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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednestival: Bits & Pieces

In my ( Widening Circles' ) church last Sunday, we had an enthusiastic substitute music minister who burst into a joyous ALLELUIA! before the reading of the Gospel. Our presider led her gently back to words more suitable for the season, but I have to admit that it was nice to have that momentary, if accidental, reminder of home for what lies beyond Lent as we draw nearer to its end.

Lent continues, though. Leah at Desert Spirit's Fire has spent the season facilitating a weekly class on the Theology of the Cross. In Cross Pieces she offers a few sometimes interconnected reflections about the Cross of Calvary, liminal places, times and ways of being, and the Reign of Heaven on earth: "What does the cross mean for each of us as individuals, for this church community, for our nearby neighbors?

Eternal Echoes draws on the analogy of Easter Sunday "Because it was a time of waiting, of deep grief and despair" as she shares thoughts on rural ministry in the UK in Acknowledging grief in times of change. As these small churches struggle with change and moving away from the past, they are finding that "in that laying down the old there has been and is grief, along with the sense that the new has not yet come..."

Gord at FollowingFrodo shares a Palm/Passion Sunday commissioning: "We go out secure in the knowledge of the God of justice goes with us every step of the path." He has also been musing on how to best solve the problem of people living in poverty.

Meanwhile, Kievas Fargo offers a video clip that explores the lighter side of church life at Sharing a Journey.

Natalie is back to blogging, and we have missed her! She is wishing she'd been born an Episcopalian...go see why.

reverend mommy writes about a little girl who set out to prove the existence of God, and concludes that "God keeps us in suspense so that thinking and talking and debating about God stays fresh in our minds and not dusty on a shelf."

Songbird has shared a lovely description of watching her children in performance.

Sue at Inner Dorothy offers a post that started out being a walk down memory lane & ended up as a reflection on ministry as she remembers her gymnastics days in Flipping Back Through the Years.

ScoG Blog has written about the death of a precious child. What's the right reaction? Rage? Grief? Celebrating this child's life is hard to do, except by believing that "death is not the end."

Deb at Another Unfinished Symphony has an ongoing rant on women, fashions, and raising daughters who aren't 3-D boy toy magnets at "So, Like, Where Do You Shop?" Deep into seminary work, Deb is also processing a lot; see here and here.

If I've left you out, or if you meant to nominate something but didn't get around to it, update us in the comments! And remember the Festival is a weekly event: you can nominate a RevGal blog you really liked (including your own!) by sending an email to Please include the link and a short description.


  1. I spent some time whining about church fatigue, and my friend who posted the first comment totally didn't get what I was saying. Does anybody else get it, or was I completely incoherent?

  2. I played detective last night, if you want to read about it.

    The Crime

  3. I submitted this, but apparently too late!

    Kathryn (Good in Parts) and I both blogged about the observance of the 200th anniversary of the Act Abolishing the Slave Trade in Britain in the worship services of our respective churches in England and Texas. Hands across the Pond!

    My post is:
    here Kathryn's post is

  4. visit my blog if you want to see PUPPY PICS ... they've got their eyes open now and are gorgeous!!!

  5. I wrote about feeling vulnerable - and handling that well (or not) in a congregation. I'd appreciate feedback, if you have the time. You'll find it here.

  6. I could use some prayers for healing. Pinched nerve in my neck makes it hard to type. Kind of scary, since that's how I make my living.

    it's not posted to my blog yet, eithr, but just ssay em if you got em!

  7. oh wait i did blog about it, but i was taking vicodin at the time and forgot. :D


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