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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday Festival - A Wedding Edition

Greetings from the Grace Happens household! We officially welcomed a "new" member into the GH family - Daughter-in-Love! I posted some pictures, here!

Let us see what others have going on this week, shall we?

We had very few unexpected surprises during the wedding worship, but Kate had an awfully surprising Eucharist.

Since I'm a pastor, I usually have a biased view of weddings, brides and mothers-of-the-bride-and-groom. As Mother of the Groom, I've learn a great deal about the groom's side of the wedding! Praying on the Prairie, who is celebrating her 200th post, posts for us 100 things she's learned since being consecrated. Congrats on your 200th post, T!

Weddings give families official "adoption" of new members. The members of the Quoditian Grace family have been busy in court on an adoption case of their own. Looks like Bunny Fu Fu has finally found a home. Will you be making up a new song to celebrate, QG?????

I'll be posting wedding cake pictures later, but Presbyterian Frog has the recipe for Red Velvet Cake. She says you may need to make two batches of frosting however.

I agree with Amy at Faith Musing that motherhood and ministry always make for interesting and often delightful combinations. Pop over to her blog and see what her son has been up to.

Our Son has always been a pretty good kid - for a double PK. As far as I know, he hasn't gotten into any legal entanglements, but the KnittinPreacher - well, you better check out what happened to her!

Son and DIL have had a storybook romance for the last four years. Presbyterian Gal has started a new story. She calls it, "A strange romance that plays with the question: What is real and what is 'here'? perceptively speaking. It's called 'Que Sera Sera' and there are two installments so far." Part three comes today. Can't wait to read it, Gal!

Son just graduated from Graduate School in a Midwestern State. It was a pretty far drive from where we live. Reverendmother points out that there has been some good discussion and comments about the value of distance learning in a seminary education as a result of this post. And for a BONUS, check out the Holy Toast. Son and DIL did NOT receive one of those for a wedding gift!!!!

For DIL's Bridal Shower, the guest were asked to bring along their favorite recipe so she can start a recipe box. Reverend Mommy's been thinking about spiritual food, recipes and Christians. She wants to know - "Is there a recipe for a 'Christian?'"

We live near Chautauqua Institute and it's good to read Gannet Girl's writings about the original Chautauqua Institution with links to old posts and images here. And she blogs about their visit this past Sunday here. If you haven't been to CI, you really should try to get there! It is AWESOME! And the concerts aren't bad either.

After taking some vacation to prepare for the big day, I've got to get back into the swing of things and get some pastoral visits in. Just Jill writes about a pastoral visit that moved her tremendously. Pop over and check it out! Good stuff!

Thinking back to Chautauqua, it would have been cool for a RevGal meet up with Gannet Girl - if we would have only been home. Quaker Pastor and Lady Burg had just the opportunity when LB and her youth group stopped by on their mission trip. Lady Burg was also planning another meet-up. Can you guess which other RevGalPal she was planning to visit?

DIL's three year old niece was the Flower Girl and she thought DIL looked just like her "Barbie Bride" doll she has. She also thought she looked like a "Disney Princess!" She said a lot of cute things about the wedding. Cpclergymama had an interesting conversation with her two year old daughter in the car. Art Linkletter was right - kids say the darnedest things!

I wish I could tell you everything that happened at the reception, but that would take too long. Here are some other nominations you might like to read instead of my boring stories. There's one about the semi-official perfume of the RGPB from Cheesehead's blog. Sally's Double Rainbow (Not what you think!). We offer up prayers for Bad Alice. Mary Beth has some fab photos. And Lorna asks, "Can you see Him?" Princess Mindy needs our help!

And last - but certainly not the least among us - a big CONGRATULATIONS to our very own Gallycat
for winning a very prestigious publishing award.

One of my very favorite wedding songs is by Michael Card, simply entitled, "Wedding Song." It goes like this:

Lord of light, oh, come to this wedding
Take the doubt and darkness away
Turn the water of lifeless living
To the wine of gladness we pray

Mother Mary's gently requesting
That you might do whatever you can
Though she may be impatient she loves you
And so she asks what she can't understand

So amidst the laughter and feasting
There sits Jesus full with the fun
He has made them wine because He is longing
For a wedding that's yet to come

And as the Church United, we say, "Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!"

Party on!

Be blessed!



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  2. oops.
    I got to read almost everyone today! And post too.

  3. Lots of great posts for the Festival this week.

    No Weddings here.
    But got a birthday coming up this week in our house so I've got a series of photosfor a short trip down memory lane...

  4. I also vote for a Chautauqua Institute RGBP meetup! I even promise to officially join the ring to qualify for one!

  5. You are great at this!

    Congrats to all the Festival people!

  6. No weddings in our family, but I do have big news
    at my place

  7. It occurs to me the having JNorm (the Phaith of St. Phransus) qualifies as a RevGal Meet up. It was a RevGal and Youth Group sleep-over. Sorta. Except I didn't sleep over.

    And later in the blog there are pictures.

  8. Net, I love the way you weaved this together. Thank you :)


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