraphs and 4 hours.

    Where did I put that sermon mojo?

  22. Ooh, yes, Sermon Mojo - forget coffee, baked goods, and lunch, I'd like an order of that, please, with a side of Discipline and a side of Efficiency, please.

    3.5 sentences is all I've got so far.

    [p.s. LOVE the OCD/CDO joke]

    [p.p.s. When I delurk, I delurk with enthusiasm! I hope I'm not violating some netiquette rules by posting so many comments today!]

  23. Nah, we love comments! It's not a party without them.

    I had a rush of inspiration. It lasted a page and a half. Now I'm stalled. I have got to get this done in the next 3 hours so I can focus on tonight's band rehearsal. I'll take some of that mojo too.

  24. earthchick, I think you are our new best friend!
    I have to say, I'm surprised by the number of preachers among us who accept Saturday invitations, especially later in the day. I don't care whether or not my sermon is written, I don't want to be out anywhere on Saturday night. Am I a social prude?
    Feel free to discuss.
    It will be great for procrastinating.

  25. tee hee! Thanks!

    I try very hard to not take on Saturday invitations, except for the truly unavoidable ones. Theoretically, if I know about them enough in advance, I can get my sermon work done early, but it just never seems to work like that.

    Songbird, if you're a social prude, I guess I'm one too! Not only do I decline Satuday invitations, I try to fend off the Friday ones too! I'm much less of a social butterfly than I was in my pre-pastor days. I guess socializing for a living has burnt me out a bit.

  26. I try not to accept Saturday invitations, but there are some cases when I can't or don't want to cut myself completely out of the day that is prime social time for most everyone else.

    In this particular case, the ice storm cancelled the rehearsal time that was supposed to happen on Thursday. This was definitely not my first choice for an alternate time, but it seemed better than putting it off for another week.

  27. I avoid Saturday evening events as much as is humanly possible. By 5:00 pm Saturday evening, my head is already in worship space. I'm not the best company when I'm ruminating over liturgy and sermon content.

  28. Ooh, Stacey, how are you on competition? 'Cause I have to be done about the same time. We can see who can get done're already way ahead of me in the sermon writing (but I'm ahead in procrastination)...

  29. I try not to be out late on Saturdays. But I find I need socializing that is not church-related. I get plenty of email and phone conversations and so on that are church-related. I need time to not be a pastor, and as Stacey says, for most people that means Friday (not too bad) or Saturday (not my first choice, either).

    My socializing mistake this week--going out after a community meeting in the middle of the week. I had the best of reasons for doing it, but then didn't get home until midnight!

    OK, enoug procrastinating. Stacey's already 'way ahead of me.

  30. I now have two pages worth of writing. Note that I have not said I have two pages of a sermon. My fear is that these ramblings I have written will eventually be reduced to one or two addtional paragraphs. This would be a great time for some of that divine inspiration.

    Right now, I'm driven by the thought that if I get a reasonably good draft done by 4:30, I'll take a break and go to the gym (it closes at six). It's not as enticing as ice cream or chocolate right now, but it's helping me live up to my desire to take better care of myself.

    As for Saturday night invitations, I'm with others who avoid them when possible. I'm much more likely to enjoy the time on Sunday night, when I'm not so focused on work that needs to be done. With Monday as my typical day off, Sunday evening is my Friday night. That doesn't work so well with non-clergy friends, however.

  31. Ooh, it's a race! Perhaps that will motivate me. I guess I'll wait to respond further to the Saturday obligations discussion...

  32. i'm doing gifts of women this week...mary & martha/psalm 27...and something about abundance and about communion....the thursday-written sermon was so awful that it had to be deleted before I even left on Thursday.
    Then, obviously, I had to go to Madison for a couple of days to hang out and eat Nepali food...

    Now I'm back and with a church member's surprise birthday party at 7 and a senior high fundraising lunch to get ready for...and no sermon at all. speaking of saturday invitations...i don't normally take them, especially late night ones (this ends around 10 and is in the next town over). This is, however, not the first saturday party so everyone at church knows i don't drink on i guess that's going to have to be good enough.

    now to the sermon...

  33. Ok,I leave the party for a little while and come to find out you all are having waaaay to much fun. Love the jokes, oh my...once again it is SNOWING everyday...and my kitten is curled up purring in my can I get the sermon??? Dogs are restless, like we're going out in this???

    Oh and I have great story about a family of foxes that lived under my deck for a winter and had 8 pups...they were such good parents...we loved to watch them play in the backyard...until the night of Easter Day when two of the adventerous pups fell down our basement window wells (one in each) with no way to get them out. Oh they cried. The momma cried. My dogs FREAKED out at the crying family...we knew we couldn't touch the babies. We knew we couldn't go into the well and pull them out....sooo my husband and I built two little ramps and put one in each of the wells. The momma watched us put them in the wells, then she went to one well and called the baby up, who yes, walked up the ramp to safety. then the other one did the same...The momma took each pup in her mouth and put them back in the den under our deck...and all was quiet. I think it was about 11pm when all was done and peaceful...what a day...

    that story preached...but alas I have already preached it here... so I still have to deal with the sermon for tomorrow....

  34. My sermon can be found here: Open

    Check it out if you have time...leave comments if you wish...I'd love to read yours???

  35. I think...I done. Note the hesitation in saying that. I'm going back through to refine, but I believe I might have something that will preach. After I make a run-through, I'll post it at the church blog.

    And now is the point when I realize I still need to come up with something for children's time.

    I would love to use Sunday nights as my Friday, as they definitely feel that way...but there's nothing going on and no one doing anything on Sunday nights!

  36. i'm halfway there...thank god for all the stuff going on this week that means a shorter sermon!...but now i'm stuck. i have no idea how to get from where I am to communion. good times.

  37. So jealous of you done folks. My napless duo is calling to me from their (ransacked) room, the babysitter left an hour ago (the boys were supposed to be asleep by the time she left), my dh (on study leave for the past 10 days) won't be home till late tonight. And I'm at the top of page 4. Gah.

    But if any of you are looking for more ways to procrastinate, google "fox chicken" and you'll find a little brainteaser.

  38. Cute riddle. Here's my question: What keeps the chicken or the fox from running away while the farmer is making all these trips back and forth?

    I now have 3.5 pages. Lengthwise, I'm getting close, but I'm afraid I have at least two different sermons living in the words, and I'm not sure they want to play together.

  39. Up to four pages...had a nap and some chocolate. I think that helped. That's my story, anyway.

  40. I have no idea if this poem will help anyone, but Mary Hinkle Shore linked to it in her commentary.

    I lifted a phrase from Text Week for my title: "Living Between Trust and Anxiety." I'm using both Genesis and Luke from the RCL this week. The finished product will be on my blog tomorrow morning - comments are always appreciated!

    Oh, and I made cinnnamon rolls if anyone wants one...

  41. Just out of curiosity, are any of you touching the news stories related to ossuaries of Jesus, et al? If so, how are you handling it? I'm well aware that it's on members' minds, and while it doesn't change a thing for me (even if there was a way to PROVE that Jesus was married), it feels like an elephant in the living room to completely ignore it.

    What think ye?

  42. So, I'm getting nowhere, and I have a thought. This is an all ages service. I think I will sing "The Fox went out on a chilly night" and tell "the Little Red Hen," and then talk about how foxes do what they have to do and hens do what no one else will do, and how Herod is like the fox and Jesus is like the chicken EXCEPT that he shares the bread with us even though we can never do anything that would make us actually DESERVE us. How does that sound? It would be rather than the usual sermon a sort of extended Time with the Children, after which the children are helping me lead Communion.

  43. peacepastor, it looks like the TV show about it will be on tomorrow night. I'm thinking if I get into it at all it won't be until I've seen that. And it definitely won't be during this service with all the kids in worship.

  44. I'm with Songbird on the ossuaries--I want to see what they're saying first.

    I'm back down to three pages...took out a huge chunk that was wandering away into another topic.

    But the children's time is done!

    More chocolate, anyone?

  45. SB, I like the idea of an extended childrens time, especially since the children are helping with communion. In my experience the adults will like it go for it.

  46. I have a draft -Yeah! Though I suspect it will need to undergo some serious revisions, this feels like a reasonably good place to be for now.

    I'm off to the gym, but I think I'll take a piece of chocolate for the road.

    Blessings to all who are finshing and finished for now and to those who are have miles to go.

  47. I think I might be done.
    But I'm going to take a shower and read it over again before posting it, just in case it's horrid and needs yet another complete re-write...

    Can I just say, writing a sermon in your pajamas is SO MUCH more fun than writing in the office at church?

    Just saying...

  48. Teri, why do you think we're here every week? ;-)

  49. Hey Y'all! Just back from denominational meeting. Leaving in 45 minutes to go see a play we bought tickets to for our son for Christmas. (Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)
    I have 1 page of yuck that I wrote yesterday, and yes, I will be up by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow to figure out something to preach. I wish I hadn't already preached the Joseph story, I could go off lectionary to do that. GROAN
    3 preachers ran into a bar. The fourth one ducked...

  50. oh and I'm leaving some midnight snacks for you night owls

    be blessed as you ponder, write and later preach His word

  51. I'm off to rehearsal. Blessings to all of you, especially those still writing. Mind if I grab some of this chocolate as I head out the door?

  52. Now I'm cleaning my house and doing laundry before I go back and re-read the sermon...even though I posted it I will be working on it until I open my mouth in pulpit tomorrow morning....ok, I really need to wash the kitchen floor and vaccuum...later...

  53. A fox and a hen are in a boat on a lake with Bonhoeffer and a rabbi.
    No, that's not it.

  54. Just dropping by with some chips, salsa, and quacamole. Working on CPE writing. Get to preach in 3 weeks (yeah). Hang in there all of you who are still writing.

    By the way G&T wanted to know why I LOL earlier today. When I shared the chicken and egg in bed story he laughed and then asked, "That was on the RevGals?" He doesn't get that this is the place we can say those things.

    Many Blessings.

  55. Now the sun is out, but it is still snowing. My house is cleaner (is it ever really clean??)...and SB, sounds like you need a serious, I can't bear the thought of reading and rewriting the sermon again...I'm going to make dinner - batter fried pork chops with homemade mashed potatoes and gravy and steamed brussle sprouts...

  56. Thanks for the jokes (and the trivia challenge).

    Now my tummy is feeling funny too. Whine.

    Snowing again, dang it, and I'm stumped with this sermon. Too many thoughts instead of too few.

    As for the ossuaries stuff, I'm likely going to talk about it, but not this week.

  57. Singing Owl, so sorry to hear about your tummy and is no fun to lead worship when you feel ill. I hope you have a speedy recovery...

  58. Oh dread, play time is over for me, and it's time to re-read, review, and revise the sermon. I do enjoy preaching, but this week is a bear for some reason.


  59. Hi all!

    Not preaching formally today on the Transfiguration, since we're having house mass with just one guest. But I took much needed inspiration and writing support from everyone's presence at the party to finish drafting my next conference paper, to be given at Marquette in three weeks. (This morning's, at UCLA, went well, and the next one will get ,e half way through the ridiculous commitment of six between Feb. and July, taken on before I knew I'd be teaching this term).

    I had written the first half before the term started, and just wrote the second half, partially by composing and partially by cutting and pasting the appropriate parts from the dissertation. I will come back to edit it of course, but the anxiety is so reduced by having all twelve pages there to work with. So many thanks for the community, and blessings to those in the pulpit tomorrow.

    Now to start chili verde for after-mass hospitality.

  60. Thanks for the company, collegiality, and inspiration--you all made the day a lot more fun.

    The sermon is finished. Whether it is "done" is another question. It's posted on my blog, and all comments, suggestions, etc. are appreciated.

    Peace and blessings on your proclamation, worship leadership, and Lenten journey.

  61. Hey, I've enjoyed participating in my first official party! My sermon is sort of done, though it still feels a little loose and unfinished. It's been a pretty disjointed day and so it's hard to get a feel for whether or not the sermon is cohesive. DH is finally home and is getting the boys ready to bed. I'm in my study trying to tighten things up and (if brain cells are left) work on our expense report to be submitted in the morning.

    Peace, hugs, and happy preaching. Party on!

  62. Well, I'm back from the fund-raiser. Decided to skip the birthday party, as the honoree was at the fundraiser and i was able to connect with her there.

    Time to see if I can't add a bit to Landlord Congregation's sermon, and to feel more confident about delivering to my own. I like what I wrote, I'm just very trepedacious (if that's a word) about the response...

    Maybe some Melissa Etheridge while I work on it will help.

    And I am going to do my best to get to bed early tonight as tomorrow will be longer than I am used to.

    S.O., feel better...

  63. So, somehow the week, and then the day (all-day event) disappeared and I'm T-12 from worship.... with nothing doing. Ugh. As someone said far earlier in the day, where did all those brilliant text study themes go that I had earlier in the week?
    I know that it will come together somehow, but how is not clear.
    Perhaps I'll focus on the promise that comes through in the Genesis text.
    Is there any of that chocolate left? I really shouldn't have had that glass of wine with dinner.

  64. Pink Shoes, the last time I had a glass of wine at Saturday dinner (unusual for me at anytime), I wrote a really beautiful sermon. I'm sure you'll be fine!

  65. earthchick, I'm excited you're a knitter, too!

  66. Thanks, Songbird.... We'll see!!

  67. Hello revgals,
    I've appreciated struggling along with you this afternoon. A previous outline ended up being nearly entirely reworked today. But thank goodness, something clicked.
    I decided to focus on Jesus statement, "I must be on my way," with the dei that indicates the divine necessity of Jesus' journey to Jerusalem. Tried to connect it with our need to walk this walk to the cross with Jesus, through the ministries that God has put before the congregation, even though it seems like the end might be very scary and unsavory.
    Now, to just prepare a worksheet for my confirmation students and decide what pre-reading to assing for next week's adult class. Cheers!

  68. I am loving all the delurking today/tonight!
    It has to be good for our creativity.

  69. I have returned from mandatory, Saturday night fun... HEY! Did Stacey take all the chocolate again?

    Anyway, I have returned to my office to find my new laptop loaded with the programs from my old computer which is a good thing, but my old computer did NOT have tomorrow's sermon on it. SHOOT!

    I am also fighting the deep desire to play with all of my fun Vista stuff but even I realize it is a bit late for procrastination.

    You all sound like you have been busy doing great things - AWESOME! Count me in.

  70. will smama, it sounds like now is the time for a visit from Antonio Banderas.

  71. Ok, it's been fun...but now I am going to finish this cup of Tazo "Refresh" tea (peppermint, spearmint,and tarrgon)and take the hard copy of my sermon to read through before bed...maybe inspiration will strike in my dreams...(or, uhm, not...)...

    more tea for any who want, last one up, get the lights? Sleep well all and may the Spirit fill your words and heart and minds tomorrow.

  72. Friends, I'm sleep-typing, and I will let that be a sign unto me to finish in the morning. Bless you all as you complete your work and go to your rest. And, yes, please do turn out the lights!

  73. Okay, yeah I am with y'all on the no saturday thing. But, our church was used for a wedding today and since the s. p. is out of town, I was theo ne to head over to church after wedding and reception to see that thigns were back in place. Tried to be nice, yet firm about getting stuff back just right.
    Anyhow, I have too musc to say and nto enoughttime tomorrow due to communion. Gotta condensce it to reader's digest length.
    And, my instep hurts and I am getting cranky.
    Okay, breaking bread, being a hen and showing compassion, not being like a sly fox...who do we follow?

  74. Okay, my sermon is finished, and I'm even feeling better. Off for another dose of something and then to bed with me. Preach well, all.

  75. I skipped today because I have a guest preacher tomorrow on stewardship--yay! However, I hadn't counted on this weird feeling of having forgotten something BIG because I haven't written a sermon today. It's not comfortable at all (and probably won't be until the guest steps into the pulpit tomorrow).

    I'll see y'all next Saturday. Blessings on your proclamations.

  76. *invokes Antonio Banderas for the sake of will smama*

  77. thanks all for you banderas wishes...


  78. What a week, now capped off by my attempt at the world's longest baptism so that no one notices how short and pitiful the sermon is.

    Not sure what computers/internet connections will be doing tomorrow so let me just say now that no matter how you think your day is going to go, LET it go - the Holy Spirit has got your back.

    And if you've gotta dog.... walk it proud.

  79. The sun is creeping up over the neighbors' roof, and the dogs are playing in the backyard snow. I am drinking coffee and pondering waking the children.
    In the end I wrote something, because, well, I'm me and I can't help it. But how I will actually use it remains to be seen.
    We have a significant congregational event after worship today, an important step in doing the interim tasks, but after that I hope to come straight home for a fabulous preacher nap. (By which I mean the nap will be fab.)
    Is that what we call holding out hope?

  80. Well, Landlord Congregation's sermon is as done as it's going to get. They're getting cold cerel this morning, I'm afraid--but last time they had quiche ith French toast, so it evens out.

    Our congregation...they're getting cod liver oil wrapped up in...OK, the metaphor broke down. When I get hom this afternoon, I am diong nothing of SB, I'll need a preacher's fabulous nap!

    Prayers for all--I'm walking this dog!

  81. RP, I'm right with you this time - I'm walking a big ol' ugly honkin' dog.

    My plan is to literally walk amongst them and make up a sermon ending and hope that as Presbyterians the fear they will feel that I might touch them or ask them a question during the sermon will keep them from asking themselves, "Is she saying anything?"

    This afternoon's schedule? Personal prayers, reflection apologies with God and a Holy Nap.

  82. i took a holy nap today - and I didn't even preach :)

    bless you all! You are being faithful in the task God called you to - that's all He asks

  83. Hey, that dog turned out to be a champion (breed unknown). Landlord congregation seems to like me for some reason and will forgive me a lot...

    Difficult sermon also given. Managed to do it with only a few stumbles. Reactions I got were all favorable, but I haven't heard a response from the person I'm expecting an ugly response from.

    However, it's done, it needed to be done, and that's that.

    "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

    Holy nap time! (after holy late lunch)

  84. My dog of a sermon turned out well, as it seems many of yours did. Who would've known?? Sometimes that Holy Spirit takes over the room and all is blessed, even the words out of my mouth....I felt like I was preaching in poem.... Now, after my long and holy nap I am having a cup of tea and a few chocolates...ahhh...

  85. The service and meeting went very, very well, but by the time we got home and walked real live dogs, young musicians needed to practice, and there was no rest for the preacher. Ah, well. Maybe next Sunday?

  86. ooh, even I had a holy nap today after my last-minute sermon turned out much better than expected...but now I'm back for confirmation class. two hours of pure excitement, let me tell you...


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