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Monday, August 06, 2007

Meet n' Greet: Classic Edition

No one to officially meet or greet today so I thought I would take a moment to:
a) Applaud YouTube. It is because of clips like these now found on the internet that classics like these are not lost.


b) Give thanks once again for the diversity we find here at revgalsblogpals. I'm definitely Carol, but have an inner Julie that sometimes just has to come out (albeit nowhere near as gracefully). How 'bout you?


  1. I really, really want to be Julie.

    I've got my reasons!

  2. I'm both! But claim Julie to be one of my favorite people. I actually have this whole special on tape!

  3. I actually want to be Carol!

  4. Sistahs: Rejoice with me! I have been called to a Lutheran parish not far from where I live. The covenant that the Episcopal church and the ELCA have works! I have been supplying there for some months and we have grown to love each other.

    Pray that the next couple of years may be a time of service to God for us all.

  5. muthah: congrats!

    I have to say that I'm quite Julie with a few Carol tendencies.

    But I still maintain that I'm not high maintenance. so there.

    can I just say: I want a princess dress and long gloves and a tiara...and somewhere to wear them? (but no pointy boob dresses...not suitably princessy. just saying.)

  6. partners like hotdogs and mustard :)

    and congratulations muthah ... that's unity in diversity and I love it :)

    thanks will smama -one of the things I love - but also challenges me - is the diversity within rev gals. Not everyone is just like me - thank God :)

    bless you all

  7. Did you notice Carol was having the 60s version of wardrobe malfunction? Was that risque back then? No matter Julie got chosen to play Maria.

    Cheesehead, I sooooo want to be Julie --- my youngest daughter and I watched Sound of Music so many times we know all the words. I'm surprised my daughter doesn't have a British accent.

  8. concgratulations, muthah+!

    loved this...wherever we are we belong, how delightful!

    and...I am with Teri. I want a princess dress and tiara and somewhere to wear them, sometime, somehow....

  9. Congrats muthah+ wonderful news!

    My grandmother complained that I was not Julie enough growing up, entirerly too Carol. But as an adult I have become much more Julie like. Carol only comes around with family, close friends, or if I have one too many! :)
    Great clip!

  10. This made me smile and laugh out loud until I cried. Boy, did I need that!

    I am very Carol with a lot of inner Julie.

    no, that's not right...I am really Julie with a lot of emergent Carol...

    oh rats...

    Have you heard me laugh out loud? THERE'S your Carol...


    Muthah+, that is wonderful! Great and welcome news.

  11. Yeah, I suspect that most people who know me would say I'm a Carol! I'm sure there must be some inner Julie... somewhere!

  12. Yeah muthah+!!!

    And last night at my daily 3am think tank I woke up and laughed at myself for posting a clip of two lilly white women and saying it reminded me of diversity.

    I appreciate that so far the commenters got what I meant!

  13. Wonderful, muthah!

    As for Julie and Carol...oh thanks will smama for that clip. I LOVE both those two. When the Carol Burnet show was on tv I tried very hard not to miss it. Did you see what a tiny waist she had back in the day?

    As for me, I'm about like Mary Beth and some others. I have a lot of both, but depending on who I am with, different parts show.

    My sister (the one with Alzheimers) brought out the Carol. Did she ever.

    But I am also not high maintenance.

    What year was that special? Anyone know?

  14. LOVED the clip will smama! I would have to say I'm more of a Julie in need of some Carol-like moments.

  15. My "rebel" is definately Carol, and the rest of me is usually Julie. During seminary 'rebel' got buried, but has begun to re-emerge. 'Rebel' is what keeps me going when all the muck of the Church, of life, and of the world seem to weigh heavier than normal.

  16. finally got a chance to watch! It's great! I love both, don't know which I am. (maybe neither?)

    And congratulations muthah+

  17. Yea Muthah+!!!!!

    Love the clip --thanks for sharing, WS. I am myself acquainted with those 3 am think tanks --praying for you with that

  18. I forgot to congratulate Muthah!!! Rejoicing!

  19. Congratulations Muthah+!!!!! That is fantastic news!! *doin dance of joy*

    I loved that show when I first watched an extremely young child allowed to stay up way past my bedtime with my baba and blankie.......;)

    I am Carol. I am so Carol that I looked exactly like her for many years when she had her TV show. People used to think I was related to her and Vicki Lawrence. And I'm allllllllllmost as funny as she was.

    (Though I wanted to be Julie and be able to sing like her)

  20. CONGRATS MUTHAH+!!! How very wonderful! :)

    As far as Carol/Julie... well, I act like Carol but I can sing. so... hmmmmm....

    Don't know as my sagging front end or widening back end would look good in those dresses either...

    Can a princess wear jeans and a tee shirt?? I'm just asking...


  21. It has been a long time since I saw that on TV. It was in the late 50's or early 60's I would say. I loved both of them but Carol Burnett was always my alter ego. I am not as funny as she but always as awkward.

    But Julie was the person that I guess I WANTED to be because my awkward, loud, tomboy self was so NOT acceptable. But unlike both of them, I never could dance. SIGH!

    Thanks for all the cheers, sistahs. It is good to be employed after 3 years.

  22. WS - that was fabulous! I like to think I'm like Julie, but really, I'm more like Carol. They are both wonderful.

    And, yes, thank goodness for the diversity of RevGals...I know I'm better for the great people I've met here. Thank you all!

  23. Ok. I have to change my answer. I'm not funny. I'm just not funny. I wish I were. But. I'm not.

    In fact. I always dress appropriately, nails done, hair done, make up done, clothes - impeccable.

    I'm Julie.


  24. Oh, and muthah - BIG congrats on the new call! Very happy for you.

  25. Of course....there is saccharine Julie from the 50's/60's.....then there is Julie when she did "10" and "SOB" and "Victor/Victoria"; the Julie with a bite and a 'tude!

  26. oh, ruthre, I like that reminder. I am not the sacchrine Julie...but I'm not quite the Julie of later years, almost...maybe in a few more years...

  27. ruthre is right. Julie is Carol in a fancier package.

    God, I love Carol Burnett.


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