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Saturday, August 11, 2007

11th Hour Preacher Party: The Mad Tea Party

Painting found at

"There was a table set out under a tree in front of the house, and the March Hare and the Hatter were having tea at it: a Dormouse was sitting between them, fast asleep, and the other two were using it as a cushion, resting their elbows on it, and talking over its head. `Very uncomfortable for the Dormouse,' thought Alice; `only, as it's asleep, I suppose it doesn't mind.' The table was a large one, but the three were all crowded together at one corner of it: `No room! No room!' they cried out when they saw Alice coming. `There's plenty of room!' said Alice indignantly, and she sat down in a large arm-chair at one end of the table. " From Alice in Wonderland

And yes there is plenty of room, food and drink for everyone. So pull up a chair with pen and paper in hand/or laptop and the bible in the other as you write your sermon. Its early morning, and I am already working on two sermons, one for the morning worship and one for the evening.
I'm not doing the lectionary, I am still preaching on the 8 Quality Characteristics of Natural Church Development. This one is on Passionate Spirituality. Saturday we have a one day VBS so I'll be busy with that most of the day. But I will be checking in and out to welcome you to the party, refill your drinks and plates. I'll even pray with you if you want or need it, like if you get stuck or something. Bob is doing child care so drop the kids off at the nursery.

So what's your plan? Any body need a fresh brewed cup of coffee, just take a seat and I'll pour you one. Blessings on you as your write your sermons.


  1. I'm not preaching on Sunday due to VBS and a wedding today. But I am putting the finishing touches on my homily before trying to go back to bed (for the second time). No coffee for me until later please. I have some Freindship Bread that will be warm when you are ready for it. Hipefully by then I'll be alseep!

  2. morning :)

    I'm working on a practice sermon for seminary. Taking Luke 15 1-7 and instead of preaching on the lost sheep looking at Jesus and what He actually did to reach people - he hung out with the wrong crowd.

    Bringing blueberry pie, toast and tea to the table. Enjoy

  3. struggling to get thoughts on paper. I'm SO out of practice -sigh

  4. Greetings from a pastor's husband again. I thought you might like my latest quandry: When should I stop casually lying to my kid?

    Today I'm on the usual Saturday duty of keeping the kids out of mommy's hair as she does sermon prep. "We Are Grace Givers At All Costs" My wife has threattened to include one of my post road rage quotes of "well, may not at ALL costs..." :)

  5. Oooh Lorna, blueberry pie! One of my favourites!

    Having a hard time motivating as I'm on vacation starting Sunday afternoon for ten days...and that's really where my head is.

    Looking at Luke and what it means that God comes like a thief. I think there's some potentially interesting stuff there if I can make myself focus.

    And I have an absolute deadline today, as there's an after-Pride get-together for the organizing committee this afternoon and then I'm going out this evening. Not something I do often on Saturday when I'm preaching on Sunday but well this is special.

    So...God the thief.

    And I have brownies, warm from the oven.

  6. Morning everyone. been on vacation and trying to get back into the swing of things this week. I have some blueberry banana bran muffins if you want to be healthy and some gluten free blondies left over from a farewell dinner last night if you don't. Sumatra coffee is on, I needed something strong this morning - sorry Revabi but tea was not going to do.
    Anyway, I am looking at the role of a prophet in Isaiah and the call to justice and, i think, relating it to Luke and the idea that fear of losing what we have might be part of what keeps us from giving generously and bringing justice to others.
    Busy day today, but I'll check in later when I get tired of reading.

  7. Morning all, I am proping my eyelids open. I am working in with "to whom much is given". I have to be on the road by afternoon to get to this parish. But I feel foggy-headed. There is a really funny take off on the Luke passage by Martin Marty at textweek dot com. Goose corruption! I'm not going to use it but I need a bit of humor this morning with these readings!

  8. Good morning preachers,

    I am not preaching this week, but I brought some cinnamon raisin bagels and coffee for those who need breakfast.

    Do you know Agnus Day? It is a lectionary based cartoon. Good for a chuckle. This weeks sounds a bit like my life, I am a compulsive list maker.

    Blessings to all as you prepare to bring God's Word to the world.

  9. Morning y'all! I'm just getting up. Baby girl has a cold and hubbie is at a men's fellowship breakfast. He will be returning with eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuts, and gravy for baby girl. If anyone lese would like some I can call in an order:)
    Working on Luke this week. Still unsure of what I will say, but hey its early! Looking forward to a productive day.

  10. I'm up way to early for a woman on vacation. But I am. So. I'm not preaching either. I have some strong Fair Trade coffee but not much else as the cupboards are bare.

    Will hold you all in thought and prayer as you move through this day and the next. I hope the party is a good one!

  11. I finished my sermon on Thursday...I filtered Luke through Hebrews..."It's not a threat. It's a promise."

    Y'all take care. I brought some fruit for those who would like some.


  12. Coffee sounds good! I'm back from vacation and trying to get in the swing of things. The SP is on vacation this week, so I have to preach at all three services.

    I'm going on a hike with the Young Adult Group. Then I will need to get busy on the sermons.

    Songbird~ Sorry I missed you while I was in Maine. My cell phone had no service and, once I got to a place there was service, I didn't have your number. I go to Maine often, so hopefully we can have a meet up soon!

  13. I'm up and wondering if my brain is too fried from camping in 100+ heat to write a sermon! Or is it just still on vacation?

    I'm working on the Hebrews passage, wondering about definitions of faith. Or maybe descriptions of what faith is not. What are your definitions? (or non-definitions?)

  14. Do you all realize it's just 6 am? I'll take some of that coffee. :-)

    I'm still on my Christian Life series with James. This week is chapter 3, the chapter where James takes people to task for praising God and cursing others with the same tongue. Right now all I really have is the title "Do you eat with that mouth?"

    I'm afraid my focus is more on "will the mortgage company give me financing for the house I want to buy" than on James. I need to go spend some quality time on the patio with God and Sammy the Bunny - and coffee. It may be too early in the morning to think.


  16. Welcome all this morning, I trust you all had a good night's sleep.
    Knittinpreacher thanks for the Friendship bread, and hope the VBS and wedding goes well.
    Lorna, welcome a feast of food and tea you bring.
    Mitch,mmm, I think I want to read your post...
    rainbow Pastor wow brownies and early in the morning, hope you are able to get motivated to speak of this thief, God.
    fentonian, that's alright, tea seems to wire me, coffee it is, and thanks for all the goodies too, hope you too are able to get motivated for Isaiah.
    What is it Blueberry season?
    Muthah, hope the toothpicks help and not hurt, thanks for bringing some humor, be safe on the road.
    mamas, you bring us bagels,thanks, and more humor!
    cpclergymama, so sorry the wee one is sick, hope she feels better, and mmmm a Southern breakfast, hope you are able to clear the mind for your thoughts, but it is hard with a sick little one on your mind.
    mompriest, hope the vacation is good for you, and thanks for prayers and strong coffee.
    tripp thanks for the fruit, you make us jealous,did you post the sermon?
    kristabeth, welcome back from vacation, hope the sermon writing goes well, a good hike might help.
    preachermom, are you insane? Camping and trying to write a sermon in this heat? Well you could preach on the heat of hell or what happens when you stay in the heat too long?
    rev marie, prayers for the mortgage money, so you can focus on James, who does gives us rules doesn't he, and he certainly did not like the rich.
    welcome all.

    Now off to VBS, I'll check in along the way. Blessings and good writing.

  17. I've never posted here, but love to read everyones comments... I feel bad for not sharing before.

    I have some wonderful sweet fresh blueberries to share- no pie for me, trying to cut down on fat. But these berries are great by themselves. And I'd love another cup of coffee.

    I'm working on Luke this week...

  18. I've never posted here, but love to read everyones comments... I feel bad for not sharing before.

    I have some wonderful sweet fresh blueberries to share- no pie for me, trying to cut down on fat. But these berries are great by themselves. And I'd love another cup of coffee.

    I'm working on Luke this week...

  19. cpclergymama, I will have a double order and rp I'll take some brownies too.

    Oh way... uh, good morning.

    VBS Sunday tomorrow and I have finally embraced it for all it is worth and will be giving no message and there is minimal liturgy. I am working on next week's and Sunday School as Year of the Bible approaches Revelation and territory I cannot just improvise.

    You all sound like you have some great starts going.

  20. Revabi - not crazy. Just that desperate to get out of town on a limited budget! Although a week in the heat will definitely make you crazy!

  21. methodist mama - welcome!
    Please pass the blueberries!!!

  22. OK, have had breakfast (brownies and coffee not calorically good but hey it's a sermon morning), checked every email account twice, showered and dressed, done a few chores.

    Guess it's time for the sermon.

    I think I feel a blog coming on this week--why is it that I resist working on the sermon so much?

    However, not today--I WILL have some discipline.

    God the thief?

    More coffee please. Or should I make another pot?

  23. I will be preaching on missions among Quakers as a result of a request by someone in my community. I am way too sleepy to be approaching 10:30 a.m. in my time zone--can I please have a coffee IV?! It's really good to hear from everyone this morning! As usual when I read here, it makes me feel like I'm in this thing together with ya'll. Shalom everyone--

  24. yes Abi it is blueberry season here ... but it's too hot to think

    it's 30C here and about 100% humidity I think. I feel like a wet rag.

    and I'm going to take a nap and hope I have some ideas when I wake up.

    I drove to the airport to pick up hubby - and it was lovely and cool out there (a/c!) -think I might go back there to write (grin) ... our local airport is an intl one but it's tiny and so a very quiet place to hang out. And short term parking is FREE. But I don't know if there's wireless.

    anyway nap time. Back later ..

  25. Welcome, methodist mama, and thanks for the Blue Berries with nada. Here is some more coffee. Just what are doing with Luke if you don't mind us asking, maybe you'll spark something in the rest of us.

    Ya'll are making me want to go get some fresh blueberries, although the melons are really good right now too.

  26. Wow, I have a draft and it is only 10:30. Now I can pack my bag and have a while to do some cleaning of the house.

    I have peach pie if anyone is interested.

  27. WS, Good idea, embrace the VBS Sunday, feel the energy, welcome the presence of families, let the holy spirit move within you and the worship. Sorry I got carried away with a meditation I was listening to from

    Our VBS has got off the ground this morning with a good group of kids. I think its going to be fun. All I had to do was prayer.

  28. Preacher mom, anytime you want a place to go on a limited budget you are welcome to my home. We are at least cool inside. No you are not crazy.

  29. Will Smama- Here is the double order, still hot!
    Last week the instructions were to strive for the kingdom rather than earthly goods. This week the instructions are to strive for the kingdom rather than earthly goods. Only this week we get a little help in how to do just that. We give where we want our hearts to be and we are watchful- alert- and working towards the kingdom, even while the master is away. Why are we working? Because our heart is on the kingdom of God.
    Now, how do I preach that?

  30. Rainbow Pastor, cracking the whip on ya to keep you disciplined or God the thief will make off with your sermon. Tee Hee and said with tongue in cheek. And yes make more coffee and actually how about some more brownies too.

  31. Ooh Quaker mom, hooking up the coffee iv for ya. Would love to hear what you write on missions
    among the Quakers. Take your time waking up or jolt it with the heavy duty versian of Coffe.

  32. Lorna, have a nice nap, thanks for the info about blueberries, headed out after VBS to get some. Definitely go to the airport. You know you can go online to find out if its wireless. Hope it is.
    Wet rags are a sermon in themselves.

  33. A draft, that's good muthah+.
    Yes definitely break out the peach pie. We bought some good peaches yesterday. The crops here in AL have not been the best because of the drought?

    Anyone else need anything?
    Anyone else struggling?
    Need ideas?

  34. cpclergywoman, I like your thoughts. Preach it just like that. Admit these are hard words for all of us.

    I have some illustrations a friend sent me, I'll post later if you want to lose them.

    Well, back to work with the kids and VBS. I know you will carry one without me.

  35. Oooo ... I love friendship bread! Thanks knittinpreacher.

    Tomorrow is my last Sunday at Internship Church and I'm preaching. I've been here a year now and am anxious to be back at seminary for my senior year. Wrote most of the sermon on Monday, but it could use some serious editing for cohesiveness. Problem is I'm just kind of feeling done ... with everything.

    Oh well ... here goes ...

  36. Hello all! It's nearly 4pm here and having been out and about visiting etc I need to get on with my sermon for tomorrow evening. Preaching on Luke... but first I'm just going to get a little snack... Oh and it's my last Sunday here tomorrow (except for the one-off in September which is followed by my leaving lunch!).

  37. Good morning!

    Late start because I slept in after two bad nights of insomnia and a week of VBS and I am now coughing/sniffing/sneezing with a summer cold. As is Wondergirl.

    I managed this week to do about 20% of the study I usually try to do for a sermon. Did I mention that I had VBS this week? (Yes, ad nauseum, I know.)

    Spouse is making late-morning pancakes for his sick womenfolk, and I am going to break fat club rules and have some.

    I am working through Hebrews 11, and came across something by Craddock, et al that I think will work: The idea that faith can be a "confident wandering" as opposed to staying in one place all the time, clinging desperately to a stake in the ground. As a person who has moved a lot in my life, I think I can draw on that.

    Wish me luck.

  38. Yaaaaawwwwnnnn ....

    Strehhhhhhhhtch ....

    Mornin'. Thanks for the coffee folks.

  39. Wow, I leave you people alone for a few hours and you get all productive on me!

    I think the cheeziest wedding homily ever written is done. Due to a mostly sleepless night I am taking it easy this morning. Coffee is ready and waiting for those who need a second or third cup -- it's fair trade. I was going to go to the farmers market for peaches (the blueberries here are done) but forgot they close at 11 and not 1 like they used to :(

    Blessings on sermon work!

  40. Ow Rev Abi watch that snapped towel! OK OK I'm working on the sermon!

    I have a good outline now, I think. I've moved away from God the thief into being surprised by God's presence--if we knew when God was coming, we'd be ready. But since we don't know, we have to be prepared for God's presence at anytime. ANd guess what? God is present, at any and every moment, in the people around us. And when we can recognize God in other people, we will be able to recognize God in the future, when God comes to bring the realm, as well (although I'm not talking about eschatology much, to be honest).

    This is not original, but it resonated for various reasons to do with recent events here. I read a longer and better-written exposition of this at
    Laterally Luke, by Brian McGowan.

    Working now to expland and detail the outline...

  41. Cheesehead, is your Craddock source online?

  42. If anyone is looking at God as thief, Willimon talked about it on theolog this week. You can get there from text this week or Christian Century.
    I think I'm done with reading for the day. Promised the kids some time in the pool (kiddie) and then will try to write some during nap, but it looks like vacation has done nothing to improve my routine and it will be another late night.
    I have a sense about how I want to talk about our fears that lead to hoarding and injustice. And that the difficult answers is the faith to be generous, but it feels more like a lecture than a sermon, I badly need a story/hook/something interesting...
    Hopefully something will come while in the pool - if anyone has any ideas let me know, please.

  43. No, PM, it's not. It's in New Interpreter's and in "Preaching Through The Christian Year" year C.

    Craddock wrote the Hebrews commentary for NI, and is one of four who wrote for "Preaching".

    Sorry. :(

  44. My focus is on Hebrews and lviing by faith. Taking heart that we do not "go it alone" in life. We do go forth in trust and in faith each and every day, in whatever new ministries and missions we are being called to, even as older parishioners age and don't know what is before them. We are called to be a part of something bigger and greater than ourselves, even when we don't know where we are going.
    Since it's close to lunch time, I can contribute smoked salmon and crackers!

  45. Muthah+ - I was just trying to find the Martin Marty bit over at textweek that you mentioned - but can't find it - can you point me even further in the right direction? :D

  46. I have from-scratch pancakes with fresh blueberries (Dave made them) with real maple syrup. Also playing fast and free with my fat club points, so it's just a couple of low-point things and 0-point veggies the rest of the day. Oh well. They were really good and worth it.

    I really shouldn't check-in before my sermon idea is fully formed because you all have so many great ideas!

  47. "confident wandering" reminds me of "Not all who wander are lost."

    Carmen Andres on her In the Open Space blog has a dialog from the movie Contact that I will probably use for my Hebrews sermon. If you can't find her blog, I put a link to it on this Tues lectionary discussion.

    Hope y'all come up with more Hebrews stuff for me to use 'cause I've got a 5 hour drive before I can put in much more work on the sermon that is due Sunday morning.

  48. Thanks for the coffee, friends.

    OK, now that I am awake, I want to share this quote from Daniel B. Clendenin, Journey with Jesus Foundation.

    "As I watched Tammy Faye on Larry King Live, it occured to me that she taught us not only how to live well but how to die well. For a person who might have been haunted by resentments and regrets, she exuded gratitude and hope. She admitted her fears. When Larry asked what she did to face the ultimate enemy, death, Tammy Faye said her faith was strong: "I just pray every day to God, and I say to him, 'I trust you with me.'" Wow, I thought—I trust you with me—there's a lifetime of wisdom in those five words, not only to face death but to live life. "Dear God, I trust you with me.""

    The entire article is available on --the direct link is here

  49. Thanks to Cheese I just bought that commentary set that she mentioned. Now maybe if I stopped shopping and started writing...

  50. Wow, RDQ, what a powerful statement of faith. "I trust you with me."

    I'm on the home stretch here, elaborating the outline and inserting key phrases I want to be sure and use.

    I have to say, after the last few weeks of having to be done by Thursday or else finishing Sunday morning, this feels nice.

    One more mug of coffee, I think. Anyone need more brownies?

  51. Peach Pie, yes please, Muthah. That's my very favorite dessert. Today I'm working on my Reflection on Spiritual Gifts for our upcoming Women's Retreat, and enjoying reading all your great thoughts for tomorrow.

  52. And, thank you for all the great resource sites!

  53. My goodness, I went next door to the CLC to check on how VBS is going, I come back and everybody is partying, up and at em, working away or trying.

    We are "fixin" to have hot dogs or PB & J, chips, coke and cookies, anybody want some? So glad to see everybody is having a good time.

    I already had to get onto the PK boy twice for big wrongs. I am not going to tell you what he did the second time, but needless to say, it really hurt the other boy.

    Hang in there in your different time zones.

  54. I just have to tag a conclusion on my sermon and it's good to go...what I really have to finish today is my last summer school paper so that we can leave for vacation on tuesday.

    We have to eat up what's in the fridge, so y'al are welcome to anything in there!

  55. Afternoon all...what an industrious bunch! I am not preaching this week...almost wish I were as I actually have good thoughts I could use, as both the Luke and Hebrews texts are two of my favorites. But instead today I am writing a syllabus and developing handouts for the History of Psychology Class I'm teaching. I've been procrastinating and am at the wire now. Retreat was wonderful but I'm not moving back up to speed real quick! This is my least favorite part of teaching so will likely stop by the party now and again for some coffee, company and brain stimulation. Loved the cartoon, mamas!

  56. Well I'm not totally satisfied with what I've got, but it's pretty much there. I'll have some final polish time tomorrow.

    I am out the door, ladies and gents. I am NOT gloating, as I all too often have been the one still up at midnight finishing.

    Anyone need anything before I go? One brownie left...

  57. I think I'm focusing on verses 32-34 of Luke (rather than the 'watchfulness' verses)... possessions... heart... treasure... no idea where I'm going yet though!

  58. Great stuff being offered up at the party today ... both thoughts and food. Thanks to all!

    Any ideas for a children's sermon on Hebrews 11/faith out there?

  59. Kids are napping (or quiet) after ten games of UNO. So time to start writing. I have tortillas and homemade guac with a dt. pepsi to offer.
    Well done rainbow pastor - you give me hope for a more disciplined future.
    Emily - no definite thoughts, but what about using things the kids know are there, but can't see to illustrate that some things can't be seen, discuss why we know they are there and then why we think that God is there?

  60. Okay. I talked to my mom who is leaving a presbytery meeting in New Mexico as we speak. As usual 10 minutes on the phone with her and I think I'm ready to take on the world (or at least my sermon!)So now that baby girl is finally resting (pray for her little throat and big cough) I'm diving into the process. I'll come up for air when I'm through.

  61. still hot - too late to go to the aiport - having a shower instead. I don't preach tomorrow - that's the good thing - but I do leave for Tallinn and seminary ... so maybe packing should be next on the agenda

    I liked Cheesehead/Craddocks idea that faith can be a "confident wandering" as opposed to staying in one place all the time,

    fits me

    and right now my faith's taken off at a tangent- hoping it's still on track though and not heresy. (grin)

    You all have great ideas - and I so wish I could be a fly on the pulpit here there and everywhere tomorrow - listening to you all and being challenged.

    iced water anyone. This is one hot day

  62. Hello, all; I have returned from camp!
    Didn't someone warn me to take the day after camp off?
    I wish someone had. I have to whip up a worship service. It will be camp style, no bulletins, and probably short. I hope it works...

  63. Checking in from Dulles airport, on my way back from a conference for young women preachers. It was fantastic, but I'm wondering why it seemed like a good idea to come back and preach tomorrow morning. Granted, part of the conference involved preparing a sermon (or part of one, in my case), but still. Like Songbird, I'm going informal - no bulletins, and quite possibly short. May it work beautifully for both of us!

  64. I am finished, other than some polishing etc. Feel free to read it here.
    Baby girl us up from her nap and it looks like perhaps a trip to the clinic is in order.
    Blessings y'all.

  65. Well, I am back home out of the heat. The kids were having blast on the water slide. I had to come back and work on my sermon.

    I am tired, hot and need some hydration.

    So how is everyone else? How are those sermons coming?

    Anybody need something to drink?

  66. cpclergymama I am glad you were able to go ahead and get done considering you have a sick one. Hope you don't have to go to a Doc in the Box or Emergency Room. But glad they are there if you have to go. Hope she gets better.

  67. Welcome back Songbird hear the words of the Prophet, do not do Sunday, after camp, any other weekend work.

    Stacy have a safe flight back. And the same prophet speaketh to you, no sermons after being away. Hope it was a good time for you.

  68. I am back from the hike and it was beautiful. I've ordered a pizza and now I need a sermon! (Two actually, but who's counting?)

    If anyone wants a peice of pizza, stop on by! Songbird - glad you had a good time at camp! Welcome back!

  69. Lorna, so sorry you didn't get to the airport and had to stay so hot. Hope all goes well with your sermon for Seminary. Don't worry if you wander around with faith.

    Yea Rainbow Pastor I only had to crack the towel once. So glad you found your way and the words that spoke to you and will resonate with your cong. Now anybody else need a towel cracking beside me?

    Cheesehead, so sorry you woke up possibly maybe getting a summer cold. You too with VBS? Thanks for bringing the Craddock Quote, it seems to have been what most of us needed to get going with our sermons.

    reverend dona thank you for the quote about Tammy Faye.

    Emily that has to be hard doing your last sermon at your intern church. Where to now? And did you get any ideas for Children's sermons? Did you check the links at Text this week?

    Fentonian, did you get your pool time and figure out a story to preach? And who won the UNO game?

    rev kim did you get your idea solidified after hearing all ours?

    I really think we need to use the heat and the blueberries in our sermons somewhere.

  70. I am back after four weeks of no preaching (and zigzagging the globe--England, Japan, South Korea, and a week at our churchwide assembly)!

    I think I have forgotten every homiletical thing I thought I knew! And I have very few thoughts on tomorrow's lessons, apart from some rambling thoughts on fear (which this region has plenty of) and faith (which our adult class has been challenging and least they were before I left...).

    Fear and faith, faith and fear. Not really sure where I'm going. It's good to be back in the land of Saturday sermonizers though.

  71. Ooh. Just read Natural Church Development for my Church Admin. class. Great stuff, lousy graphics. ;)

    I am at the keyboard tomorrow, and due to a meeting most of the day, have gotten nothing done on my CPE application... sigh... I will get to it BEFORE the semester starts or I'm toast.

    Work hard y'all...


  72. Blech. I've got a sermon. Its finished. Its even rehearsed. But I don't like it and I don't have anything else in me. Plus, I'm preaching off lectionary so all of your wonderful ideas are a wash with me.

    Feeling miserable. Is this normal?

    PS - I have some hardened gummy fruits on my desk. You're welcome to them. . .(oh, argh! Its a metaphor for my sermon.)

  73. Like Meg, I too am off lectionary , and don't like what I've got, but am going with it because I don't have anything left in me...I'm too embarrassed to post it. This is a somewhat normal feeling for me, Meg. And it usually means I'll be OK with some help from the Spirit.
    I DO have sweet corn and pork chops on the grill. Y'all come on by.

  74. Revabi,

    I just posted the sermon. Swing by!

  75. I must be the only crazy one who decided to preach from Isaiah this week. It looked like a good text to preach from when I was picking them out a month ago...but now I'm not sure what I was thinking.
    I have basic thoughts about meaningless worship versus what the Lord requires (justice, mercy etc. care for hte widow, the poor, the oppressed, the fatherless which are all named in this text....) but my brain stops there. Help someone!

    I have meager offerings of granola bars and fruit snacks if anyone is intersted. Oh and maybe some diet sunkist....

  76. I have been so slack about posting anything, but I have been lurking. We've just sold our house and are moving in a couple of weeks - I'll be a lot closer to the church, and I am grateful for that. Anyway, I'm using the Luke text tomorrow, and I posted the sermon here.

  77. I don't suppose 322 words is enough?

  78. Well its now Supper time, I have some burritos if anyone wants one. Has everybody finished with their sermons?

    My kids are exhausted from the day and being outside in the heat. Bob is too. I probably won't last much longer either. I am however not done, but getting there.

    So how is everyone doing? Okay?

    Deb, I agree about the graphics. It is good stuff, but like any of this stuff it is not for every church.

    Meg it is a normal feeling.

    grcgrl, it will be good. I have preached from Isaiah before with good results. People in the pews actually like that prophetic stuff, well mine did.

    chilly fingers and tripp thanks for posting your sermons.

    And semfem welcome from your globe trotting. Hope you can get through the jet lag. I preached after being in China, the jet lag made it hard, but made it.

    Chelly hope the way for your sermon becomes clear.

    Well back to writing.

  79. Abi, I'm getting there. I'm at just about 1500 words, though, and no real conclusion. Not good.

  80. I have wonderful dark (70% cacao) chocolate Lindt Lindor truffles. I can't eat them, and I'm really missing my chocolate. Also missing lectionary fellowship; we have a baptism tomorrow and I am preaching on Colossians 1:1-14 as a kind of statement of the faith-gift we mean to give the child we're baptizing.
    I'll have coffee, soon, too, stop by, anyone...please!

  81. 599?
    No, I didn't think so, especially since it has no point thus far.

  82. Rev Abi, you've been an amazing host, what with all day VBS to boot.

    I think preaching tomorrow will be hard. Sermon is short. There's some other extra stuff in the service, so hopefully that'll be okay.

    I'm going with St I's idea for a children's sermon.

    And I'm really counting on the HS to uphold as I say goodbye (I can be a bit of a crier).

  83. I've got 695 Songbird ... yeah ... I'm not going for too much longer since I am reading all of Hebrews chapter 11.

  84. Think I've only posted once before and today am really grateful for the day long solidarity in trying to get the thang on paper. I'm solo at my place and am so tired of hearing myself. Thus I whined at supper tonite. Husband said, "Well, then, just keep it really short and line up a guest preacher for next week --" So, it will be short and is focusing on Hebrews and faith. It's late but if this is helpful to anyone else, here is a thought. It's hard to make sense of faith standing on the outside, but when your perspective shifts, lo and behold - things seem to connect all over the place...Not unlike, and this is a leap but it seems to work for my kiddos, the multiplication tables. They are impenetrable until learned and then once they are down, lots of other things make sense (like division, fractions, etc.). A small illustration among other crumbs for tomorrow. Bless you all.

  85. I'm envious of the word counts, even the lower number ones. I have my research notes, a few really good illustrations, a general idea of where I want to go, but absolutely, positively no organizational plan of how to get there. The day has been chaos, with day after vacation mess, two lively (um, understatement) preschoolers, an injured teenager (drop by here for the story behind that one), and not one but two of her male friends (Rerun and Big Brother) who came by to cheer her up.

    This would not be freaking me out so much if it weren't for the fact that members of a search committee are coming tomorrow. Coming to hear me preach the sermon that I've not written yet.

    Enough whining, procrastinating, visiting, etc. I've gotta get busy. Now, where did I put those Oreos? For inspiration, of course!

  86. grcgirl, I'm doing Isaiah, too, and the best stuff I found is on laughing bird. See: "No More Bull!" at I'm also going to try to tie in something that I was told somebody said to another member last week when asked to help at the food kitchen with another connected church, "Why do we have to do stuff with other churches. Why don't we do something for our church?" Connection to hollow worship there? I think , maybe.... Blessings....

  87. 925. I'm getting there. Now, help me to remember: did I say we would have Communion tomorrow, since they had a non-ordained guest preacher last Sunday?

  88. Thanks to those who have fed me with posted sermons, thoughts, resources and goodies through the day. Course planning is not done but I am. Blessings on everyone's preaching tomorrow.

  89. Thanks Kim In KCK! It was nice to read that. I was thinking about going for some statistics (short ones because nobody likes a list full of statistics) about kids below the poverty line out here etc. to help prove the point that there are people who God is calling us to serve right here in Small Town USA. I was reading tonight that Isaiah was a city boy and I'm thinking about tying that into our work in the bigger city near us...hmmm....

    My in-laws are in town and my mother in law and I have a bit of a strained relationship right now. Pray that I can put that aside and focus on what I should be doing! (as far as mending our relationship AND writing a sermon!)

    I have some Half-Baked Ben and Jerry's if anyone wants to share, grab a spoon and dig in.

  90. Okay, I've been working on this sermon for what seems like days. Checked word count for fun: 1594. That's not quite long enough, but I'm in the home stretch. I feel good about that.
    What's a little mind-boggling: 97 minutes working on it. Please tell me Word counts only the time I actually spend pounding the keyboard...I must have worked longer than that...

  91. Okay, I'm finished. It came together, sort of.
    Many thanks to Abi for her brilliant hosting today!
    May we all rest well tonight, whenever we rest.

  92. tripp... I'm tipping my coffee mug to you my friend. excellent sermon for tomorrow - may the joint worship go quite well.

  93. God bless you, grcgirl. Praying for you and your MIL. Been there. The current one is a joy, though. I'm actually surprised I'm actually in at the computer working on tomorrow. It's still early for me. I'm usually the one reading these comments at 4:00 AM on Sunday morning. It's the only time the house is calm enough to get the writing done. I hate that I do that, but at least I'm getting a start tonight, so I'll be ahead in the morning, unless, of course I wake up with the Spirit nudging me to go in a completely different direction. Hang in there, grcgirl.

  94. So much for going to bed. I tried, but felt the need to do some fine-tuning, so I am up again. I've posted the results.

  95. Thanks for all the laughter and food and ideas...sermon done, and blueberry pancakes and great coffee and even better gal-ship enjoyed. Gail

  96. Still have a long way to go here. My body keeps wanting to sleep but I am still struggling with faith and fear. Taking heart from those who are also still working...

  97. Well, the Sunday prayer made it up before I finished. Then again, it is Sunday now, isn't it.

    I'm finished. Time to grab a few winks. Praying that the Spirit with have my back - and yours too.

    God bless you all!

  98. I've driven my 5 hours today (and saw license plates from 28 states) but somehow the sermon was not written in that travel time. Hebrews 11 was a good idea then but not so much now. I'm pretty much living the "not seen" part but there really needs to be evidence of a sermon for those two worship services on Sunday morning.

  99. Well did something I've never done before. I got up out of bed at 11:30 on a Saturday night to revise my sermon.

    Now, of course it is 1:12 am, I am wide awake,and I'm not sure ii was worth it...

  100. And this makes it an even 100 comments.

  101. Well if you feel like writing mine now that you're awake, Cheesehead, go for it! :)

  102. I'm finally headed for bed. My finished sermon is too long because of the two stories that are in it. But I'm not cutting the stories or anything else because I am too tired and I might cut out Jesus.

  103. I'm signing off and heading downstairs to power through this thing. Hopefully a change of scenery and some cool, refreshing air, plus a place to put my feet up, will help me get this done.

    If I don't return after finishing, blessings to all preaching and proclamation this week! It's good to be back.

  104. Thanks, hot cup. I appreciate it...and thanks for swinging by, gang.

    There's a storm blowing through right now (4:11am) and it woke me up. We'll see if we worship outside or not in six hours.

    Let's see if I can get back to sleep.

  105. I'm done...? I think. I better be, because I'm pretty much out of time. No sleeping for real until Sunday afternoon, methinks (and then only briefly, thanks to a golf picnic).

  106. Oh...1,500 words...since we're counting.

  107. If I invite the banished Kate to come with me, will we be welcome?

  108. Semfem - I don't know how you do it.

    I had a Holy Spirit moment of inspiration at 5am that filled a spot that was a little lacking.

    Praying the Spirit will show up for all who need her this morning.

  109. Emily--I wonder why I do it this way. Surely there is a better that I'm back from vacation, I can see for the first time that I'd like to change practices like this. Hopefully I will be able to. I hope your final Sunday on internship went well--I remember mine, it was very touching and I was very weepy as well!

    For the word-counters: 1702 here. It went okay, not great. Fine for a first-Sunday-back sermon.


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