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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednestival: Spring Edition

Hooray! The first day of Spring! How's it treating you? I'm fortunate enough to be on Spring Break this week, so I write from home with trees budding like crazy outside my window and misty rain falling.

Lenten Themes
Kathryn is participating in the LLLL program (which, until I read this nomination, I had not heard of...I'm so behind on my blogreading, phooh!). It is "a Lenten experiment titled LOVE LIFE LIVE LENT! Last year hundreds of thousands of British Christians took part in this Lenten experiment, in which they tried to accomplish each of 50 simple actions during the 40 day season." I'm fascinated with this, and with Kathryn's posts on the various daily action items. This particular post regards her desire to get out of town...I can relate!

Women's Ministry
Kathryn reflects on our Jesus-assigned statuses...that loose our chains. Praise God!

What's more a women's ministry than midwifery? Lorna has a wonderful series on her dog Mindy's bearing of puppies - with pictures! here, here and here. And...whoops! one more! Keep watching the site, surely more photos will be forthcoming! They are darling!

Here's a wonderful poem from Sally.

Let there be Peace on Earth
Amy and her husband travelled to Washington, DC for the Christian Peace Witness for Iraq. Here are her reflections.

And about that Prodigal Son Parable...
Mother Laura has a sermon with a radical take on the parable. Don't miss it.

Sally shares the story from the mother's perspective.

Buckets of Good News:
Oh MAN! Go read Gallycat's story of...deep breath...her Dear Future Husband's Now-Passed-On-Grandfather's Recent Positive Action Toward Moving Things Forward! (That's DFWNPOGRPATMTF, in case you wanted to know!)

And, in possibly the best news I have heard lately, Rachel is inviting us to play her game and get chocolate in return!

Gord shares a great commissioning he wrote for this Sunday.

Go read about my participation in an awesome charity knitting project! The Mother Bear Project makes knitted teddy bears for children in Africa who have HIV/AIDS.

Quotidian Grace is having a good discussion of what books you would choose for an Evangelism Bag.

Excellent Music! Go see Tripp for some wonderful St. Patrick's MP3's!

Kristen shares her latest preaching effort (her fourth) and boy, it is a good 'un. I want to go to your church Kristen! (and yours, and yours, and yours....)

Mother Laura has a fascinating post on the Feast of St. Joseph: patron of fantastic married sex. (Didn't know that, did you? Go check it out!)

Over at Blanket in the Grove, JWD's 9-year-old son is asking to be baptized this Easter Sunday! Stop by and listen in on his theology in formation: why he wants to be baptized, what it means to be a follower of Jesus, and whether or not Jesus really died for his sins. What a kid.

FrogBlog has a great post on her newest discovery: WikkiStix.

Elastigirl has good news following a scary situation with her son . It caused her to think about parental love in an interesting way.

Bad News
Gord also posts about a very disturbing news story. Dang that Patriot Act!And I, myself, posted about a very disturbing locally based televangelist.

Y'all stand back, because Sue is about to hurl, as she writes about the Purity Ball. (She is not making this up!)

Life and all that
Possible Water is pondering what makes community. Ooh, I want to play Interplay!

Scott gives us A Day in the Life of Ainsley's family. (Okay, it's not all about Ainsley; Daddy got some work done in there, somewhere...)

And here's a Day in the Life of Elastigirl...makes me want to take a nap...

Last Things
Anyone I missed? Please give us a holler in the comments and let us know what you're thinking, reading, writing. Don't forget our inaugural book discussion of the RevGalBookPals group! On Monday of next week (March 26), yours truly will be opening discussion on this site on Barbara Brown Taylor's Leaving Church. I look forward to the discussion and hope that many of you will join us!

Wishing you all a resurgence of hope and joy (even in Lent) on this first day of Spring. God is going to work a miracle in your life today: so be looking for it!


  1. Umm... not to be a poopy or anything, but is the word "lunatic" really necessary? I'm just askin', because I've had that word thrown at me before.

  2. So many posts to read, so little time.

    I've been writing about going around in circleslately.

  3. WOW! Mary Beth, really awesome, huge, amazing festival. Thanks for the inclusion and see you at my place for some sweet stories.

  4. Thanks for the compliments Mary Beth and thanks for putting together this week's wonderful Wed. Roundup!

  5. dang...I need more free time!

    I posted about the confirmation retreat and I'm hoping some of you have ideas about how to draw them out on a new topic!

  6. excellent round up Mary Beth- thanks!

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Hedwyg and all...I apologize. My comment was unnecessary & I have edited the post accordingly.

    However: The man to whom I refer has announced publicly that a member of his congregation is his wife, given to him spiritually by God. Despite the fact that she has been married to someone else for 20+ years.

    He writes her letters on his website every day. Sometimes more than one a day. He mentioned her on the TV broadcast last night.

    I want to say, "You be the judge," but I know, "judge not," and all that stuff.

    That's all I got to say about that.

  9. wish I could take part n the book discussion - but alas - don't have the book and havent read it :(

  10. Oh, I agree that the man definitely suffers from delusions. He's got a mental disorder! But lunatic... well... maybe that's just old scar tissue that still aches for me.

  11. MB - Thanks for the shout-outs!! I am anxiously awaiting the book discussion - I read it last summer with a girlfriend (also in seminary) and we enjoyed discussing it - we also share a Spiritual Advisor so it made interesting discussions with her as well.

  12. Ooh I missed the thing about the bookgroup! I'll be there,!


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