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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wednesday Festival: Beautiful Summer Edition

So titled in honor of Sally's glorious sunset photos. What's beautiful in your neck of the woods? Why not take and post a picture, and let us know where to find it in the comments...? (In case you were looking for something to do today...) :)

In the News (doo doo doo, doo doo doo)
RevGals are In The News again...have you seen the article about our ring at BlogHer? It's titled "Christian Blogs That May Surprise."

Life and All That
Mindy has Gone All Progressive on us!

And RevAbi has been sweaty with love. Abi also cleans up really well, and her gorgeous daughters do, too, for wedding/flower girl duty.

All God's Creatures...PinkShoes has a new inhabitant at her church.

1-4 Grace has been having a bit of a rough go, but makes a stellar presentation to St. Casserole. That's the spirit, Grace! Laughter is a sound the Lord loves!

Speaking of making a joyful noise, Gord has a djembe at his house, and a new drummer; and Rachel at The Big Dunk has been playing djembe in her church's drum circle.

Quotidian Grace shares about why Bruce Matthews is her favorite Hall of Famer!

LutheranHusker shares poignantly about how a fender bender turned into both a life lesson and a trip down memory lane.

Molly was asked to apply for a job, and is thinking hard about it.

Scripture and Stuff

Sally is thinking about being vulnerable to God.

Jeff (Philosophy over Coffee) has composed a series called "Children's Sermons that TextWeek Rejected." Aw, comeon, TextWeek!!

Kievas Fargo has pointed out a small but important miracle of Jesus that goes largely unnoticed.

Shawna has posted two great articles: one on the Gospel from Iraq, and one on Depression and Spiritual Direction.

Amy shares about a realization she had, watching a musical: we are Telling the Story!

Scott's got a sermon to share on The Rich Fool, and is thinking about his denomination's membership decline.

Back to school...
Lorna's heading back to seminary in Estonia next week, and looking at her scripture choices for a sermon to be handed in before school starts. But, in case you think she is working too hard, here are some photos from family R&R time in the country.

Who else is headed back to seminary? I know I've seen some posts around the ring...? And special ed teacher Cathy is already back in school! Her kids started on August 3!

CPClergymama wants to go back to school, and would appreciate some input on PhD programs.

Sally shares a video from YouTube that caused her to feel both sad and challenged. She indicates it points out our need for a holistic theology, and for building bridges.

Please Cherish Yourselves

As has been noted on the RevGals blog in the past, the planning team continues to work on our RevGals Big Event planned for next year. "Relationship building and spiritual development will be the focus of the Big Event," said Quotidian Grace in reporting the group's discussions. Another theme that emerged in our discussions was self care.

Working in ministry, with many of us women, we tend to be the healers, caretakers, fixers, etc., but perhaps not take the time for that care for ourselves.

The brief Myers-Briggs Type Inventory that many of us have done online (here's mine, and you can take it yourself by clicking on the chart)) recently shows that while there are a variety of types in the ring, but Zorra notes that many of us, especially those with the NFP profile, suffer from depression. In this vein, I commend to you again Shawna's article on spiritual direction, which has certainly got me to thinking. And I ask you, in all love, to take some time each day to practice love and care for yourselves.

Beautiful summer. Beautiful you. Open your heart and let God speak to you today.


If we missed your nomination, if you just forgot...please get it added in the comments! Happy Wednesday!

edited to add: Yikes, I went to clean out the Spam box and there are half a dozen real nominations in there...some of them old! Sorry y'all, I'm working on getting them added!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Mary Beth, what a lovely post. Thank you.

  3. Good intros and writings... thanks MB!

    I need your thoughts here...


  4. I'm back from El Salvador. Some thoughts on our Sisters' faithful presence there as well as some pictures some pictures are on the blog.

    I will be processing the experience for a long time I think. It was amazing!

  5. Some wonderful stuff this week - thank you (as always, though I usually forget to come back by and say it) for collecting these and sharing them.

    I hate to toot my own horn, but I wrote a story about the Transfiguration on the Taleswappers' story blog. I'm rather proud of the way it turned out. And I hope you'll stop by and read some of the stories by the other contributors, too. There are some lovely ones.


  6. Wow Mary Beth we flooded you this week! Great job. And thank you for your kind words about my article.

  7. Thanks for a nice Wednesday Festival!!
    I've posted two today, that might spark others to share at signs-along-the-way.
    Someday, I'll learn to link!

  8. great festival MB thanks and blessings :)

  9. What a busy festival! Thank you so much. Here
    is a picture from our vacation. It may not be beautiful in a conventional sense, but it was beautiful to us!

  10. I've posted a question about education/literature/books/theology here, if you get a chance to come by and offer your thoughts...

  11. Well, these are great nominations and yes beautiful. Thank you to whoever nominated my blog posts.
    And thanks to all who have come by and said hi or other comments.
    Love you all.

  12. I don't have pics from the current vacation, but look at the pics from the Italian vacation in March. Enjoy.



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