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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday Festival: Thursday Edition

Greetings folks! Have you been waiting with bated breath for the Wednesday festival? Well, you can start breathing again!

I'm going to include everything that's residing in the Festival mailbox; if there are some duplications, please go re-read them! And if we missed anyone (dang that spam filter...) or if you forgot to nominate yourself or another...please do so in the comments!

I (Mary Beth) am very excited about the RevGals' being featured in the United Methodist Reporter online! I also said a very sad goodbye to an important person from my past.

Way back on the Fourth of July, Preacher Mom had a very brave and gallant hero come to her aid. Sweet times....

Erin could use some TLC from you revgals. Go see her soon at Construction Time again.

LutheranHusker has some great posts to share: his son had a meetup with a baseball mascot; he got to preach a rare sermon; and "if it's not too much, I've got one more I'd like to add to the list--a post with an update on the baseball mascot situation, a link to a video of Kiddo singing "Now the Feast and Celebration" (AND Marty Haugen's response in the comments!!!!), and my decision to let folks know my real identity (no, I'm not Batman)." Wow, Marty Haugen!

Milton shares a poem about his father-in-law, who is in the middle stages of Alzheimer's.

PresbyterianGal writes powerfully about where we're needed and why we're needed, now and not later...inspired by her frustration over what she considers an extremely over-reached building program at her church.

Here is a tale of miracles and wonders from Earthchicknits: "I almost lost my son in a "spontaneous sand hole cave-in" at the beach last week. Getting him back was sheer grace, and something like a miracle. I feel like the woman in the parable of the lost coin - I need to celebrate with everyone I know that I got my little boy back." Amazing! Praise God!

Lorna came back from New Wine Finland in a process of blessed renewal. Be sure to read what happens when God invites you to step out of the cave!

Sally at Eternal Echoes diagnoses Martha's problem to be her inability to sit and to be because she had become chocked by the weeds of distraction. She is also pondering self love..."we must learn to accept the love of God, and through that love as we discover ourselves loved, and in that discovery as we allow the love of God to occupy the space of the selfish "I ", we will love others also."

The Yellow Rose of Texas celebrated 25 years with her sweetheart!

In fashion news, go see Quotidian Grace's many hats and Mindy's discussion of (gasp) clown shoes! With a CLOWN!

Pam is thinking about "What's your gift?"

Kievas has a series of reflections on Things Remembered. See it in parts: One, Two, Three, Four.

Don't forget to nominate for next week! Your posts or any posts of other ring members. Email them to:

Love y'all!


  1. Thanks Mary Beth!

    I am in New Orleans with my senior high youth and descriptions abound. :-)

    You can also find our trip diary with more extensive thoughts and more photos on the church website here.

  2. I meant to send in a link or two to my "journey of faith" posts, which are called "Getting Here" (I think there are nine of them now LOL!). And Katherine E has gotten started on the same at Meaning and Authenticity, and so have a couple of other bloggers who haven't been offically around quite long enough to join RGBP, but they show up in my comments.

  3. I have a post about my first sunday at my new appointment over at my place

  4. Thanks, whoever nominated my series...for once, it wasn't me :)

  5. thanks MB - great job. Just back from kids' camp ... cooked for 30 but fun. photo up (sunday)


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