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Monday, June 04, 2007

Monday Morning Meet n' Greet: Sparse Edition

Sparse because I am preparing this on one computer and all of my surveys are on another.

Welcome Snow on Roses: I'm a cradle Episcopalian, a gardener, a photographer, and perhaps, just perhaps a future priest. I write about life, awe, God, and the struggles of being old in my church, young in years, and called. Currently Tandaina could use some help with a specific kind of writer's block and do not leave until you share some time with her pictures.

Another Loose Canon: A place where Theology Happens... the blog of an Independent Catholic priest who just happens to be female. Rev Sharon describes herself: "I'm an Independent Catholic priest, recently separated mother of one, owned by two horses and a cat..." Rev. Sharon participated in her first Friday Five!

Can a Texas bluebonnet bloom in Tennessee? - well, her blog sure can! The ramblings of a Texan clergywoman living and serving in Tennessee as co-pastor with a Kentucky raised minister husband. BTW there is a 2 year-old running around (usually underfoot) during the writing of almost every thought. Welcome cpclergymama, "I am a 20-something clergywoman, married to a clergyman, and I'm a clergymama to a two-year-old girl. I'm struggling to balance a co-pastorate, child, and a normal life. But I'm quickly learning that "normal" and serving God by serving a church don't go together well!"

Bridget Jones Goes to Seminary: After three years of seminary, with one year left, I'm beginning to wonder: "What's next?" Join me in the inquiry. Meg is headed to Canada for the summer where she will serve a church while the pastor is on sabbatical. Sounds like a made for tv movie to me! Be sure to check in for the next episode.

Please visit these folks and welcome them to our midst!



  1. Thank you for the welcome. I'm blushing, and so grateful to have found you folks.

  2. Welcome everyone. I look forward to reading your blogs and knowing you in cyberspace conversation.

  3. Welcome new members!
    If you check the sidebar you'll see that membership requirements are now posted right on the blog. There is one new item:
    You must be an active blogger for the previous three months in order to join.
    It's not that we don't love new bloggers. But some people begin and don't go on, and with a ring of over 300 members, the administrative details have increased to a point where we need to add this requirement.

  4. Welcome everyone! I'm fascinated with the idea of "independent Catholics"! Is that Roman Catholics who decide for themselves who will be their authority?
    Variety makes us think!

  5. THank you all for the very warm welcome! It's much needed after a very hard day at the church. Your kind words brought a smile to my face and tears (the good kind) to my eyes! Thanks Ya'll!


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