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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wednesday FESTIVAL!

Happy Wednesday dear friends!

Amy is compiling a list of Christian colloquialisms like "God does not call the qualified. God qualifies the called." She invites you to come over and share your favorites.

Lorna asks for your prayers while she is finding her way to rekindle the love that's faded.

Kievas is discussing ways in which we perceive God, and how he/she may be like a Star Trek character.

Another Amy shares her excitement about being published, she contributed a chapter to an IVP book on Angels and Demons, so head on over and congratulate her!

Melissa is asking for help with discernment -- she'd like people to help shed some light on a current struggle about whether or not she should sumbit her name as a floor nomination to be elected to General Conference.

Sally has two posts from New Age Fairs - the strange place her ministry is based -- one about the problem of discernment and in the other she shares an interesting exchange.

And over at the Abbey I am inviting folks to come to the Northwest in November for a spirituality and art retreat and also doing a little self-reflection.

Thanks to all who submitted their posts! Remember to send in your nominations via the link on the sidebar and if we missed you this week, feel free to share other Festival posts in the comments.

-Christine @ Abbey of the Arts


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  2. I just posted about a soical justice issue over at my place Trying to walk God's path

  3. I've got a question for you all about pledge ingathering and how you do it.

    Would love to hear
    your thoughts!

  4. I'm posting about the "church" versus the "Church" and would love your input.

  5. And, and!

    PossibleWater has A NEW JOB! Woot!

    Go read

    about it here!

  6. I'm considering giving up my anonymous status on my blog and publishing under my real name. I'd love some advice and insights from other Rev Gals on the subject!

    You can find me atBlanket in the Grove

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  8. Hey All,

    Please stop by and visit my friend SpiritMists. She's had some rough times lately and could use a little TLC from the Rev Gals Sisterhood.


  9. Check out
    mountain muse musings for a post on Women in Culture and some thoughts on the OT Revised Common Lectionary reading for June 10. Let me know if you visit the site!

  10. I was too much of a wuss to mail the festival till the last minute, but I came out bi on Sunday and it feels really good. Some interesting comments thus far at "Trinity Sunday II: Coming Out" at my place.

    And Cecilia has a lovely post at Closeted Pastor called "Festival". It's on a freeing experience of being open in public with her Beloved in another city, and her discernment about moving more in that direction overall. Definitely worth reading.

  11. Thanks Christine.

    I'd also like to thank RevGAls who've been praying for me behind these scenes this week - it's helped - and a big hug to those of you who've also stopped by with a (o)

    You are THE BEST


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