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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday Festival

Earth Day!
Many of us celebrated Earth Day on Sunday in our various congregations and communities. Leah Sophia has designed a series of Earth Day postage stamps...go see them! And note the high -er- denomination! At the same link you may enjoy her Earth Day thoughts from the last two years as well.

How about Some Really Good News?
Gannet Girl is OFF TO SEMINARY! Woohoo! Blessings attend you as you prepare to drive your red Corolla down that happy road in the Fall! She has received many wonderful responses to this outstanding news, which you may enjoy by going here.

Sally is preparing for her final round of interviews in preparation for ordained ministry! She has four of them on the 30th April, so please plan to hold her in your prayers on that day! (UK time!) There were several nominations of her good posts, but right now your editor is being oppressed by a Flash error and I can't get any of them to stay open! Trust me, go to her site (here) and maybe you can get there.

Carmen's 8-year-old daughter was baptized! Her beautiful description makes you feel as if you were there, too.

Writing about Tragedy and Heroes
Shawna reflects on the courage and determination of Liviu Lebrescu, a Holocaust survivor and Virginia Tech professor who saved an unknown number of lives by sacrificing himself to the gunman.

Over at Nachfolge, Scott wove in the lectionary and the Virginia Tech murders in a sermon titled, "When Will We Dance Again?"

Daily Things
Scott has begun a running blog and looks forward to hearing from any running Revs or RevPals who might be out there.

Seminary can't ALL be serious, as ReverendMother relates in Buzzword Bingo.

33 Names of Grace has a wonderful post on how she "does it all," Mom, Pastor, and Everything.

Kathryn reflects on how she'd answer this question: "Would you rather have an inherited/traditional church, or an Emergent one?" Ever such a clever response!

Kathryn also tells about how "a little child led them," in explaining death and eternal life to a colleague. Put us out of business, they will!
Songbird writes beautifully about "where did the time go?" , and also about renewal. For fun, have you seen the MC Nuts version of Wordsworth?

Book Report (Warning - Contains Spoilers)
Have you been reading along with Life, Death & Taxes in Coleman, GA? If not, go catch up!
Reverend Mommy says: "I've killed off two people and started tellingtheir back-story. Both Bubba and John Austin are dead. The Cardinal is in ICU. John Austin was killed at Bubba's funeral just after the Cardinal exclaimed during the service that Bubba was murdered. Rev. Fiona Anderson is 8 months pregnant and has been shot. Who did it?T une in and read this tale, chapter by chapter. (And if you recognize anyone, it's mostly unintentional. Mostly.)"

Also, she's added a poll to her site-- Which degree should Reverend Mommy get next? So far, "deodorant" is winning.

Discuss Amongst Yourselves...
Gord comments that in religious debates, people are routinely accused of bad theology. So, what IS bad theology, and how can you tell it when you hear it?

Amy suggests that we consider setting traditional hymn texts to modern music. Who's up for the challenge?

And Lutheran Husker has written a semi-fictional reflection from Peter's point of view of the events recorded in John 21:1-19.

Blessings this day...


  1. Here's one that didn't get in yesterday due to some URL issues:
    1-4 Grace shares a friendly reminder of an important date, and also thoughts on Earth Day.

  2. Check out "Would Jesus Discriminate?" at The Quixotic Pastor

    Sorry for the shameless self-promotion ;) but I am excited about this and want to share.

  3. I forgot to nominate my post on professing novice vows with the Order of St. Michael:


    And a powerful vocation story from new RevGal Kate:



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