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Monday, June 18, 2007

Meet n Greet: Country Cable Edition

Greetings Meet n' Greet fans!

Apparantly here in the country the mouse keeps falling of the wheel and the internet stops working. Hopefully I'll get this finished before it slips off again.

Here are today's Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 - Meet
Servant's Quarters
A Year Acceptable
Meaning and Authenticity
Chapter 2 - Greet
The one and only... Songbird
Chapter 3 - Book Tease
Walking the Bible: A Journey by Land Through the Five Books of Moses


Servant's Quarters: This blog is about my thoughts - I'm a minister in a small New Jersey church, mom to four sons, wife to a great husband, and trying to be an agent of the kingdom of God. Head on over and see if you can get Susan Gillespie to post again... then again she does have 4 sons.

A Year Acceptable : In the Judeo-Christian tradition of the Sabbath and Jubilee years and Jesus' first public proclamation, I am attempting to live 2007 as a year acceptable to self, others, and God. Here is more about the author, "Born in a small midwestern town, I have fondness for forests and lakes but have recently taken to the intellectual and spiritual delights of Boston and England. I work for a church-related institution in a mid-size, mid-atlantic city which is a pleasant-enough-non-place."

A Year Acceptable could also use a gentle nudge to return to the world de blog. Pentecost and fame take up her late May/early June musings.

Meaning and Authenticity: Blogging ministry, psychology, politics and other things that count in Katherine's world. Ministry, pastoral counseling, spiritual direction. Written by Katherine E. who shares these words about herself, "Second career minister. Married late in life. Three great stepchildren. Becoming authentic, learning to love. Ph.D. in pastoral counseling and theology. A good life."

Join Katherine for a thoughtful Susan Howatch quote and a powerful post about Iraq.


GREET - Songbird

1) Got blog? (where do you blog)

2) What are your favorite non-revgalblogpal blogs?
Phantom Scribbler
Birmingham Blues
Evensong Martini Club (

3) What gives you joy?
Seeing my whole family together; hearing beautiful music; feeling the Spirit move.

4) What is your favorite sound?
My dog Molly's greeting: “Wroo-wroo!”

8) Write the first sentence of your own great American novel.
The sidewalks in her hometown were old and made of bricks, and in those bricks, disarranged by the roots of ancient and enormous trees, she found her strength.

9) What color do you prefer your pen?

10) What magazines do you subscribe to?
The Christian Century and formerly The New Yorker, but no one gives it to me for Christmas anymore. Boohoo.

11) Why are you cool?
Because I listen to Kanye West and know how to do html coding at age 45.

12) What is one of your favorite memories?
Being in the water at Virginia Beach in my dad’s arms, moving up and down with the waves, while he taught me the names of the states that began our country. I was probably three or four.

14) What is something you want to achieve this year? This decade? This lifetime?
I would like to write a book (on one of those timelines).

Would you like to be featured in the Meet n' Greet? For a free survey please email: preacherbloggerprocrastinator (at)gmail(dot)com.
No purchase necessary. Offer void in Hawaii, Alaska, and Tibet. Any likeness between the writer and Brooke Shields is entirely in the head of the writer. All characters contained in her blog are fictional except her husband, her child, her friends, her family and basically any one else she mentions. The rest are fictional.

NEXT WEEK: REVGALBOOKPALS WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN!!! (and Mesopotamians and other people of God)

Join in the conversation next week as we discuss such riveting questions such as...

Would Jesus create a video montage of his life using MTV editing and the Lion King soundtrack?

When 'Walking the Bible' does it still count if you are wearing hiking boots or does it have to be sandals?

And of course: Why did God have to choose such an ass-hot place to be the Holy land?

Thanks. You've been great. Please don't forget to tip your waiter.


  1. err and now for a comment in English- thank you for the early morning smile- I enjoyed reading and will enjoy visiting!

  2. Oh, will smama, you are teh naughty. (And, yes, there was a foreign-language comment ahead of Sally's, but since it was spam attempting to sell t-shirts, in any language it's the sort of thing we delete.)
    I started reading Walking the Bible over the weekend and think it's great so far. But I have a long way to go by next Monday!

  3. LOL. Perfect way to start the week, with a laugh. :)

    But ack! I have to start reading I'm only 20 pages in!

  4. tandaina, that's about where I am, too. We'll have to encourage one another!

  5. I read this book while I was living in Egypt and thought it was interesting and cool. This morning I am skipping the gym so I can be ready to go early enough to get a library card before going to work...and therefore can (hopefully) check out book and DVD series for a re-read, or at least a watching, before Monday!

    Having lived and traveled widely in the area covered by the book, I believe the most pressing questions we should consider are these:
    1) would the Israelites still have been forced to wander 40 years if they had Jeeps?
    2) How many times can one use the phrase "Greatest Story Ever Told" before one's tongue falls out from overusing one cliche?

    Seriously, I'm really looking forward to this discussion. And having just watched this little Lion King montage-o-"greatest story", I am having to remind myself of things I didn't like about living in the Middle East in order to restrain my desire to leave everything and return tomorrow...

  6. Thanks for reposting the video! I have the DVD of the book, too, and would love to teach a class using both sometime. Meanwhile I'm looking forward to our discussion a week from today.

  7. I noticed in checking on the book there is a version for children also.
    Walking the Bible (children's edition): An Illustrated Journey for Kids Through the Greatest Stories Ever Told
    Same author with illustrations (I like pictures )

  8. The answer to the final question is quite simple: so people who live in Texas would feel especially close to God in the summertime. If God chose the desert, God must prefer hot weather, right? Hee hee.

    Oh, should I have saved this wisdom for next Monday?

  9. I am still trying to figure out why WS would want to look like Brooke Shields anyway???

    ANd qwhile I can see ignoring Hawaii and Alaska, what does she have against Tibet?? (Maybe a protest against Chinese occupations)

  10. Don't read too much into it Gord. It was late and I was quite punchy.

    Thanks QG for being gracious about my silliness. It sounds like a lot of folks are on board for a great discussion.

  11. Aw shucks, here I was getting ready to do an in-depth exegesis (or possibly an isogesis) of the small print ;)

  12. It's good to get a lunch hour laugh, thanks will smama!

  13. I think my Mommy did a good job.

  14. Are we stooping to Baby Blogging?

  15. baby, dog, cat blogging what ever works.
    Thanks will smama. But get that mouse back on the wheel.

    A children's version? Got to have a children's version for the wee ones.

    Can't wait.

  16. I don't think William counts as a baby anymore. Toddler maybe but I am sure he has outgrown baby.

  17. I think Will smama wants us to tip her - padding teh comment section -
    cha ching

  18. With all this commenting, how will we ever finish reading the Feiler book?

  19. You won't!

    Back to the book now...

  20. If you can run the bases after the game then you are no longer a baby.

    You are however bound for the bathtub.

  21. I finally started reading Velvet Elvis (how's that for procrastinating???). Actually, my mentor and I will be reading it together.

    Has anyone else had a hard time ordering on Amazon this week? It won't let me check out!

  22. I finally got a library card so I could check out both the book and the DVD....I've read the book before and don't want to buy it, so this was a great catalyst for me to go become a REAL local! (Or something like that...)

  23. Well, my book is on the way in the mail, so about the time the discussion is completed I will start reading it.


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