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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Monday Meet n' Greet: Green Snow Edition

Some folks around here attempted to make good use of the palette a fresh St. Patrick's Day snow had to offer... let's just say it was not exactly Chicago's green waterways but it was far better than yellow snow.

But enough about that, let's meet the latest additions to the webring.

Confessions of a Lutheran Husker - Saved by grace through faith, and living in God's country west of Omaha.
He's a husband and a dad and has the following interests: 80's music, Anthony Hopkins, Billy Joel, Calvin and Hobbes, Casablanca, Christianity, classical music, Clue, coffee, college football, CS Lewis, faith, family, Five for Fighting, Good Will Hunting, Harry Connick Jr, Harry Potter, Huskers, indie folk-rock, Indigo Girls, James Taylor, jazz, Jimmy Stewart, Les Miserables, Lutheranism, microbrews, Monty Python, Mystery Science Theater 3000, muppets, piano, Prairie Home Companion, Ray Charles, reading, Red Sox, Scrubs, Simon and Garfunkel, Storyhill, Taylor Hicks, The Daily Show, The Princess Bride, The Wonder Years, U2, Veggietales, writing.
Truth be told I am sure he has more than that, but that's the list from the blog.

This Passage - Not fare well, but fare forward, voyagers. T. S. Eliot.
Susan recently celebrated her first Sunday as an Episcopalian priest and is involved in Youth Ministry. She has this self-explanatory line in her profile, "Moving forward in all things especially the ministry of the Episcopal Church."

EARTHCHICKNITS - Earthchick knits. And talks about knitting. And blogs about knitting. And reads about knitting. And meditates on knitting. And obsesses about knitting. And very occasionally thinks about something else.
In Earthchick's own words: Wife to My Old Man, mama to twin sons Little Buddha and Tiny Dancer, co-pastor (with hubby) of an ABC congregation and campus minister (also with hubby) for the ABC campus ministry at the University of Michigan. Lover of nature, animals, food, music, family, and friends. And I like to make stuff.

If you would like to know more about Earthchick be sure to check out
The Seven Things Project: I want to own less. I want to buy less. I want to need less. And I want to want less.

adventures of elastigirl - how to stretch to get it all done?
ElstiGirl is in her words: an ordinary woman (wife, Mom, Seminarian) with an Extraordinary Sense of Humor and Delusions of Grandeur. She has been a 'lurker' for awhile now - glad to have you formally join us!

Kaikesta huolimatta / No matter what - One should always test one's limits :).
Mamma Mia's blog or Mia's musings from Turku, Finland in English but also in Finnish
Very cool... and testing the limits of my knowledge of Finnish! (Granted that was not a really tough test.)

freshly ground ~ freshly brewed ~ uniquely lutheran - We can handle most things through prayer and coffee... but sometimes we need a little help from our friends!
I gotta tell you I am relieved that the title of the blog is different than the link for the blog. sounds like something out of a Charlton Heston movie. But I digress, Hot Cup Lutheran writes about herself: Hazelnutty that's what I am. Mocha Java Puppy thinks so too until I fork over the biscuits in the morning. Around 3pm each day I begin to dream about visiting a coffee shop but... we only have motor-oil dregs at the establishments on Main Street by the end of the day. Oh... Hazelnutty. Kinda sweet. Kinda different. Kinda hard to pin-down. That's me.

Be sure to go and check out these wonderful additions to the Revgalblogpals!!!


  1. hey Rev Mia (Miapappi) is my friend over here in Finland. I only heard about her blog today and she's already in Rev Gals - how cool is that?

    Some of you have come across her writings already in the RevGals Devotionals...

    Mia, GREAT to have you as part of this online community - as well as in my real everyday life.

    Too bad you don't write your sermons on Saturdays - you'd love the preachers' party!!!

  2. Wow what a great group. Welcome. Blessings on you as you join this journey. Look forward to getting to know you better.

  3. Welcome to everyone...especially Elastigirl, my favorite (IRL!) seminarian.


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