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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wednesday Festival: Finals Week!

I know it's not finals week for most of you, but for those in traditionally-scheduled US school or seminary, it's around about that time. And I work on a college campus, so we are definitely feeling that pain 'round here!

And no how matter long you might have been out of school...doesn't the end of Spring just feel like SOMETHING is about to happen!?

Well, it is. The Festival. Without further ado:

Talking about the end of the semester...Deb is working on grading herself on a curve. Stop by and give her some encouragement!

Sally's dining room table is Student Central!

The Work of the Church
Lorna went to help clean-up the Methodist camp site. It looks gorgeous! She also shares thoughts and photos from her recent trip to the UK, including some Beatlemania!

Sally is thinking about humility as she works on Sunday's sermon.

Mother Laura shares about some brilliant pastoral counsel she received, and I write about some brilliant pastoral counsel that a friend of mine received from another friend. Oh, and it helped me, too!

Kristen has just returned from her first full annual conference. Read about it here and here.

Inner Dorothy writes about a wonderful service at her church this past Sunday celebrating the congregation's membership in Affirm United.

Mother Laura has a sermon calling for full inclusivity for LGTB people, and PamBG gives us a sermon in a similar vein.

Sally is standing in the gap between one generation and the next.

Over in the Lounge, Gallycat has persuaded her local public library system (Virginia's largest) to add a book to its collection! Go find out what!

And speaking of books - don't forget that our May book discussion will be on Monday, May 28, and will cover Velvet Elvis, led by ReverendMother. (I don't think it's really ABOUT Elvis...but I need to get buying so I can find out!

If you buy it through our Amazon Store, our non-profit corporation will get a little dinero!

Blessings on your days! If you forgot to nominate, or just want to jump in, holler at us in the comments!


  1. Having an office at home?! Yikes!!!--I'll go over and take a look.

    Okay, I didn't forget to play and I didn't even think of playing, but still I think the Gradience Scriptures I blogged are literally cool, though you need to be sure to view each of them full size for the real effect.

  2. I'm writing about
    Puberty 3
    - noticing how my body is changing yet again in my late thirties. Why doesn't anyone ever warn us about these things?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I'm blogging (procrastinating, really) about my end of semester yearning and groaning -- I don't promise anythign exciting, but I would love some hugs and commiseration!

    With a link this time! over at ordinary time

  5. I have posted a hilarious story about paranoia in the US military complex, I am wondering about mystery worshippers, and I suggest we put our youth on the road for school.

  6. Oh yeah, you can find those posts at my place

  7. exam time here in Finland too - or actually it's more or less over so we poor laborers are assessing and giving final grades -and it's not nice.

    Thanksfor the great festival again. Lots to read :)

    POC set up your office/ study elsewhere if you can. Mine's upstairs but there are many distractions all the time -not only blogging :)

  8. excellent round up Mary Beth....
    at last I have the results of my selection conference....

  9. Oh, yeah.
    (she says in a disinterested voice)
    I'm graduating on Monday.








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