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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wednestival, Mid-March

Dear Readers,

As always, this week's reading recommendations are various and delightful! Enjoy the writing, and don't forget to nominate what you read through the week.

Gallycat has been making relatively regular updates about the status of her home search. They're so excited that this is finally happening. Wish them well!

Check out Gannet Girl's post on Sobering Realities. It highlights links on what's happening in the Sudan from a very compelling gentelman's personal experience. We so need more awareness of this. She has also been exploring cemetery stained glass for the past few days.

Kristen (Walking His Path) has a post about a tough issue in her social process class and where it leaves her with my call to ministry.

Juniper's been depressed for the last couple of weeks but is feeling so much better today, because of... well, go read about it! Chilly Fingers returned from a short vacation which not only her body rested but her soul restored.

Jorge (The Winged Man) continues his Lenten Thoughts: Monday, Third Week of Lent, '07. And PrairiePastor has a bit of a revelation about the nature of Lent, especially her own personal Lent, this year, and shares a Lenten poem.

Kristin (Barefoot and Laughing) is getting ready to go to New Orleans.

Sally (also known as Galadriel!) shares her first sermon in 3 months; she's easing back into work after a 3 month break due to depression. It is Mothering Sunday in the UK and with the lectionary gospel passage being the Prodigal Son…interesting one!

Lutheranchik shares a website for persons seeking memes, and also a neat "Monday meme" based upon Ignatian examen. Also talk about Anfechtungen, those large and small trials of life that can erode our trust in God...and, for the RevGal gourmands out there, she have two good recipes for steamed wontons. Mmmmmm.....

Steph attempts to make up for a rather spotty performance on her blog of late. Oh, yeah — she's also got a bit of a mixed-emotions image for you as well.

Now, for most of signs of spring refer to tree buds and flowers, maybe even Easter! But f
or one among us (maybe more?), it's as easy as this equation: Mayonnaise=Spring.

I've got nothing to top that!

Happy Reading, folks!


  1. We've been doing some things on Darfur at our church. I put together a list of links and resources I've found.


  2. I found a funny link for the Worship Wars Department:

    Worship Songs Fridge Magnets

  3. I found a great poster of Jesus. And I have some of the thoughts that led into Suanday's sermon. CLicking my name takes you to my place.

  4. my first fresh poetry in months!

    i'm just so excited that i had to share!

  5. A good book, some kvetching, Friday5, its a catch-up kind of day

  6. It's good to be back and keeping up with the RevGals (story is here.

    It looks like a week of good reading. And hipchickmamma's poem rocks, so go read it!

  7. Signs of spring are at my place, but they do not include flowers.
    Just click my name.

  8. Great assortment of links - perfect for procrastination when one's exegesis of Nehemiah is going not-so-great.


    back to work!


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