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Monday, March 05, 2007

Monday Meet and Greet: Technical Difficulties Edition

Poor will smama and reverend mommy have been trying all day to make this post, but teh Internets have been against them. But here it is, finally!

Welcome to:

Presbyterian Gal who claims she's a complicated person in a simple way --
Presbyterian Gal: Just trying to find the right path back home.

Prairie Pastor who says, "I'm a forty-something ELCA pastor recently relocated to the northern plains to serve a four-point rural parish." -- Ponderings of a Prairie Pastor

Hedwyg who says, "I'm in my 30s; married; mother of two; caretaker to 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 snake, and 1 hedgehog; cradle Episcopalian; flutist; software engineer; MBA student; lover of Diet Dr Pepper, Chinese food, and the colors pink and purple" -- Practicing Intentional Gratitude

Laura C. at fishing in a pearl river who says, "So I have been thinking that I should enter the blogosphere for quite a while, but am now a little confused. When did I think I would have time? And don't I have enough to write, with sermons, newsletter articles, thank you notes, email responses..."

Shel at In Shel's Corner - Bloggery and Stuff who says, "I was born male bodied but that has been fixed! Now all of me is woman. I have never felt so free! I have never been so me! Oh, did I forget to mention? I am also an Episcopal Priest. Quite a combination, isn't it?"

Finally, mandyc who is "trying to survive until graduation from seminary in May 2007. After that, who knows? Anyone know of a good job in the non-profit or church agency realm that works on social justice issues??" -- Questions and Rants: like the Daily Show, but not as funny, informative, or paying


  1. Welcome! I got a chance to read all of them today! If you have a chance could you drop by and give me a little interview-at-a-church advice?

  2. Thank you anonymous poster! 8:50 pm and we are finally back online. The strong winds we have been having today must have blown the hamster off of the wheel.

    Welome, new RGBP members!

  3. It takes a village to raise a posting. Or something like that.

  4. Is it the web, or blogger?

    Sorry, Welcome to RevGals all!

    I am no longer getting my picture on my blog.....why is that? It seems to be showing up on Comments when I make any.

    Time does seem to be a concern at the moment.....I don't get to play the Trivia as often's fun for those who haven't done so yet.

  5. Wooops! My picture isn't showing up on comments either.

    What's happening it is the 'new' blogger?


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