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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wednestival: Pentecost Ponderings

Rainbow Pastor shares her Pentecost sermon...which is actually a Star Wars Sermon. Props to Gord for the idea...

Mother Laura's Pentecost post, "Let the Fire Fall," was about memories and dreams.

Sally shared a very powerful Pentecost post, too, about an unexpected visitor. She is continuing to process the experience here.

Liturgy, anyone?
Dylan Breuer, usually of lectionary fame, also has some rejected pop-culture liturgical themes over at Grace Notes. Gallycat couldn't resist adding a few of her own!

How close is too close?
Amy has come to the conclusion that having a door opened for her by a stranger feels like too intimate an action- anyone else have thoughts on doors being opened for you or opening doors for others?

How did you spend Memorial Day?
Natty did an amazing thing. On roller blades. Ow.

Gallycat's weekend didn't go quite like she wanted it to, but she did have a humor column published here!

Followup on Festival of Homies
1-4 Grace sends this "Miss Ya!" and question from the FOH.

What's Up with You?
JWD is marking a time of transition as she says goodbye to her church position and anticipates her new academic position next month. She also takes her first dive into painting--creating a triptych she calls Pentecost Trees.

God is doing A New Thing in Deb's life. Go see how.

Jules shares a verbatim conversation - between herself and someone who just doesn't get it!

Almost Rev. Anjel reminisces about hard funerals - especially those for friends.

Hope the FOH was great for everyone! Welcome home!


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