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Monday, July 02, 2007

Red, White and Blue Meet 'N Greet

We have so many new members today we are just going to "Greet" today and "Meet" someone next week!

One Wild and Precious Life

I am an Episcopal priest, serving a pretty church on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee. I enjoy yoga, running, reading, writing, poetry, time outside (especially with my 2 dogs), gardening, television, travel, and the training I'm receiving to be a spiritual director. I also enjoy playing at creative work: drawing, collage, painting, photography, writing. I grew up in Indiana, then lived and worked as a psychotherapist in Buffalo, NY for 21 years prior to becoming a priest, and for 3 years thereafter. I love grappling with some of the larger questions of life: what role does God play in our lives? Why are we here? What is my specific little part in the larger plan? I like living close to Mystery. Welcome to our ring!

Tales of Grace

Whose name is Ann and describes herself as "a mom, a student, a teacher, a writer, an artist, and a seeker." (And she list JNorm on her blogroll. Boy that guy gets around.) Welcome to our ring Ann!

For a Season
Whose name is Muthah+ lives in Upstate New York, US and describes herself as "an unabashedly liberal Episcopal priest from a time when being a liberal was a "good" thing. If I am knee-jerk about anything it is about seeing that justice is done by those of us who call ourselves Christians or who are about serving Christ in the Church." Her picture is shows a beautiful smile. I think I want to get to know her just from that smile. Welcome Muthah+!

Who is also known as Karlassi. She says "I am a wanderer, a seeker, an artist pastor with passion and humour for living this journey. "ssi", when added to a name, connotes a sister-relationship in Korean. My sister pastor friend in Seoul calls me Karlassi." She blogrolls a pottery blog that side tracked me for about 10 minutes... Welcome Karlassi!

Timeless Text Messages

Also known as sistacala (Carla R) who describes herself as "an ordinary woman serving an extraordinary God. Although I am employed as a medical laboratory technician, my spiritual calling is that of a teacher. I enjoy studying the Bible and helping people along their Christian journey." Welcome sistacala!

Blue Window

Also known as Ruby who is "a civil rights lawyer in a very small blue state. I live in an old house with my spouse, four children, two dogs, a cat, a hamster, two geckos, eight geese, seven guinea hens, and a full fishpond. I love books, politics, music, cooking, the Episcopal Church, my family and my friends, though not necessarily in that order." What a house full of God's creation! Welcome Ruby!

Traveling At the Speed of Life

Jennifer Walters is Dean of Religious Life at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. She seems to be interested in ecological issues and her father has recently died. That is indeed a very hard thing. Please drop by and say hello -- Welcome to our ring, Jennifer!

Walking Wet

mamaS is a "Lutheran pastor-to-be, a lovers of the outdoors, a country girl stuck in the 'burbs (and doing urban ministry). I am a wife and a mother, as well as a daughter and a sister. I miss the mountains almost as much as I miss the lake country." Welcome mamaS!


  1. Welcome to all our new members!
    Those who visit my blog may already know Ruby as "childhood friend." I'm delighted she's blogging and has joined the ring.

  2. Wow - What a diverse collection! Eventually I will get around to leave a blogstone... (o)

  3. I'm amazed at how many people are joining! I've already met a few and am looking forward to more!

  4. Thanks for putting my blog up in lights. I have a second one that I generally reserve for information regarding the Diocese of Central NY. But anyone can read it. Hope this isn't seen as blogwhoring but mere information once supplied.

  5. Thank you for including me. I've been surfing the RevGalBlogPals ring and found many new favorites to visit. I plan to write a post about the ring in the near future.
    Blessings to you all.


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