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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wednesday Festival: Spring Forward!

Spring is starting to spring in North Texas, and my favorite shrub is blooming: the Japanese quince. Also in the interest of spring, remember that this weekend will bring the new and improved (?!) early start of Daylight Savings Time!

Here are some wonderful photos of baptismal waters.

On Sunday, Songbird had several children join her in the Communion invitation. You must read their words if you haven't.

Preacher Mom took a walk in the woods, hoping to avoid work. Instead, she found a sermon and insight. Go read all about it.

The Psalmist is writing about the Psaltery. She is gifted and lyrical in her hymnal research as a sacred music musician and also as a blessed and gifted writer. Have questions on sacred music? She is your go-to gal for it all. Give her a visit and let her blog serenade you sacredly!

Cathy has a fun online quiz to see how quickly you can name all fifty states. Go see how you stack up.

Lorna has a wonderful post on The Armour of Light.

Sally's been on a study weekend looking at the ethics of death and dying, and April is thinking about the Theology of Breastfeeding.

Carmen is Thinking on Thin Places and wonders what you think.

St. Casserole is on Sabbatical, hooray! but shares a sermon with us, anyway.

Remember Abi in your prayers; her grandfather died and she will be doing the funeral in Florida this weekend. And before and after that, she will be travelling all over the place and doing scads of other things.

Anyone out there working on a sermon for this Sunday? Go visit the Lectionary Leanings post and comments, and let us hear what you're working on.

Here's hoping you'll all hear birdsong soon!


  1. I didn't post or email in time to join this Wednesday festival, but I would like to see what you think about Biblical Literacy, Biblical Fluency, and Beautiful Words.

    Hopefully I did this link correctly; if not, I'm at

  2. The Theology of Breastfeeding link didn't work. Try this because this is one made me laugh for a long time.

  3. Yeah, I'm not sure Lorna's link is correct either. And Carmen's Thin Places link is definitely wrong. Thanks for these!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Interesting you should frame the post in this way since I was noticing the birds chirping through the snowstorm we started our day with.

  6. I have to posts over at my Blog I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this one.

  7. Spring *sigh* ...only a hope for Spring here in the snowy Great Lakes of the Midwest. Last week we had a thunderstorm and then birds singing, lovely hint of spring. Thanks for the links. Look forward to checking everyone out after I get through this day and the preparations for our Lenten program tonight...

  8. Here is the sermon I gave today. It was the topic of a Matriarch question a few weeks ago about preaching on infertility and Sarah. I'm not sure how it went but you can read it if you want here

  9. Kerygma at Young and Collared has some interesting thoughts on relationships and intimacy. Check it out!

    I've had some sacred and not so sacred moments I've blogged about:

    Emily at Dancing with God

  10. Mine didn't make it in but I'd love for people to see the stained glass I've been photographing:


  11. Go here and check out what I just posted on this Wednesday night. And say a prayer for my decision, please.

  12. Oh I have a variety of stuff:
    -some calls to worship
    -a link to a "mental gym"
    -a link to weffriddles (a great procrastination tool)
    -and I am looking for input on the church's "micro-site"

    Click on my name to get to my blog

  13. May be more appropriate for next week's round-up, but I can't wait. Just posted a reflection on my journey through a labyrinth.

  14. erm we don't change our clocks this weekend (I hope) but in a couple of weeks over here in Europe.

    Today though spring was definitely in the air and the days are longer. It's past 6pm now and still light - whey hey!

    that said I want to go skiing on Sunday (bought new skiis in the sale today - so hoping for the snow to be good yet the sun to shine!)

    Thanks again for this wonderful round up :)

  15. Whoops, sorry for the US-centred approach Lorna! (re change to Daylight Saving Time).

    It's been such a shock to our systems to do it earlier...I'm still trying to figure out what is right and what is not. For some reason all our automatic-change-clock stuff seems to be okay, except our fiber-optic cable boxes, which went ahead TWO hours! There was no fixing them. When we called the company they had a recorded message saying, "We know. We are working on it."

    It came right last night.

    And dang those links. Blogger has a mean sense of humor!


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