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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wednesday Festival: A-Maying

I know, I know. It's weird to start with a sunset photo! But Sally took it and it's gorgeous! And since you are getting this fest late in the day, it seems a bit appropriate. She has also finished the "Almost Surreal" candidating process in the UK Methodist church, and reflects tiredly.

Today's Fest is quick and my days lately. Hope you enjoy:

Quotidian Grace learned this week that the organist at hur church was one of the winners of the pipe organ contest her father founded many years ago! What a wonderful story and a wonderful reflection from that very organist. What a small world we live in, and how very far our good works can go. We never know!

Amy's written about "failures," reflecting upon how this is often the most fertile soil from which God's growth sprouts.

Mmmmm, metablogging! Jeff's writing about how sick he is of blogging!

LutheranChik shares photos of her church's new sanctuary. It's gorgeous! She has also been thinking and writing about the priesthood of all believers.

Milton writes provocatively about our calling to be peacemakers in "Who Would Jesus Torture?"

Michelle's Crash Kid was confirmed this week. Go back with her to the archives for a look at his process.

Gallycat has tons of news! In the past week she has:
1. Won an award
2. Had an original essay published
3. Closed on that dream house
4. Blogged more at Gallycat in one week than she has in like, ever

Mother Laura and RevAbi both made blog entries in Blog Against Disabilism Day (May 1).

Tripp shares his sorrow over the death of Bob Webber.

Shawna refers us to Christianity Today's new blog, which discusses women in ministry and activism for them/us.

I am looking for some catholic advice.

Finally, please welcome Kirstin to the Wednesday Festival lineup! I promise you will not have to read me anymore (for a while) after this; our regular rotating schedule will return!


  1. Hi RevGals. Lots of interesting stuff today. I'm working through some future questions on my blog - family, school, career, etc. I would love some advice from people in the know. Here.

  2. Hi everyone!

    Mary Beth, when do I start?

  3. I have posted a couple of links to things that really deserve to be read. One about Anglicans wrestling with issues around sexuality and one about ministry. Check them out at my place

  4. Thanks Mary Beth for getting my very tardy entry in. And it looks like another great festival.

  5. Can someone help me with HTML 101? I'm still learning, and after seeing all the nifty looking blogs, I'm wanting to learn how to add pictures, etc. Can someone help me get the RGBP on my page too? Sure would appreciate it!

  6. Yes I'm with chaplain lydia. I'm really new at this too. I just started blogging two weeks ago and all I know is what my stepson told me "just go into So I would love to learn to use graphics, etc. and link up to other places.

    I wish I had someplace like this when I was at a 3-point parish in South Dakota! Better late than never


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