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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wednesday Festival

Take a break from whatever you're doing and check out some of these fine posts!

Towanda shares her sermon from this Sunday, and a request for vacation reading….

And speaking of requests, Will Smama is looking for vaccuum cleaner suggestions!

Leah Sophia entered the blogosphere with desert spirit's fire five years ago! Happy day!

Snow on Roses is in need of a reading for a short service to open our next vestry (governing board) meeting. Head on over and help her out!

Kathryn at Good in Parts shares some thoughts about being an Anglican in a Roman Catholic school and its impact on my faith and ministry since.... She’d appreciate your feedback!

And, Reverend Mother shares one final Harry Potter sermon.

Happy Reading!
Pink Shoes


  1. Good morning, all!
    In our continuing struggle with Gmail's spam filters, we've found a few nominations hiding away there. If your post was not nominated, please forgive us. Now that we know to look there, we will!

  2. I tried to get mine in last night but think I might've been too late. We had a trauma, near-tragedy, and something like a miracle happen at the beach last week. Nearly lost my son, then got him back with the help of a stranger who saved his life. You can read about it here

    [The CBS Early Show is actually doing a story about this phenomenon - sand hole collapses - and interviewed our family yesterday. The segment will air next Tuesday, July 24, at 7:30a.m., on CBS.]

  3. Pink Shoes- excellent work under difficult circumstances- well done !There is some good reading here :-)

  4. I really enjoy this place. In a time when Vatican statements and all of the responses would suggest ecumenism is dead, you guys are living proof it is not. what a great community! Haven't been blogging for 3 months yet so I don't meet the criteria, but plan to join when I do. Since I was still thinking about Mary and Martha that is my post today. By the way I have a bagless Hoover windtunnel vacuujm and I I like it a lot!

  5. I have posted about some news Ive been waiting to share with all of you. :)

  6. Funny things and a miracle.
    Trying to keep the worrying to a minimum.

  7. Hi, Pretty late in the day on Weds, but if anyone is still checking in, I would love to hear about your favorite preaaching resources. I posted aobut it here.

  8. good to know Songbird :) and thanks!

    also to pinkshoes -great round up.

    Rev Gals want to encourage you - when you read another post that encourages you or inspires you or makes sense or makes you laugh - link it and send it to the Wednesday festival there and then

    I know we are missing out a lot of good stuff!

    hugs and heaps of blessings


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