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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wednesday Festival: County Fair Edition




Moo cows

I don't know about your neck of the woods, but up here in the Great Sinkholes Region, it's County Fair Time! Hurray!

You will always be able to find me in the Livestock Barn or the Exhibition Areas!

Let's see who else is exhibiting this week:

Rev v'd Anjel just returned from England and muses about vacations, pilgrimages and thin places. You'll find her at home here.

Congratulations to Red Tent. Her blog turns a year old today. Come and celebrate at her virtual potluck!!
Prize-winning Pumpkin

Sue at Inner Dorothy has something to say.

Deb's at the beach (lucky, lucky, LUCKY!!!). She's done
some musing
for Wednesday's Festival with school and everything starting...

A Lin is entering this post for discussion with anyone who works with youth.

Jonah heard NPR describe the Yazidi, in NE Iraq, as people who "practice mythology"; read his response at Love During Wartime.

Reverendmother's ministry is powered by faith, verve, chocolate, and really great shoes ---how about you?

And speaking of end-of-summer rituals, drop by Cheese's blog as she expresses her frustration at the Boys of Summer!

Abbey of the Arts has been working long and hard on putting together her first art and spirituality zine and you can find the information here:Praying With the Elements.

Amy over at Faith Musing says, "I have been slowing down on my blogging- but here is my reflection on the end of a child raising era and the beginning of a new one...": here.

Blue Ribbons, Grand Reserve Champion awards, and Best-in-Show Certificates to all! Now, where's my shovel? Hubby, have you seen my shovel?


  1. Our fair was over a couple of weeks ago, but here's my post on what I entered: Fair Knitting
    and here's how I did! After the fair

  2. Our fair is on right now! But, I didn't enter anything. I love to look at the canned goods, yum!

    Great Fest, thanks Net!

  3. Nice stuff...

    I have been posting pictures lately too...Swing on by!

  4. Oh, the state fair - saltwater taffy is the hallmark of the state fair where I live....

  5. I posted on my blog about a couple of different things. I would love for people to stop by and pay me a visit. The comments have been a little sparse lately! :( Hope you all are enjoying a beautiful summer day!

  6. Our County Fair was a couple months ago, too, and I submitted my results to WedFest, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to post 2 Blues and a Best In Show again.

  7. Quotidian Grace has some wonderful reports of recent conference she attended. Much good food for thought, and many quotable quotes.

  8. heehee, Great Sinkholes Region.
    That is so accurate.

  9. Net, what a creative Wednesday Festival. I love the pictures and headings. You go girl.


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