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Saturday, August 25, 2007

11th Hour Preacher Party

Good morning, preachers and friends! (Or good night, depending on your location and circadian rhythms.) Another Saturday, another sermon. My inspiration is coming through a long attachment to that Jeremiah passage in the lectionary, and the hope of connecting it to the Gospel. Where is the Spirit leading you...or perhaps leaving you momentarily stranded?

As usual, we have plenty of coffee brewing. Allergies have been doing strange things to my throat lately, so I also have hot water and a variety of tea. When I get up (yes, I'm one of those for whom this is good night), I'll be making whole wheat pancakes with peanut butter and real maple syrup - splurging with the excuse that it's brain food. I'm sure I can count on all of you to add to the feast!

Pull up a chair or take a spot on the couch; we're here for the long haul. Party on, preaching pals!


  1. Good morning! We're off for a walk as soon as the dogs are fed. The humidity here is 93%, not our usual or favorite weather, but at least it's not 100%...yet.
    I'm working with the gospel. Tomorrow is a big day as our organist will retire. He first played at the church as a very young man, and although he moved away for many years, he is remembered for that official debut in 1961. (Didn't tell him I was four months old then!)I am working around a ton of special music, but want the Word to shine, as we will have many people in church who have skipped out during the interim or for some time before that.
    Naturally, I have not written one word yet. Sigh.
    Back a little later.

  2. I'm headed to momma's house for lunch. I've left out some cream cheese pound cake and ganache... and a pot of coffee. I've posted my sermon here. Peace...

  3. I'm not preaching tomorrow, but I do have a wedding this afternoon.

    Just dropping by with some chocolate-covered peanuts for later; also some blueberry muffins for those with nut sensitivities.

    Prayers for all preparing sermons or other writings/studies today!

  4. As of yeesterday I had three rambling sermons going on in my one sermon. This morning I think I've managed to get it focused. It's written but will need some serious work. I'm preaching on Luke...In the meantime I'm off to a conference for most of the day. I hope to get my dogs out for a good walk when I return, assuming its not raining (we are just soaked here).

    Will be thinking of you all as you party today and discern what God is calling you to say to your people.

    I have coffee, not much else.

  5. Good morning friends. I have-I have- no sermon. I do have cookies for later. I am here trying to write away. I'll be going over to the church after awhile to write.

    That's a lot of humidity Songbird, is it suppose to rain? Hope the humidity doesn't ruin the big doings Sunday.

    pk, you have made me jealous already, but thanks for the goodies.

    rainbow hope all goes well with the wedding.

    mom priest, you sound like me when I am writing sermons. Glad some focus is coming. It sounds like you need it.

    And Stacey thanks for the great party, I sure hope you get to feeling better.

  6. Good morning! Here in the land of the Midwest Monsoon there is a bright yellow ball in the sky. It just might be the sun! Woo Hoo! I haven't seen that sucker in about ten days.

    I have a committee meeting in three hours, and I am still waiting for our refrigerator to be delivered today after a botched attempt yesterday. I have a sinking feeling that no writing will get done until this afternoon.

    I have coffee. I made oatmeal, but spouse and Wondergirl did not leave me any. :(

  7. Songbird, our organist left in June and I still haven't found a musician/choir director to replace her! The search continues while various retired musicians fill in.

    Two more weeks off lectionary! The passage from James this week focuses on patience - just exactly what I need to hear while waiting for news about when closing will take place on the house I'm buying. Also exactly what some members of the congregation have said they want or need to hear as they wait for a nephew to see the light about his drug use, a fiance to come out of intensive care afer a motorcycle accident, and many other situations. I love it when the scripture seems timely - now if I could only come up with the words to bring it to life.

    I'd better start writing soon - My entire afternoon will be spent at the outgoing Regional Minister's farewell worship and reception.

    Meanwhile, I have fresh coffee and banuelos to share. You remember banuelos - they're sort of fried tortillas with cinamon and sugar on them.

  8. No sermon here yet, but after this comment I will be taking the step of shutting the computer - GASP! - as that is how seriously I cannot let this thing hang over me today.

    Promotion Sunday and the second to last Sunday I am preaching on Year of the Bible - yeah! I went for Jonah and the title 'It's not about the Fish'.

    And truly, this is all I have.

    Coffee me up and please tell the chef I would like a BIG breakfast this morning: bacon, eggs (over-easy), toast, hashbrowns... and a waffle!

  9. I am feeling odd this week as I'm preaching a sermon I wrote a couple of weeks ago at the College of Preachers. It feels short, but the word count shows me it's only about 100 words shorter than is average for this church. (our usual sermon here is 12 minutes, though I often go 15...maybe that's why this 11-and-a-half minute one feels short!) So since I'm not writing now, and have done no writing (of a sermon anyway) this week, I feel like it's not really Saturday or else like I've forgotten something very important.

    So I bring to the party a posting of my sermon and of a funny moment yesterday (funny enough to make me glad I worked on my day off!) here
    and also a bunch of cereal. I went on sort of a cereal rampage this week so I have Trader Joe's O's, both Organic High Fiber and Honey Nut, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Bear Naked Granola in vanilla almond and triple berry, Kix, Quaker Oh's, and Trader Joe's Very Berry Crunch. Organic fat free milk, strawberries, and blueberries are in the fridge! Help yourself to a boxed feast. :-)

  10. It is so hot already and the mugginess is making it difficult to think. I feel like my eyebrows are lodged somewhere on my cheekbones. Makes for muggy thinking. I am also finding it difficult to stay focused. I go on vacation tomorrow afternoon for the week. this is my last sunday as supply pastor in my NEW church. Next Sunday I begin my life as its pastor.

    I want to do something about Sabbath. It seems appropriate.

  11. Ooh, mutha+ - what a cool way to make that transition.

  12. Not preaching but sharing just a bit of a new book I am reading, which may (or may not) illumine something. I had not sensed the connection until I wrote this mornings blog. See here for vox Dei

  13. I hear all y'all about the humidity, the rain and the sun --same here in the Land of God's Left Hand.

    Lots to do today, including all of the worship planning for one church and a few other tasks.

    Special thoughts for you with weddings and meetings and retirements --oh my!

  14. Welcome, everyone. Humid and sticky here, too, which is not making me want to write. Instead, commenting and virtual breakfast...

    *passes out whole wheat pancakes for whomever wants them, oatmeal for cheesehead, and a complete breakfast schmorgasbord for will smama*

    Teri, I really like the sermon, and I'm sure it'll be great whether it's short or not. I have yet to hear anyone in my church complain that my sermons are too short, anyway :)

  15. Good morning, all. The storms that blew through shifted my week around a lot. So, I am just sitting down with my sermon. It's too large an idea right now...

    The gospel passage offers us a new sense of the Lathrop's series (holy time, space, things, people). The storm has shown me a variety of ways that we can be holy people. We can share a basement when the tornado comes. We can hold a neighborhood cookout when our power is out (There were brats everywhere!). In times of trouble, this is how we can respond.

    Where this gets way too big is that I was going to preach on the sanctuary movement. Elvira Arellano is being deported. She has been on my heart all week. I feel that this idea of sanctuary is the recognition that we are holy people, sons and daughters of Abraham.

    The ideas are connected in my mind. But I am not sure that they go together as one sermon.

  16. Tripp, brats are indeed holy. I love your thoughts and I really appreciate the path your sermon is being taken.

  17. Ever start flipping around the internet, get totally distracted, and then think, "Oh, was I supposed to be writing a sermon???" neither.

  18. I have an outline. I plan to preach extemporaneously tomorrow. I wish a little bit less formality and more of a sense of engaging the small congregation of the last Sunday in Aug.

    NOW for a frappichino and a pastry and then to pack.

    Revmaria! NEVER pray for patience. You will get so many occasions to practice it!!! grin

  19. Almost good afternoon! I am trying to put a coherent ending on my sermon on Luke. I am going the route that the synagogue leader has forgotten that the roots of the Sabbath are all about justice (as in the 4th commandment as given in Deuteronomy: Sabbath is attached to the fact that God has rescued people from slavery). The roots of Sabbath are about freedom and justice: that's my theme.

    Now I have to just do the following:

    1. Finish the danged thing.

    2. Figure out-- or find-- a children's message on Sabbath.

    3. chill about this being the Most Important Sermon of My Life (I'm candidating for what is, basically my dream job-- a Presbyterian church close to my home, wonderful, vibrant ministry, community outreach, love of liturgy).

    Any help with #2 (or 1 or 3) appreciated!



  20. A children's message on Sabbath is good...if it is about family and about sharing. I think that there's a connection (I'm all about connections today.) between healing and sharing as well. And sharing, healing and family are all aspects of Sabbath. I may ask the kids to share their parents.

    Hmm...what would that look like?

  21. It's a beautiful day here in Wyoming. Clear blue skies, and for the past few days there has been just a touch of fall crispness in the air and into the upper 40s at night, which tells us the first frost is not far behind.

    I'm focusing on the Gospel and the alternative Isaiah passage, the Sabbath, and trying to form some ideas on how worship grounds us to do those things in the world that Isaiah is talking about. Yeah, I know, alot of ideas! Hopefully it will all come out in one focused sermon, and I won't give the congregation two or three in one.

    And Dave doesn't have to preach tomorrow so nuts to him.

  22. hey all! just finished writing sermon number two of the week- for a funeral that's happening in just over an hour. I have some grapes to share if anyone is interested.

    i may post my luke sermon shortly. it's short, very simple, not so profound, but it'll do. i'm preaching at a park and these attributes will hopefully be virtues. i owe some gratitude to chris glaser and jana childers who's sermons found on textweek definitely influenced me this week.

    i'm thanking goodness today for this cool brick house in which my office is located. often i'm shivering and cursing it, but it's a gift today!

    mags, i'm thinking about you tenfold. maybe i'll even call you.

  23. Help! What is the passage about a three-strand cord not being easily broken?

    I need to have SOMETHING to say for a 25th anniversary party this afternoon and I don't have a single word yet. Some of you must use the three-strand cord for your standard wedding homilies, right? :)

    Oh, right, then we have the sermon. I have some vague ideas about the synagogue leader needing healing almost as much as the bent-over woman, and that's it for now. But one thing at a time.

  24. Ooh ooh ooh, I think I found it! Thank you,

    I don't have much food or drink to offer--still need to hit the grocery store after coming back from vacation--but everyone is welcome to come write at my house--it's air-conditioned!

    (blogger did something weird; sorry if this is a duplicate comment.)

  25. Gotta love the oremus!

    My premarital counseling appointment for this afternoon was just canceled. This pleases me a whole lot. However, that doesn't mean I've actually written anything.

  26. As I contemplate moving to Wyoming... I have this deep, theologically profound question:

    Where is the Chinese food?

  27. glad you found it, semfem, it's a good passage for use with last minute prep!

    good question, ws.

  28. Thanks Mutha+ I learned a looooonnnggg time ago not to pray for patience, and my sermon will include that warning. :-)

  29. Magdelene, I think maybe every sermon is the most important sermon of our lives, because in every one we are hoping someone will hear exactly what they need to hear. Sometimes that someone is us.

    And surely they're not going to be making their decision to call or not to call based solely on one sermon delivered on the last Sunday of the summer . . . .

  30. I have some leftover Wendy's chicken nuggets if somebody wants some. Sorry - not doing much cooking today and have to leave in about an hour to go work with the membership secretary on the membership records. I do have some pizzelle cookies, too.

    Stacey, I'm preaching from Jeremiah. My focus is there is not an age limit for being called, neither too young or too old. The connection between Jeremiah and the Gospel from Luke that I think I'll be making is that the woman had been bound up by her crippling disease for eighteen years, but Christ released her to be what she was to be. Her call to Christ came later but she found release. At least that where I think I'm going.

    Semfem...Did you find the three ply cord in Ecclesiastes? That's where I know it from.

    Now for the overriding question for the day...When the after church potluck is in my honor, am I supposed to bring a dish, too?

    Party on, sisters!

  31. ws - when I came to Wyoming one of the members of the search committee was from my neck of the woods in So Cal. He said the thing I would likely miss most is the abudance of food choices, and he was right. There are two Chinese food places in town, but - eh. So when we head to Big or Medium City every couple months or so, either Chinese or Thai is always on the agenda. We always look forward to Western National Leadership Training in Jackson, not only for the conference but also for the variety of ethnic food choices.

    But there are the wide-open spaces, we are 30 minutes from national forest areas with good hiking, lakes, etc., and only a 1/2 day and beautiful drive away from Grand Teton and Yellowstone. Deer and moose frequently wander through our yard. Good people, good support from our presbytery. Are you really considering moving here? We'd love to have you and The Boy!

    Oh yeah, I have that sermon to write...

  32. Thanks, More Cows and Rev Maria, for your kind words. Yes, Rev. Maria, you are absolutely right-- the search committee knows me pretty well, and has heard me preach about three times already, and though it's an important piece of what they're looking for it's by no means the only thing.

    Tripp, thanks for the thoughts on the children's message. At this point I'm thinking about talking about Summer as Sabbath from school, asking them to wonder with me about rest and how it makes a difference.



  33. I enjoyed some "sabbath" time myself this morning (yippee)... Now I'm off to do a couple of hospital / post-op visits of parishoners. Then I will get to my sermon! I'm hoping it will come together well and quickly, but one never knows.

    Many blessings Magdalene6127! And if anyone find some good Chinese food, I'll have some!

  34. kim, the main 'spice' where I live is gravy so when I leave it is ALL about enjoying food with some flavor. I also live where there is no delivery so usually every vacation elsewhere begins with Chinese or Thai being brought to my door.

    Wyoming sounds beautiful... alas, I am not making any major life decisions right now...

    Except maybe to finish my sermon!

  35. Kim in kck--yup, I found it! Oremus has saved my butt multiple times.

    However, after all that, I started writing and what came out of my fingers but a semi-witty, semi-poignant reflection on the wedding at Cana. So much for the threefold cord (although I'm definitely remembering its Biblical location for the future).

    So, maybe I'll iron something to wear to this party, and iron my new alb as well--since I bought it as a lightweight summer option, better USE it.

    Then, on to the sermon. I promise. I will resist the temptation of Ravelry this Saturday.

  36. came here early this morning but blogger was ornery - and now I'm checking in again before I go to bed.

    bless you all as you faithfully preach His Word tomorrow!

  37. I am stuck in the middle of my sermon but many of you were helpful. Thanks!

    A former parishioner, now a pastor in the midwest, taught me something about rope making which is that the best rope has a central cord around which the other two are braided. It's stronger that way.

  38. It is just me, or have you noticed that hymns about Sabbath are sort of difficult to find?

    If you're preaching Sabbath, what music have you or your music minister picked for this Sunday?

    I have "This is the day" so far ...

  39. good morning ... it's cool here today, so I have coffee and hot cereal to offer ... and blessings on your worship prep. PK, your sermon is awesome.

    I'm off to see another youth in last performance of summer theatre and will post the prayer for prayers of the people when I return.

  40. ps ... and will read other sermons that I didn't get to yet

  41. Mags, prayers for tomorrow ascend. Just preach the Good news and you will do fine. It isn't any more important that any other day, but I have had the same feelings--like it depended upon ME.

    Now to clean out the car and do the bathrooms--oh to be Jewish!

  42. Dropping in after the wedding to bring WS and anyone else who would like some Chinese food! My fav place EVER now delivers, so I'm passing the flavour--er, favour on.

    Crispy Ginger Beef, General Tso's Chicken, Prawns with Walnuts, Veggie Kung Pao, and a stack of egg rolls and steamed dumplings, with veggie fried rise on the side!

    Enjoy my friends...

  43. Mmmm, all this food...but here, it just seems too hot for Chinese food. I could go for some sushi, though, which I can't get anywhere around here.

  44. My small town boasts quite a good sushi place --what's your pleasure Stacey? California roll? Sashimi? Tuna? Salmon?

    Lots of wasabi, or only a little? Pickled ginger or no?

    I figured out my hymn dilemma, BTW.

  45. Actually, this sushi place has something called the Titantic that has something for everybody --two of those ought to satisfy all the sushi lovers present ...

  46. Hello all,

    I'm wrapping up my sermon now. I decided to focus on the fact that Jesus calls the bent over woman a "daughter of Abraham" and identifies her by more than her condition, but by her status as a child of the promise.

    It is darn hot here, and I've still got to find something for a children's sermon.
    Blessings to you all!

  47. MMM SUSHI!

    I'm off to this anniversary party, but best wishes to all still writing. I'll be back with you tonight--I've got a list of random ideas but nothing cohesive yet.

  48. There have been way too many people here today. That's all I'm saying. If you want to assume that's a reason why my sermon is not written, that's up to you.

  49. My sermon is done enough for now and I have been working on a few other things - commissioning of ss teachers, promotion sunday...

    The Boy will be returned to me in about 30 minutes so the day actually unfolded fairly nicely. This whole sharing custody thing is new. I was unsure if I would use the time wisely or anxiously pacing back and forth.

    Let's hear it for the former and a Saturday evening unburdened by the angst of Sunday's sermon... there is other angst, but not the Sunday sermon.

    And thank YOU RP for causing me to drool on my computer. The calorie-less cyber food fun seriously backfired on me as now I must. have. Chinese. food.

  50. The heat... the humidity.... it's all too much! Suchi sounds good, though. But it is not in the plans for tonight. Anyone want to come over for chicken BBQ?

  51. I'm back from my meeting, my fridge has been delivered, and now I am alternately writing/supervising schmoopie teenagers.

    About 1,000 words, no point yet.

    Don't I write that every week?

  52. I'm making homemade Indian tonight if anyone wants some! Dal and something with potatoes, chickpeas, onions, and masala sauce...notice I'm planning to improvise that one...along with garlic naan and chai tea lattes. It should be ready in about two hours since I have to clean the kitchen first. for dessert the classic Indian dish "root beer floats." :-)

    In other news, I made some changes to the sermon and revised it on my blog as well...comments are welcome. I still feel odd not working on it at all this week, and am hopeful that won't show in the pulpit tomorrow.

  53. Hi everyone, back from the conference. Did a bit of quick work on the sermon and posted it hereLoving Makes Whole Again. Stop by if you can and please leave feedback, if you are able.

    I'm sorry I can't stay long enough to read all the comments nor stop by and read the various posted sermons, not yet. I will. I have to run out and do a few things first. Will be back later. I leave you iced tea and dark chocolate with almonds.

  54. Mmm, the sushi has arrived! Ask and ye shall least virtually. I have a word document full of starts of sermons, and middles of sermons. Let's see if by chance any of them go together.

  55. WEll the wedding is done. ALl went well, including teh real entertainment from the flower girl (ran head first into the cross behind the communion table during the rings and then crawled up the chancel stairs with bum high in the air during the register signing)

    Now to thinki of a story for my children (only ones likely to be there tomorrow) and to finalize my thoghts around being freed and able to stand up stand up through jesus

    Oh and when we went to get milk we saw a poster for a pressentation called "WEre the Dinosaurs on Noah's ARk?" by Creation Ministries International. Oh goody...

  56. Rock on, preacher gals.

    I'm not up tomorrow, so today has been spent trying to potty train a couple of three year-olds. There are surprising parallels between this process and the work of pastoring a church. I'm just sayin'.

  57. Did some looking and here is the website for the group coming to speak. I find that they have little credibility--the fellow coming here to speak on Creationism is trained not as a biologist or geologist but in electronics. The one Geologist in their list of speakers has many published articles--but none of them appear to be related to the issues he says are his faith interest.

  58. Gord your "stand up stand up" makes me wish I had put "Stand Up and Bless the Lord" in the hymns for tomorrow. It would have been a perfect opener. I don't at all remember what I chose for the first hymn, but it wasn't as good as that would have been. dang.

    Maybe we need a hymn/liturgy swapping forum here on some day before everyone's bulletins are due? (I know, many of you make the bulletins yourselves and so can wait until Saturday...I have to have mine in on Thursday, which is often before the sermon is written or even sort-of-thought-out so bulletin ideas would be useful to me on Tuesday or Wednesday, maybe tied with the lectionary leanings?)

    Okay, done with the thinking out loud, moving on to cooking. My house smells like lentils and potatoes. I'm leaving out chickpeas in favor of tofu (I know, it's gross, but this masala sauce from Trader Joe's is amazing so I'm hoping it will turn the tofu into something tasty!). 40 minutes to dinner time!

  59. Been by lurking a few times to see who's here....Had to discipline myself to get 12 hour sermon marathons this week, I am too tired on top two weekends of syllabus writing. Teri and and enjoyed both sermons. I am done and posted. I do not think it is my finest hour, but it is what it is! Goign with Dear One to see the Robin Williams flick as a reward. Blessings on all your preaching.

  60. The BBQ chicken was good. I've got one drumstick left if you want it!

    Teri, I love the idea of a litugy-share. My bulletin needs to be in by Tuesday (with sermon title!) so the earlier in the week, the better for me. By Saturday I've always forgotten what I included in the liturgy and wonder how I ever came up with such an outlandish sermon title!

    Half way done the sermon. Hoping to finish in time to veg-out in front of the TV.

  61. Storming here, so if I disappear, don't take it personally - it just means I'm holed up, writing my sermon by hand, using a flashlight.

  62. Remember how I said I had nothing? As usual, when I say something like that and feel absolutely desperate, I figured out how to put things together almost right away.
    Is there some possibility I could ever do this minus the panic attack?

  63. Krista-Beth
    I always have to get my bulletin by Tuesday as well--and Tuesday morning at that. Actually I usually start working on it Sunday afternoon.

    But I like the liturgy resources sharing. MAybe combined with the Tuesday Lectionary Leanings????

  64. Just finished! The schmoopie kids left for an hour, so spouse and I got to hang out and enjoy dinner alone al fresco in the (finally) cooler dryer evening.

    So I'm done later than usual, but it was well worth it!

    I'm preaching Sabbath, and I'm trying something different: I'm going to lead them through a guided meditation, allowing them ultimately to feel God's arms wrapped around them. If it works as planned, everyone who willingly participates will get a few minutes of Sabbath tomorrow!

  65. Songbird, I know what you mean. Hmm...maybe I'm not panicking enough yet.

  66. OK kids, think I am done enough for the evening.

    God bless those of you who are still working with words of witness which are sensible, significant and interesting to the ear of your hearers.

    [music] "So long, farewell, auf wiedersein, good night ..."

    I'm going to go watch the Tigers with my DH, and probably drop off into sleep ...

  67. Worse though, is when it is very late on Saturday and I am still not feeling the adrenalin rush.

    Fortunately that is not where I find myself tonight.

    Off to fold laundry

  68. I'm baking a banana cake for my sweetie from his mom's recipe, and there will be plenty to share.

    I'll leave it out for y'all. Blessings on all the writing.

  69. Whew - glad to see you all have had a productive party! I've spent the day packing - we're moving on Thursday (only 5 minutes from church), and this was my last full day to pack. I think we'll be ready - hope the sermon is!

  70. How did it become nearly 10pm? Anyone else still out there? May I offer you some popcorn? A glass of wine? I'm still plugging away here, but hope to wrap it up soon.

  71. Songbird, I really think there is an energy that comes along with the panic attack the encourages creativity. I don't know why. I really wish it were otherwise...

    My day finally slowed down enough to read the links and posted sermons. Some real good stuff out there, such a creative group we are.

    Cheesehead, isn't it nice tonight? Love the low(er) humidity, no rain, no BAD storms....I think I'm a bit south of you in Illinois - which means a little less rain but more wind, I think? (of course it's all relative at this point).

    Chinese food. No, I resisted. Made pork chops, baked potatoes and steamed brussle sprouts. It was good. But Chinese food or better yet, Sushi, divine!

  72. Oh good, there are still people here. Pounding out a conclusion...obviously not in a very focused way, since I keep checking in here.

  73. Hey there! I am about to go to bed, have to be at church super early tomorrow.
    Remember, the Holy Spirit has your back!

  74. I'm still here, too. Much later than usual. At noon I had to attend a high tea hosted by a church member at her new Bed and Breakfast, and then head off to the church picnic for several hours of fellowship and more eating. Got home at 7:00 with only a vague idea of what I wanted to write. I may just pack it in and set the alarm for a shockingly early hour.

  75. Back from anniversary party and vow-renewal, took some brain-clearing time to knit, now settling in for the real deal. Glad to see I'm not the only one still here :)

    There was some great food at the party, but now I need some caffeine!

  76. Now I know it's late --- I'm beginning and ending with illustrations from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They'll think I've lost my mind. Though, I used Harry Potter last week and they were okay with that.

    When I made my exit from the church picnic, explaing that I needed to work on my sermon, one member inquired "Don't you have a file or something? Can't you just pull something out to preach?" Another fellow added, "Yeah, we'd probably not know the difference." And still another woman said, "Well, can't you just wing it?" I love church folks!

  77. *passes the caffeinated beverage of her choice to semfem*

    I think I might be done...sort of. Eh.

  78. Vicar, we meet again. Good to see you.

    Stacey, thank you for the caffeine, and I'm glad you're done (but rather envious).

    Finding some more nuggets of thought in the sermons y'all have posted, thank you! Now just trying to get some kind of outline that makes sense. Sigh.

  79. No need to be too envious; it's not as if I'm going to bed or anything. My brain, as usual, will not shut down, so I'm still here. Anyone need some sustenance?

  80. Hey, all - checking in late as usual.

    We had a bit o' Sabbath today: slept late (since VBS just wrapped up last night), went for a nice long family run this morning, then came home and mowed - trimmed - moved hostas - fixed the vacuum - went over to the neighbor's for an afternoon soda overlooking the lake - read the newspaper - enjoyed marshmallows roasted over the firepit. Yup, all of that is Sabbath for me - days when I can spend my time doing measurable tasks are a treasure!

    So, I'm finishing my sermon while the Twins beat up the Orioles on TV. With luck I'll wrap up in the next half hour so I can get some sleep with no worries about tomorrow. My title is "On the Healing of the Sabbath" and I'm working with the premise that Jesus healed everyone present and even the Sabbath itself that day - sometimes we need to be broken before we can be healed.

    Sleep well, all - I'll have the coffee on bright and early tomorrow.

  81. I'm headed to bed. Blessings to all who are still working, and to all of us as we bring the Word in the morning.

  82. Oh shoot, and I just sent you an e-mail, Stacey!

    I think you have foiled my procrastination plans. Probably for the best.

  83. 750 words in, and I'm losing steam. What was my point again? Argh!

    Anybody else still out there?

  84. Sorry, semfem, my children distracted me, mainly by not being in bed where they were supposed to be.

    I finally have a sermon. Hopefully, not too bent.

    Now to print it, get prayers together, and put stuff in the crockpot for the church potluck tomorrow.

  85. Good show, Vicar. I think I'm done--just some minor tweaking left to do. Whew!

    Blessings on all preaching and proclamation tomorrow.


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