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Saturday, July 14, 2007

11th Hour Preacher Party - Everything Old is New Again Edition...

...or so I hope. Every time I write something this week, I look at it and think, "Haven't I already said this?" And I'm afraid to look back at my previous sermons on this week's passage because, chances are, yes, I have indeed said this before. Hazards of preaching on a well-known passage like the good Samaritan.

So, I'm in need of coffee this morning, and a lot of it. How about you? I'm also making whole wheat pancakes (surely there's something healthy about that, right?). Anyone have any other nourishing or inspiring treats (or sermon ideas) today? Come on - be a neighbor!

Okay, so if you've looked at the time on this post, you've noticed that I'm actually writing it before I go to bed, but I'm sure all these things will still be true when I get up. For once, I have no Saturday band rehearsal, so I'll be hanging out with my preaching pals most of the day. So, whenever you may arrive, find a comfy seat, help yourself to some of the always wonderful refreshments, and let's get writing!


  1. It's always good to see the Preacher Party up nice and early what with the time difference and all! Though I'm not actually preaching this week - but I can offer chocolate, tea, encouragement and all that.
    My day will involve trying to catch up on the washing and drying having had my machine out of order and starting the clear-out and clear-up as I'll be moving on from curacy to new job over the summer! Then the PCC party this evening - which is the equivalent of just after lunch for most of you!

  2. Hah...I so resonate with what you say about trying to come at the Good Sam from a fresh angle, Stacey...I think I'll just sit down and write and hope for the best, but not before I've made some toast to go with the rather yummy fair trade strawberry jam I just met in the fridge.
    The house is strangely quiet as 2 sons are away on music residential with the school, while daughter is at a Festival (Latitude) on the other side of the country...but the dogs are barking and I'm sure I'll find plenty of distractions to make this a familiar Saturday! I've a wedding rehearsal at 4.00 and Youth Group bbq (if it dries up) later...but otherwise, here I sit. I can do no other.

  3. I am househunting again today and going to see Shirley Caesar in concert tonight. So, the sermon had to be done yesterday. I do have some great coffee to contribute this morning. You all have fun at preacher party, and say a prayer that we'll find a house and that our house will sell!

  4. I'm on the first of two weeks of vacation and won't be preaching, but I certainly hope you will all have a productive day and not too late a night!

  5. No plans for today except coffee with friends and the sermon.

    Which theoretically means I can write a masterpiece, but in reality I'll probably be frantically finishing at midnight...

    I have some blueberry waffles to offer, along with, of course, coffee.

    Back later!

  6. I'm gonna need a constant supply of the coffee--so everybody's offerings look great!
    My goal is to finish this message by early this afternoon--but we'll see, won't we ;) Son is still in bed and spouse is off to work, so I have no excuse...except that I'm just coming off of vacation and need some inspiration and motivation. Blessings on this day to everyone!

  7. I'm conducting a memorial service today for the father of one of my congregants, so my sermon for tomorrow waits until this evening ... I'm sure I'll be joining the preacher party then

    I'll have some of that coffee, thanks.

  8. Morning preachers! Sally just took me to Ely Cathedral and now the family is off to a wedding so I will have a blogging and retreat day. Ease and inspiration to all who are writing today....

  9. Lots on the "plate" today. A memorial service, a couple of hospital visits, and the death of a recluse congregational member with almost no family. Somewhere today there is a sermon waiting to be found (Moses at the burning bush) Fresh peaches anyone?

  10. Does it count if you have your sermon in your head and not on paper? I've been 'writing' it all week but can't seem to collect enough energy to the work of putting it on paper. Of course, I'm almost out of time so, energy or not, it has to be done. Ever had one of those weeks when all you really wanted to do was hide under a rock? Would have been a great week for a silent retreat!

  11. well, my voice is mostly gone (stupid summer cold) but I do have a sermon. I am contemplating a re-write, however, in case SP has to preach my sermon for me tomorrow should my voice not come back. Thoughts and comments and critique decidedly welcome--who knows what I wrote in my cold-and-medicine induced haze yesterday....

    you can find it here...

  12. I got most of my sermon finished yesterday, because I am going to our fabulous chicken BBQ. Chicken anyone? Don't be shy...we have 900 to 'que and sell.

  13. Oh yeah, Preacher Mom, I've definitely had those weeks. I'm feeling a little like that right now as I work on this sermon, which will be my last at my church.
    I'm preaching GS. Something that one of you wrote on Tuesday got me thinking: that the priest and the Levite were rushing off to do other things and wouldn't stop to look at the ministry right under their nose. My folks are incredibly mission minded and have a powerful voice in our community for peace and justice, yet we have to beg and plead for youth and children's leaders. I want to challenge them to continue to be faithful in their mission efforts outside of the church, but not to neglect the ministry right under their noses. Of course, I don't want it to sound like I think that the congregation is leaving the children bleeding to death on the side of the road!

  14. Oh, sorry to be rude! I can offer some juice plums and cinnamon bread. Please pass the coffee!

  15. And that would be juicey plums!

  16. I have a sermon idea in my mind and a bunch of notes somewhere on this laptop. But will they make for a sermon...sigh...who knows?

    Iris, best wishes as you preach your final sermon at the church. I've always found those to be difficult sermons to preach, as you've expressed...

    Teri, I like how you develop your sermon.

    And I also really get Stacey's point, haven't I alread said this?

    Well. I have Free Trade coffee, watermelon and cantelope, and not much else. But help yourselves.

  17. Well, I'm up, and I've eaten, walked the dog, chatted with the neighbor, checked my email, made a couple of phone calls...and that means it's definitely time to start writing. Yep. Writing, writing, writing. Here I go.

    (Have given up on saying something new, and am shooting merely for not stale.)

  18. songbird, have a great vacation.

    preachermom - i'm in the same boat as you and thinking of preaching from no manuscript, which I've done a couple times. I make an outline on a little card to keep in my pocket in case I need it, then get out of the pulpit (works good on a summer sunday when there is no choir) and say "this is what's been on my mind this week." Sure gets the heart beating fast, and raised anxiety is just so not what I need today, but I think that is the directon I'm headed anyway.

    so far I've got three little stories and nothing holding them together, so either with or without manuscript I've got some theologizin' to do....

    I have to go to the store, too, so for now I've got nothing but a freezer full of trader joes meals I dont seem get to. not sure if pesto gnocchi is what you have in mind for breakfast, but if that sounds good, I'm glad to warm some up for you.

  19. I'm coming off a two week sojourn at junior high camp (not, please note, a vacation). I'm still a bit sleep-deprived and am finding it hard to get going this morning.

    Whole wheat pancakes and fresh plums and peaches sound good, thanks. I have tomatoes from the garden for whoever is already in a lunch time zone.

    Good Samaritan. Right. Back to work. I should say something, really anything at this point.

  20. Iris, I really like your take on missing the mission opportunities right under your nose. Isn't it wonderful how we can find so many ways to refresh a well known passage?

    I'm off lectionary preaching Active Faith from James. I have several stories and an ending place - If I can fill in more of the middle part it should lead nicely into the commissioning service for those of us who are leaving this week for General Assembly.

    I'm also waiting hopefully to see if The Husband will decide the huge amounts of work that need to be done on a house I'd really love to buy are do-able. Not to mention the monthly payments . . . Perhaps I should be waiting prayerfully instead.

  21. iris, I feel that!
    I wanted to put in a couple more "everyone knows" statements that relate directly to the life of my congregation, but so far I've wussed out. statements like "everyone knows there's only one way to really worship" or "everyone knows the important ministry happens at the food pantry, not in the sunday school" or something like that, but it seemed just a little too in-your-face for this week. Or maybe I'm just a wimp--that's entirely possible.

  22. I have raspberries to share...and I made a crustless zucchini-tomato quiche--perfect for a late-ish breakfast! It's quite good. Enjoy!

  23. I've got cinnamon hazlenut coffee brewing right now, and soon will bring some waffles to the table along with a fresh strawberry/raspberry mix. Strawberries are fabulous this year! I'm not sure where they are originating.

    As for the sermon. I'm trying something scary. I'll be back in a bit to tell y'all about it.

  24. Hi alll, I have been up a while, but not awake. Wrote about three rough drafts yesterday and don't like any of them. We have Angel Food Ministries this morning, and will be back writing this afternoon. Anybody need anything?

  25. Esperenza - don't you just HATE it when you get back from a mission trip, or camp, or an intensive continuing ed event and find yourself greeted by "I guess you're all rested up that you've been away" or "Hope you had a nice vacation"?! GRRRR! While I was away at my last continuing ed event in June, the lay leader actually said from the pulpit that I was away on a "little retreat"! They sometimes have no idea whatsoever.

  26. Juniper, I'm considering the "off-the-cuff" approach tomorrow. What I've been thinking about all week would lend itself to that pretty well, I think. Now, if I can just scrape up the courage. I've always been a manuscript preacher. Always. My biggest fear? That members of the search committee from the church I've had preliminary conversations with will show up unannounced. They said they would contact me with a date. But what if . . .

  27. Exactly, Preacher Mom. My inner introvert always takes a while to recover. And, as it turns out, being pregnant is making the tired linger even longer. Not. A. Vacation. I did emphasize the "two weeks with junior highs" part of the description, so maybe they got it. A new congregtion to me, so this will be an interesting return.

    And something (probably the junior highs) has sucked my brain out. As well as any motivation or creative thought. If anyone sees any of the above items, please direct them to me. Thanks.

  28. Mission trips, youth trips and etc. ARE NOT VACATION. Vivid descriptions, in a positive way, of late nights, no sleep, bad food and lots of travel may make the point for the congregation that you were gone but not RESTING.

    I've been to the groc. for milk and kitty litter, to three garage sales in the neighborhood and have done two loads of laundry.

    I can only procrastinate for so long, it's off to put my notes together for tomorrow's sermon.

    I have fresh blueberries, Grape Nuts Trail Mix and milk to offer.

  29. Teri, I can afford to be bolder than usual since it's my last Sunday. What are they going to do, fire me? :)

  30. Mine's all written. I have the advantage of never having preached the good Samaritan before. Just have to run through it a few more times for practice. The nerves are starting to kick in, better not have any coffee before service tomorrow.

  31. Good luck to the writers!
    I'm to the tweaking point in the sermon. For some reason the inspiration came earlier than usual and I actually had some time to write it down. So, I just need to make sure what I wrote makes sense!

    I'm getting anxious just reading the comments about preaching with no notes. That scares me to death. I've only done it once. Presentation was OK, but I was nervous and started talking pretty fast and finished up quickly. I just wanted to be done. Good luck to those of you who are courageous to go it without notes. I hope one day I am courageous and confident enough to give it a go.

    I have strawberries and blueberries in cream to offer to the party. I also have 5 cases of bottled water - the food bank had an over load this week and I have been the recipient of some loft-overs! The little perks of ministry come in the strangest forms at times.

  32. I have a draft for this Sunday. I spent energy on "Go and do likewise". But this sermon is a bit of a nerve. Altho I have preached in this congregation many times before, my name is being presented today for "called pastor". So I want to spend some time massaging it. I don't want to post it until I have preached it.

    Would anyone like to critique it?

  33. I finished the sermon last night. An advantage to using clips in your sermon (I'm preaching a Harry Potter series for those who don't know) is that you have to finish it in time to tell the tech guys (ahem, my spouse) what you need.

    I don't love it, though. I'm hoping that with this simmering time the flavors have time to marry. I do have to preach it at 5:30 today though... that early deadline is a blessing and a curse...

    Blessings on the Good Samaritan, everyone. Mine is Romans 7, cosmic battle between good and evil stuff.

  34. Ooh, good luck muthah+! Or as we Presbyterians say, Good Providence.

  35. iris....must keep that in mind when my last day rolls around (probably several years from now!)....

    RM: do people come on Saturday? We had that saturday evening service when I first arrived here, but lack of attendance killed it, and quickly. It lasted about six months, four of which were under critical mass (which in our space is only about 20-30 people). Now with three on Sunday it's evened out a bit, I suppose, but it makes Sunday kind of suck and has taken away the "dress rehearsal" feel of the first service. I kind of liked it, though, having time to tweak between Saturday and Sunday.

    Friends, I am making an oh-so-healthy lunch of think-creamy kraft macaroni and cheese. I might have broccoli too. anyone want some? beverage of the day is sparkling pomegranate juice from trader joe's....

  36. esperanza - the baby sucks out your brain too - a gf suggests that a new brain can only grow from a piece of the mom's - although the loss of it continues into the first year of their life

    not preaching again until the 29th - i have fresh locally grown strawberries already cleaned and ready to pop in your mouth - and four kids playnig chase yelling "inconcievable!" - you are welcome to any of these!!

  37. I am thinking of starting an anonymous blog called "things I wish I could say but can't" where I can write all the things I want to say to church people (and maybe family members too) but can't put on my very-public blog.

    I would, of course, accept submissions via a new email address.

    how likely am I to be found, do you think?

  38. 900 chickens, cheese? Yikes!

    Getting to work on the sermon now that I've had my favorite breakfast (scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, bacon, all topped with cheese, sour cream, and, I don't eat that every day!) and 3 cups of coffee. Good Sam and immigration -- we just had another ICE raid here in CO this week.

    Chocolate, anyone? I have several kinds, and I think I'm going to need them all...

  39. Teri - you want a co-blogger for this blog? I have a few things I could add!

  40. Pardon the interruption ladies, but this seemed like a good place to find someone. Namely, I'm looking for some Pastor's Husbands.

    There's a derth of resources and blogs on us guys who get mail addressed to "Pastor's wife" as a joke.

    Anyway, send them my way, and pleae let me know if they've found any good resources where Men can be Men, and men can tell their women "Hey, that was a great sermon this morning!"

  41. Oh, Teri, have I got some things to add to that blog. I do wonder if parishioners would start blogs about what they'd like to say to us but can't...

    Anon, I've got nothing for you in that category, but welcome anyway! I know others around here have pastors' husbands who might get sent your way.

  42. Read the mitchross blog, first post on there. It is funny. Maybe sad, too, but it made me LOL.

    I have brownies, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate syrup. I can heat the brownies up a bit if you want.

    Not preaching tomorrow. Just call to worship, invocation, and children's sermon. After last week, it will be a breeze.

  43. Oh darn, I have to think up a children's sermon, too.

    Assuming any kids show up.

    Thanks for the reminder, a. lin!

  44. So I sat down a couple of hours ago to scribble out an outline for my sermon tomorrow since I couldn't seem to get it together to write a computer manuscript. Guess what? I now have a handwritten sermon! Do you have any idea how long it has been since I've written anything of any length by hand?? It actually felt pretty good! (Hmmm . . . do I have to type it now?)

  45. Hi friends, I'm peeking in from the Great Chicken BBQ headquarters.

    The crackerjack team of St Stoicians whipped out 250 lbs of potato salad, 100 pounds of cole slaw, 900 BBQ'd chickens, 900 buttered rolls and 700 pieces of home made pie by noon. All hand made--no shortcuts with this crew!

    Now we just have to sell it all!

    I have 2/3 of the sermon done, but I've been procrastinating by making sure my peeps know what a wonderful, amazing job they've done. I popped back in my office with strict orders not to come out without a sermon. I have a piece of Persnickety Parishioner's incredible raspberry pie on my desk as incentive!

    See y'all soon...

  46. Goodness, Cheesehead! That sounds scrumptious! Wish I was a little closer so I could take a taste test!

  47. Man, I'm hopping down too many rabbit trails! Focus, Iris focus!

    Teri, that would be a great blog. I'm in!

    Hubby just brought me a huge cherry limeade from Sonic. I'm willing to share, but I want the cherry!

  48. Chocolate desperately needed and appreciated here!

    Mmm. Thanks.

    Procrastinated for most of the day--coffee with a friend, rearranging my office, long conversation with Brit Boy, setting up email group for my clergy intensive class.

    Time to work. I have a page or so of notes and a general direction. However, still need an outline from that and a children's sermon. Would like to be done in a couple of hours so I can play tonight (that means a DVD and popcorn with white wine, whoo hoo I'm a wild woman).

    Anyone seen teh Banderas? I suppose it's too early for him, isn't it?

    Looking at the man in the ditch as the focus for my message--when we're down and battered and have lost all identity and can only depend on other people, who takes us in?

    Although a "plot" rabbit about the innkeeper keeps hopping into the room then hopping out again, too.

    Like Iris, I need to focus. Choose SOMETHING and just stick with it. Ignore all other rabbits.

    More chocolate, please....

  49. Just stopped in to see how you all are doing ... Good Sam is one of my favorites, 'cause it is chock-full of relevancy, as you all are sharing. Blessings as you proclaim God's word tomorrow.

    My contribution for worship tomorrow is prayers of the people ...our new pastor is preaching and assoc assisting with other elements. Then in the afternoon we get to welcome new pastor at reception.

    Meantime, I'm thinking I want to be at Cheesehead's BBQ ... guess I could add some baked beans!

  50. cheese, wow that's a lot of chicken...hope the pie proves to be substantial inspiration.

    my sermon is done, in draft form. Now, to let it marinade a bit. I'll be back to check on it later...but, considering how parched I feel, and that after tomorrow I will only be two Sunday's, (read two sermons), away from vacation...well, its gonna be good enough.

  51. Think I will do a little meditative sermon - letting people think about each person in the story and how it might be him or her. Might use my poems from my blog - as I think out loud here - may take a plumb bob (Amos)along to see how all the characters measure up.

  52. PS a good book on preaching without notes --Without a Net: Preaching the Paperless Pulpit. Also, not about preaching but a site for young professional women run by our DIL.

  53. Still here. I'm chasing rabbits too--too much in this parable! And it's easier just to chase them all down rather than make one well thought out point. At least for me.

    Children's sermon, oy. And prayers. Getting back into the swing of things is an uphill climb (see? too many metaphors).

  54. Back from Angel Food Ministries. I am dealing with wild kids, and at the same time need a nap. Hope the rabbit chasing comes to an end, "little Bunny Foo Foo...."

  55. the nice thing about online parties is that the food supply is endless.

    To wit: there's plenty more chocolate, y'all, help yourselves!


    Munch. Seriously, must start writing. It can't live in my head forever...

  56. Lots of people seeking children's sermons out there...for what it's worth, I'm doing the Story of Flibber-O-Loo, an adaptation from the VeggieTales video "Are You My Neighbor?"

    I think I'm kind of finished with the sermon, although it's a bit on the short side. I'm going to go clean up a bit, and then come back and see if it needs any additions or refining.

    You know, I didn't preach last week because of some health problems, and wow, is it hard to get back into the rhythm. I'm just sayin'.

  57. Prayers for all of you still working away - hope they're coming along well? I have fudge if it'll help!

  58. Finally finished. It is a bit longer than I normall go. I will work on shortening it in presentation.

    Now I need to figure out what to wear. It is too hot for vestments or black for that matter.

    I need prayers, sisters. Not just for tomorrow's sermon, but I have to testify in a colleague's church trial tomorrow. I will be testifying against my bishop which doesn't make me feel good, butr must be done for he sake of the Truth.

  59. Oh dear, Muthah+, that does sound like a difficult place in which to be.

    Arrived back from the memorial around 4 pm and my DH took me down into the basement and we danced to the CD she made me while I was away at the Sweat Lodge Conference. It's very humid here, so we had to put baby powder on the dark green tile floor so we could slide our sock-clad feet.

    All I have to do is pick hymns and I'm done. Then I can go BBQ baby backs --Cheesehead has whetted my appetite for BBQ. Want some ...?

  60. Hey, should we temporarily refer to Cheesehead as Col. Sanders ...?

  61. okay, I can't keep my mouth shut very much longer with no outlet. therefore, the aforementioned blog has been started. I really really hope it doesn't get back to me, but I guess that's up to me, isn't it?

    it's here. And if you want to put something on it, feel free to send it to

    now I have to go let some pent-up words out....

    thank goodness the sermon's already done, otherwise I'd be in trouble!

  62. PM-I have often had sermon in head, but not on paper. It jsut takes tiem to type those thoguts out. If only there were USB plug to my brain.
    Terri- hope the voice coems back, try tea, steam, and minty stuff.
    I have lots to add to the new blog too!
    Cheese, the chciken BBQ soudns great. And I thoguth we only did that in the south!
    Stacey, hope you are goo today. Wish i could come and help drive aroudn for ya! I'd do anythign for a good brew.
    Would have loved to have doen yard sales with Cass and Abi, hope the kdis are settlign down to nap.
    I ahve fresh peaches and soem Teddy Grams that are oatmeal flavored.
    Happy writign to all.
    Oh, there is a homework assignment on my blog:
    frog blog
    Drop by and do it, preachers, bloggers, procrastionators and all!
    You'll be glad you did.

  63. Well, it's printing. It's not my best work, but it's not heresy or blasphemy. Start praying now for clearer brainwaves next week.

    I think sleep is probably my best preparation for tomorrow at this point. And yes, I'm aware it isn't even 7:00 pm. What's your point?

  64. Ok going out on a bit of a limb here...

    Instead of a typical sermon, this week I'm going to tell a story. I'm retelling the story of the Good Sam. It's set in a gay neighbourhood, with a member of a protest at a drag club being mugged on his way back to the subway. Two other people, who were both part of the protest, go by but assume he's drunk or on drugs and ignore him. One of the drag queens, however, on her way home, sees him and helps him.

    I don't know if this is inspired or lame at this point. I'm still writing. But I'm feeling pumped about it--enough to forgo the movie and popcorn I had hoped for tonight in order to get it done. I will take the white wine however. :-)

    I will post it when it's done.

  65. Well aren't (almost) all of us eating healthy today!? Lots of fruit.

    Iris, I'm praying for you especially tomorrow. And RP, I thought I was going out on a limb...I'll read your sermon when it is posted.

    As for me: We know that we are a slightly traditional AG church with strong emergent overtones, and we are intentially going to move in that direction, since we also know that the way to reach out in our town is to younger folks, many of whom are disenfranchised with "traditional" church. That, coupled with the fact that we shrink by at least half in summer and that our unairconditioned sanctuary is HOT in summer, has me contemplating some odd "unchurchy" things.

    For tomorrow I'm talking about I Peter 2:4, the scripture about us as "living stones" being built together as a dwelling place for God.

    I'm smiling at those of you who are manuscript preachers going more extemporaneous. For me it is the other way and I get kinda nervous with a manuscript. But anyway, I have minimal notes. We are meeting in our COOL basement with coffee and OJ and donuts and fruit on the table, along with a LEGO for each person.

    Can you guess what we are going to try to do with the LEGOS? Yep, we are going to build a "house" for God...and see how it goes. Then we will talk about what hindered us and what helped us, and then apply that to our spiritual house--what might hinder the Holy Spirit from being at home, and what might help.

    I'm scared. I've never been too traditional, but this is....way too unstructured for my comfort! I hope it was a Holy Spirit inspiration, and not just an indication that I NEED a vacation!

  66. Chicken update and sermon draft can be found here.

  67. Hey, it is suppertime. I offer a lovely green salad, some corn on the cob, cantelope and steak from the grill, your choice. Later there is vanilla ice cream with strawberries.

    Cheese, any leftover bbq chicken?

  68. Singing Owl, I think the lego idea is GREAT

  69. hey RP - that sounds like such an awesome spin on the story -- went to your blog but didnt find it yet.

    Owl - the lego idea sounds good - fun and with the possibility of going deeper...cant wait to hear how it turns out.

    Thanks to ann for the book rec - I read the first chapter on amazon and it looks good.

    I"m still going manuscript-less. I practiced it on my walk to today. Yes, that crazy lady talking to herself in north seattle was me. Hopefully everyone thought I was o the phone or something.... :)

  70. S.O what a great idea, cool basement, legos house, all great idea. Also, like you I never preached with a manuscript. I wrote one, internalized it ala Juniper, by walking dogs and going over using one made me nervous. Now, for the last few years I have taught myself to use a manuscript. I hope in the near future to move away from the text but be able to use one comfortably on occasion.

    RP, always best to follow your heart and go where the energy is. I hope it is even more exciting to preach than it was to write...

    Cheese, I still can't get over all that chicken...

  71. Hey 1-4 Grace - I wish you were here too! I have the good brew, and it doesn't seem to be interfering with the medication...I'm actually feeling like myself, just minus the ability to drive. Speaking of that, anyone ready for a little brew?

    All this talk about going manuscript-less is interesting to me...I almost always use a manuscript in my church, but I also do more casual services where I only use a few notes, if anything. I think I'd have trouble doing the opposite for either of those services, even though each approach feels very natural to me in its place.

  72. Quiet night around here. I'm headed to bed. Blessings, preachers.

  73. it's my sleepy time too...enough learning about livejournal. it feels so much more complicated than blogger, though I'm sure that's just because I've been using blogger for five years and livejournal for about five hours. it seemed like a good way to keep another level of anonymity in a new blog...but at this minute it feels time consuming. we'll see how it goes.

    Is it bad that I think I may have spent more time on that than on the sermon? ah, well, at least both are finished for now.

    happy sleeping and preaching and children's-timing, all!

  74. hmmm... I may be the last one out tonight... Had popcorn for lunch at Harry Potter, followed by haircut and nachos.

    I'm about finished with a sermon that includes some very specific and none-too-positive observations on the level of hospitality at our little place.

    For the children, I'm going to play off the fact that we had Mother's Day in mid-May, Father's Day in mid-June and now it's mid-July and "GOD's Day" What do you give the God who really does have everything???

  75. Ellbee, I'm still here but not for long. Thanks for the encouragment, all. :-D

    I'll post here tomorrow p.m. as to how it went.

    As for me, off to bed now. Prayers for all sermons, preachers and hearers!

  76. I am here too, but not for long. Finished my final version. That's it folks if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. What a party.

  77. I've agonized over this one. I guess because it's my last one here. It's too long, but I'll cut some in the morning. Must sleep.

    Blessing, y'all!

  78. iris, I hope your day, last with this congregation, is Spirit filled.

    And I pray that the Spirit fills the words of each preacher this morning, bringing them to life as only the HS can.

  79. Just dropped back to send hopes that everyone's preachings went well...I finished mine with the Tony Campolo story about the tramp and the cup of coffee here...and they were absolutely silent for a minute afterwards, so I guess that bit went home at least.
    Teri, you are a wonderful person performing a much needed public service...on my way there now!
    Happy Sunday, people

  80. I think it went well. No comments pro or con as of yet, but there were smiles, participation, interaction....seemed good. Very unchurchy. Good though.

  81. I am very pleased with how the sermon went and with the worship service as a whole. I felt a freedom that I don't always feel in the pulpit. And I only cried once!


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