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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wednesday festival: Fun in the Sun

Greetings and welcome to the fun in the sun with Wednesday Festival,

Time for a revgal meetup
We have had a revgal meetup with Mary Beth and Cathy, all because of St. Teresa. Read all about it at Cathy's Grace Notes, and also, there's a picture of the two revgals! (I for one am jealous. Where oh where art thou St. Teresa?)

Ideas for Worship
Snow on Roses has written a liturgy for Seekers based on the Episcopalian Compline Service. She would like for you to give her some feedback on what she has written. So go read it and giver her some feedback on a Seeker's Compline.
Frodo has also written a thoughtful liturgy on Risk taking and Forgiveness. ( I see a revgalblogpals book or worship in the making, mmm.)
Miapappi at Kaikesta huolimatta / No matter what writes "I don't wed people unless I meet them at least once and the same applies to a blessing of a marriage." (What about you?)

Time for some fun quizes of the day.
Frodo asks the all important question? Are any of us destined for world domination?? Go see the new quiz from blogthings about my destiny at his blog. ( I suspect our answers will be a lot like his.)
Eternal Echoes also has some quiz questions for us:
So readers a quiz: Is P male/ female?
Did or didn't P get in touch again?
from the new-age fair , are answered here. (Did you get it right?)

Something to celebrate
Get ready to rumble; Unfinished Symphony has written her, drumroll please, POST NUMBER 300!!!???. So go congratulate her on her 300th post!. (I haven't counted mine, but I think I have a lot less than her, but congrats.)

Be Careful out there
On another note, Cheesehead had a run-in with a tree, and writes about the event here. ( I think there are quite a few of you who can relate to her.)

A word from God
While in exile, Lorna at See Through Faith hears a word from God to build houses, plant gardens. It is a very beautiful post to read. (Gee, I think I hear Clean toliets, pick up trash....)
Lorna was also, kind enough to let us know what she has been reading by nominating a few of you, thanks Lorna.

Sermons and artwork
Shawna R. B. Atteberry brings us her sermon on Mary and Martha. She has a different take on Mary and Martha, relating it to Ordinary Time. Go see how she does it, she has a painting included too. ( I like the different view.)
Anglobaptist also brings us a sermon on The Unexpected Guest in only way he does. ( Hey, maybe we could write a book with our sermons in it, and be invited to preach at the Festival of Homiletics?)
Eternal Echoes brings us her narrative musings on Luke 7:36-8:3. Go and muse with her. ( I enjoyed the artwork she included.)

More Artwork
And last but not list Eternal Echoes brings us another picture and some thoughts on Missional pneumatology. (I have got to read this one, because I don't know what this is, and nor do I know who is in the painting, maybe you do.)

You are invited to share other posts in the comment section. And remember to send your nominations to You can nominate yourself or others. Thanks for those who did send in their nominations.


  1. St. Teresa is a beach in the panhandle of Florida - you can find it on Google maps!
    Mary Beth had a great time!

  2. In the past week I: finally finished Velvet Elvis, posted my 8 Random Things, and wanted to call my mom.

    The question now is: did I learn/remember how to link?

  3. This is Chaos.
    Mommy had emergancy surgery last night on her appendickxs. Please pray. Thanks

  4. 14 June 2007

    Of Fly Catchers and hidden lakes.

    Of sleeping lizards and morning dew.

    It is of birdsong and misty dawns

    and fleeced clouds floating in a still pool.

    The waters ripple awake in the gathering morn.

    The first water birds head out for the far shore.


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