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Saturday, September 22, 2007

11th Hour Preacher Party - Millenial Edition

I have been informed that this is the 1001st post on the RevGals blog. 1000+ posts, and here we still are, preparing our sermons together at the last minute! A victory indeed.

If you're on the lectionary this week, you're probably dealing with some pretty significant questions...such as, what on earth was Jesus thinking??? For that matter, that could be true of most any portion of the Bible. It's a puzzling book more often than not, and it's a puzzling job trying to make sense of it from week to week. So, what are you thinking and questioning this week? How are you bringing good news to your people?

The coffee is flowing freely. I've recently been lectured about my caffeine addiction, so there's plenty of tea, too. It's autumn in upstate NY, which means that a delivery of warm apple cider donuts will be arriving sometime in the near future. May the inspiration come as readily. Let's get this party started!


  1. Good morning! I am hoping to squeeze in some sermon writing between a church retreat this morning and a wedding at 4. And use that same time to polish up a wedding homily. And prepare for a class I'm teaching after church tomorrow.
    All of which makes one crave a nap.
    I'll check in later and see how it's going for everyone else, but for now it's: feed dogs, clear out, find coffee and drive!!!

  2. Hello...I am a long term lurker first time poster to the RevGalBlogPals. I am sitting down to do my sermon now. Gee, the shrewd steward...that text befuddles me. I am having a Jeremiah kind of week, I am feeling inclined to preach on the balm of gilead. After my sermon writing I will write a skit for the worship service and then I will go to a sheep festival. I love sheep and this will be my reward for a hard mornings work.

  3. Caffeine! Huzzah!

    Thanks for the java. I am about to get a chocolate croissant. Anyone want one?

    I am working on the third sermon in a series of four about Simplicity. This week's is entitled "Simplicity: Don't Forget to Share." It is focusing on the outward aspects of the discipline from getting a library card to letter-writing campaigns to the G8.

    So, yeah. That's keeping me busy this morning.

    Luke 12:1-21
    Acts 2:42-47

  4. Godguurrll --- I checked to see if you had a blog and didn't see it, so I will use this forum to welcome you to RGBP and delurking!!!

    And, most of you know, I am your listener on Sunday morning as I sit in the pew. However, tomorrow is different because our nine year old and I are singing a "solo" in church tomorrow --- we are singing "What a Friend we have in Jesus" -- it's her first! We are excited! Since she is with us every other weekend, we are practicing for the first time today.

  5. So.... I'm preaching Luke, and I have just this one question. Would it be wrong to mention the Ba Da Bing in a sermon... just on principle? Here's the sentence in question:

    Jesus offers us an ending that is worthy of a David Mamet play, of the back room at the Ba Da Bing.

    Mags, neck deep in skullduggery.

  6. I'm busy celebrating the rain! If only it would continue. We haven't had real rain here in about a year and a half - hence all the wild fires. Where's Elijah when we need him?

    Godguurrll, I envy your trip to the sheep festival. I also love sheep. Welcome.

    Cathy, have a wonderful time singing your duet tomorrow.

    Songbird, could you get any busier?

    Tripp - love your sermon title.

    I'm still loving Timothy, especially in light of the events in Jena, Louisiana, where the government officials certainly could have used prayer as they made the decision about who to charge for which offenses. Anyway, I'll preach on prayer whenever I get the chance.

  7. And good morning to you all.

    Slow this morning, as I had a very busy week, more so than usual. Also feeling a bit down this morning.

    But--I must soldier on, as I have a wedding homily to polish for a wedding at 4 pm this afternoon and the sermon to put together for tomorrow. I'm still debating whether to use Timothy or Luke. Like Maria, I like to preach on prayer... we shall see. First is the wedding homily, though!

    I have coffee and a bag of pink M&Ms...not exactly breakfast food, but may get us through the afternoon!

  8. SB - yikes, what a schedule...prayers for you.

    godguurll, welcome.

    Cathy - that is very exciting, I hope all goes well.

    Tripp, I'll take a croissant, why not, it's virtual sugar and fat which may sustain me on this day.

    Me. I have a sermon written looking at forgiveness - 'cuz that's what I'm hearing in the readings.

    But it will be awkward to preach because I will have two people in the congregation who left our church over the partnered gay bishop thing. But their daughter wants her newborn son to be baptized in our church, so they will all be there. And. I'm preaching on forgiveness. Do I feel any self-imposed pressure to say things well knowing that the man, before he left, used to parse my sermons and critique every word? 'cuz I wasn't taking a firm neo-conservative stance? Even so I worked really hard with this man and his wife, really hard.


    Oh. And then I have to go to their house aafter church for the reception. I don't want to look like the one who carries a grudge... (I don't carry a grudge, but my feelings were really hurt)

  9. Okay, y'all know I am not preaching tomorrow. What you don't know (and I didn't until last night about 10:00) is that I'm participating in a wedding tomorrow. My little sister's. In Indiana.

    Pray for traveling mercies, friends.

  10. Oh dear...Harvest Festival for us tomorrow. I'm not preaching in the morning but I do have the joy of taking on tomorrow night, when the most promising reading seems to be Philippians 4 4-9
    But I'm struggling....really really struggling.
    Youth Group due here soon, to make a harvest loaf for the Eucharist...I had hoped to have the structure outlined,if not the thing done and dusted...but it's just not working out that way. It's really overcast & chill here today, so I'm brewing some hot ginger cordial if anyone is interested?

  11. I signed on for the Timothy, but kind of wish I had gone off lectionary.

    this is my second sermon of the week, and I'm a bit weary. Yawn.....

  12. Good mornin' - been up for about two hours - reading done - starting sermon now on Luke. It's been a crazy week, but I knew that I had made an A on this exegesis in NT so I've procrastinated a bit - now I have to get it written in between carting ManChild between Cross COuntry meet & a Swim clinic.

    Welcome to GodGuurrll -

    Have fun with the solo Cathy!

    Mags - I think it is a culturally relevant sentence - even if no one watched the show, even Time covered the ending... and I'll bet there are watchers :)

    Cheeshead, Songbird and Mompriest - prayers for you all - you all are so generous to let me see how ministry looks on the other side of seminary!!

    Yes to hot ginger cordial - please - never had it but it sounds wonderful!! I have some hot biscuits to share - with grape jelly or strawberry preserves.

  13. Hi all,
    Stacey, what a wonderful invitation. I never can figure out what Jesus meant totally or the bible either.

    I am preaching a series on the Beatitudes that takes us up to Advent. And I am already wondering what was I thinking?

    Aside from that I have a variety of muffins if any one wants some.

    My goodness Songbird, dear, be sure to take a nap.

    welcome godguurll, and hope it goes well writing all you have to write. I like the balm in Gilead too. Sheep? a reward? what an interesting reward. Hey and since you don't have a blog, hope you get one as another reward.

    Oooh Trip, chocolate, mmm its hard to turn it down. A series on Simplicity, that sound like it fits yesterday's Friday Five.

    Cathy, how exciting and hope it goes well with each other singing. I love that song.

    And Mags you are like talking about something I don't know about. So would your congregation know what you are talking about?

    rev maria, glad u are having rains. Ya can never go wrong with prayer.

    rainbow pastor, hope you get to feeling less down and little more up. Anyway we can help? And who said M&Ms is not breakfast food? God certainly considers it breakfast food or she wouldn't have made it or have it available at stores that are open 24/7.

    mompriest, I feel your pain. Remember that forgiveness is a process. Marie Fortune says that we may forgive, but not reconcile and those are two different things. Perhaps writing the sermon is part of your forgiving process. Go and bless this baby.

    cheesehead have a good time at your sister's wedding.

    kathryn, hope the outline comes as well as the other thoughts you need .

    So on with the party, ya'll

  14. Oh my, so much going on! Poor CheeseHead, I'm praying. ((((CH))) Still trying to get a hold of ya, woman...

    Sheep festival! Cool!

    And Cathy, I still remember my first church duet, with my sister! Blessing on da bot' a yas.

    As for me, I have hazlenut coffee with some hazlenut creamer, a plate of pancakes with real Wisconsin maple syrup, and some OJ.


    I AM ON SABATTICAL! la la la la la la

    Going to visit my former church tomorrow a.m. Then on Monday going to St. Norberts Center for Spirituality for three days of silence...ahhhhhhh.

  15. Ok, here is my attempt at not only forgiveness but reconciliation in the sermon Bringing wholeness to a fractured fractious world. Stop by if you wish, and please leave a comment...

    Now, I'm off to exercise, make breakfast (pancakes and sausage anyone?) and do a bunch of errands before I return to tweek and tweek...

    I will be thinking of each of you as you traverse this day and tomorrow. I'll check in later.

  16. Welcome, Godgurrll! I've never heard of a sheep festival, but I hope it's enjoyable.

    Mags, I enjoy the mention of the Ba Da Bing in a sermon - especially when it's so true that Jesus gives us a story closer to "The Godfather" than anything we expect to find in Scripture. It only makes sense to relate that to something culturally relevant.

    I had most of this sermon written by Thursday, so now I'm just trying to figure out an ending. Which is somewhat complicated by the fact that I've kind of changed my mind on the tone. See, this is why I don't start writing sermons until Saturday.

  17. Godguurrll welcome - and YEAH we get PPB this week.

    Tomorrow we celebrate new NRSV's in the pews and on the pulpit AND the completion of Year of the Bible. 13 of us finished and I have 5 more who have promised to keep plugging!

    I was relieved to be able to skip the lectionary texts this week but I am also relieved to be back on them as of next week.

    Grace I will be reading your sermon later this afternoon I am sure.

    Good luck and God be you all friends!

  18. You know the logical thing to have done would have been to select the same text for both sermons this week. That would have been logical, right?

    Argh! I really want to preach a word of hope to these people. Not so much so far.

    I have diet banana pudding to share. It's not all that good, actually, but it's creamy, and full of skim milk--does a body good!

  19. So the lay reder for tomorrow just called to ask what the Luke reading means. Actually her words were "I don't get this Luke story..."

    My response? JOin everyone who is preaching on it tomorrow. SO now I have said I would try and explain it in the sermon. Unfortunately I don;t get it either...

  20. Still procrastinating - Tom Long has a great take on the Gospel:
    if you want to read someone else's take on it...

    Why do I only feel the need to clean closets on days I have to be doing something else?! It has to be deeply pathological somehow!!

  21. Wedding homily is done and printed. Sunday sermon has a rough outline--needing polished, but if I had to I could preach from what I have...that stage. This may be a record for me, in spite of the week I had.

    I'm also giving myself a stern talking-to in the matter that has me down--it's about forgiveness and forbearance, neither of which am I inclined to at the moment, when one of the persons in question is my ex-husband!

    Time for those M&Ms, for sure!

  22. I interrupt this sermon party for a news flash.....

    I don't know if anyone has seen but teh Clooney was in a motorcycle accident. He has a broken rib, and will be ok according to the news -- but he might be out of the pedicure manicure circuit for awhile.
    Prayers requested.

  23. I have a personal goal of finishing this sermon before Sue puts up the Sunday prayer!

  24. Like most of you, I don't understand the Gospel lesson, but I found the Center for Excellence in Preaching resources to be helpful.

    I'm also looking at vv. 14-15, which are not included in the lectionary portion, but which make me wonder if Jesus is saying all of this partly to increase the effect when he then turns it on its head. Still thinking on this.

    But now, I need to get ready to go to our Harvest Festival. I'd be happy to bring back some pie if anyone would like some.

  25. Elastigirl, cleaning when there is too much to do is what I learned in college. Dorm rooms are always cleanest during exam week! Me? I'm sorting through stuff again as I decide what I'll need right away and what to pack to store in the garage until I figure out where it goes in the new house.

    Sermon? Right. Have 2 pages done, but a large part of page 1 is Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "How Do I Love Thee" with the sermon more or less focused toward ways we can see/feel/experience God's love in response to our prayer.

    Still raining. :-)

  26. Need a distraction from sermon prep?

    Our dogs go to church.

  27. Hi all. Busier Saturday for me, more than usual. Staffing an info table for one of my churches at the first ever RespectFest at nearby university. I'm going to the free portion. But before I go there, I have stop someplace and get some things printed.

    There's a board meeting tomorrow to prepare for too. Get to go church computer shopping tonight.

    If you require a little distraction from your busy day, what kind of PC do you use [no laptops] and what do you like best about it?

  28. I am not preaching on the Luke passage, but I am going to teach on it later on as part of our bible studies of some of the parables.

    Thinking of you all as you write.

    ppb hope you make it by Sue's posting. I can't tell you often I have not, and sometimes aren't even finished until I stand in the pulpit, later.

    I saw that about TEH Clooney, poor baby, so glad the face wasn't ruined.

    And singing owl I am so jealous over your sabbatical.

    mompriest, I hope you didn't hear me say you had to include the thought about reconciliation.

    ppb thinking of you having to do 2 sermons, that is really rough.

    willsmama you seem to be the fortunate one, hope it all goes well tomorrow. I like your idea of a year of reading the bible. Hope to encourage our members to do it next year.

    Elastic girl, will you come over and clean my house too?

    I forgot to say I had a sermon written, just wanted to party along, ya'll have such great parties.

  29. OK..we've made the harvest loaf and constructed the "garden" and the yoof are now spread all over my sitting room watching Dogma and eating cinnamon and raisin bagels. I've saved a heap for the party, though.
    I've also heard that I need to do an unexpected hospital visit when the youth have gone - so it looks as if it will be a long long night on the sermon.
    Godguurrll - welcome and happy writing
    Cheesehead - thinking of you and your little sister
    Everyone else - heads down and let's go for it ;-)

  30. rdq: my desk-top is an imac. I have one at home and at work (well the one at work is the predecessor to an imac, about 4 years old). What do I like? never, ever, ever, any viruses....amazing customer service, screen that is both huge and slender. I love it.

    but I still write sermons on my old laptop, which is now configured for only sermons and internet--becuase I like to move about when I write sermons (and for some reason I don't need to do that when writing other things.)

    Okay, I'm a quarter of the way done. And hungry. I'm making red beans and rice. Anyone want some?

  31. Wow... Lots of good work getting done. Way to go gals! As for me, I've:

    Vacuumed the hous
    Cleaned the bathrooms
    Washed the dog

    Talk about procrastinating! At least I'm in good company. Thanks for the inspiration friends. Pass the M&M's. I'm ready to get to work!

  32. Mitch - Thanks for the dog post. My dog comes to church too... as well as several other staff members dogs. We also have dogs at choir, Bible study and committee meetings. I guess we're pretty dog friendly around here.

    Okay... now I'm really going to get to work! Maybe I should go get my dog first, though.

  33. Here's the sermon, gang!

    Simplicity: Don't Forget to Share

    Blessings on you all as you finish your sermons. God be with you in your understanding.

  34. Well I'm 90% done. I'm going to let it sit while I do the wedding thing, then add the final polish before I go to the birthday party.

    There are still plenty of the pink M&Ms, both plain and peanut (I couldn't decide which to get so I got both).

    Blessings on you sisters and brothers as you continue to work...I'll be rejoining you later. Anything I cna get while I'm out?

  35. Anyone want pita chips and hummus?

    This is one of those days when I feel like I suffer from delusions of adequacy ...

  36. OK - I know it's nerdy to be through already, but my folks are coming to visit in our NEW HOUSE today, and I needed to finish up. Here is my offering for what it's worth.

  37. I just reorginized my church office bulletin board and made a pot of coffee.

    NOW I'm ready to work.

  38. I have boiled shrimp, hot sausage, and corn (known as Beaufort Stew 'round here) and ice tea (sweet, of course) to offer for a late lunch or early supper.

    I didn't write a manuscript this week... but I did post my thoughts on the Amos 8:4-7 and Luke 16:1-13 texts under the title Money... and More.

    Hope y'all have a great afternoon... I'm going to go and wrap my brain around the words I'll say tomorrow morning. Peace!

  39. Well, it's my first Sunday in NewChurch tomorrow! I've got the famous 'children's talk' followed by sermon to prepare, it's gone 7pm and the best laid plans for today didn't quite happen... Due to a bereavement in the family of one of my new colleagues I took a wedding this afternoon, having spent all morning at a recruitment fayre so TeenSon could find a Saturday job! So much for using the whole day to sermonise!
    Seeing as it's my first sermon to the new congregation I thought I'd go with Timothy and talk about prayer, as well as a few other bits you throw in at the beginning!

  40. Do any of you recall your first sermons to new congregations and what you said to them (aside from preaching the relevant passage at the time)?

    Oh, and I suppose I could encourage myself as I know generally what I'm saying to the children at least... using your hand to pray... I think I got that from a preacher party not long ago - and it went down well at my old place!

  41. Abi, reconciliation is such a significant piece of the whole thing...and I think the unstated piece of my reflection. I don't want to come right out and say it at the risk of being misunderstood in terms of what that ought to look like (come back?) no. I just want to feel like we can all worship together, and baptize this baby and know that there is wholeness even in our broken states. So. I think you understood me and I understood you...

    Now, I'm off to read the other posted sermons and see what you all have to say. It is another beautiful fall day, this time of year is by far the best season in the Midwest. And, the longest since it lasts from Sept. until November.

    Would anyone like some dark chocolate chocolate chip cookies?

  42. Abi - even trade... I'll clean, you write!! Wish it were so, I am so NOT in the mood to write today -

  43. Oohh - cookies! Yes, please.

    Reconciliation - how perfect, Mompriest. My sermon on Timothy has reconciiation woven through the bits on prayer and God's loving response for 2 reasons: the situation in Jena, LA and the fact that the Disciples Reconciliation emphasis begins next week. funny how this thing keeps growing in unexpected ways. . . The hymn following the sermon will be There is a balm in Gilead. I do hope the actual sermon turns out as well as all the random thoughts in my head and heart.

    Chelley, my only ever first sermon for a new congregation happened on a Pentecost. I spent 2 weeks writing it, then tossed it away on Sunday morning and spoke of my hopes and dreams for a church that all spoke/understood the same language.

  44. Thanks RevMaria - yes, hopes and dreams seems to be a fitting aspect and where my heart is (very handy that I can talk about prayer as encouraging us as individual pray-ers and as a prayerful community seeking God is one of my hopes!). I have suddenly jumped to just over 1,000 words as I've found an old (short) sermon on 1 Timothy 2: 1-7 that says part of what I want to say and gives me a good starting place... Praise the Lord!
    mompriest - thoughts with you for tomorrow

  45. Well, here I am.
    The Retreat went well, with extra folks showing up, although what lesson we can draw from people not communicating their intent to attend a retreat on Communication (!!) I do not want to posit this afternoon.
    I've been in the office for almost two hours. I'm now prepared for the wedding and for the class after church tomorrow, but I have no more sermon than I had this morning.
    The custodian asked if I didn't have an old one I could use?
    He's a smart cookie.

  46. Argh.
    I've just scrapped my sermon to start over. I have something I very much want to say to this church, and I 'd been trying really hard to manipulate the scripture into saying it.
    It doesn't.
    So, I'm starting over with a totally different sermon, and thinking that I also need to spend a lot of time on the pastoral prayer, which is perhaps the more appropriate place to say this.
    Out of snacks.
    anyone have anything good?

  47. How 'bout popcorn, ppb? I've got Orville Redenbacher 94% Fat Free Kettle Corn, and it's pretty darn good.

  48. popcorn is always a good idea.
    I've decided to use Christopher robin is saying his prayers in my sermon, songbird, like you did in a totally different way on a totally different text several months ago. But had you not posted it, I would never have remembered singing it for high school voice contest, which has become the primary example in the new revised standard sermon. yet another example of how blogging has saved my life. I'm so frustrated with myself for going down that wrong path for so long. I wanted to be done by now!
    But popcorn! popcorn will make it all much easier to finish!

  49. We had a brief sun-break but the rain came back at just about the same time Notre Dame scored the first touchdown of the season.

    Still only 1 box packed but I do have 2 more pages of sermon written. At this rate I'll be finished by half-time. Pass the popcorn, please.

  50. I'm preaching on Timothy. There are words on the page, but once again, they sucketh. Where is my sermon mojo???

    I interrupt the seriously hard sermon prep work that y'all are doing to ask: Have you heard about Teh Clooney's motorcycle accident? He's okay (thanks be!) but broke a few ribs and got himself scraped up. His new lady friend is in hospital but in good condition.

    I knew you would want to know.

  51. his new lady friend is in the hospital? WILL SMAMA IS IN THE HOSPITAL AND WE DIDN'T KNOW? Quick, call the florist! Of course, teh clooney has probably already bought out the place.

  52. *giggles* at ppb

    I've paid bills, bought a new phone (and contract), sent a wedding gift...

    I am going to get this sermon written before dinner...

    Really. Here I go. Pass the popcorn, please!

  53. ppb - I suspect you are correct about Teh Clooney buying out the florists. Perhaps next time, Will Smama will suggest that they take a limo when they go out on the town, yes?

  54. One would think. Does Teh Clooney realize that Will Smama is a working girl and needs to get home in time to preach on Sunday? Perhaps someone should pay a pastoral call to ensure that he gets her a private jet in time to be in the pulpit right on time. I'm sure he'd carry her there himself, were it not for the broken ribs.

  55. "elastagirl", you haven't changed! ;-)

    I'm wondering what my sermon will be about... Words for "the children of the light"...perhaps we need to be more shrewd in our work of spreading the gospel as the "dishonest manager" was in his?

    Also playing with using the programmatic statement of Luke (release to the captives, sight to blind, proclaim the year of the Lord's favor) as a lens for the reading. Given the master and slave talk at the end, what does release to the captives mean here?

    I've got diet Dr. Pepper for everyone...

  56. So, my hospital visit was NOT to teh Clooney -which is a sad and sorry state of affairs...Nor did I happen upon Will Smama in my peregrinations...So now I'm home and it's more or less bedtime and I'm still a sermon short of a Sunday.
    More coffee...Srong coffee...and Go Ahead low fat pistachio and choc cereal bars....and more coffee.
    It's going to be a long long night.

  57. It is half-time, many words have been written and then deleted. Why is it the words work so well in my head and get so tangled when I try to put them on (electronic) paper? I know there's a way to weave this all together. . . racism, reconciliation, prayer for our leaders.


  58. 879 words and sausage and veggie quiche in the oven. I'm starving. Come over over. I could use the company and I've got plenty to share.

  59. Need sleep. 11 pm, and about 3/4 done, but I'm presiding at 8.00 and don't have to preach this til 6.00, so I need sleep most now.
    Good night, my friends.
    I'll leave the ginger cordial by the kettle in case of need.

  60. Back from the Harvest Festival, with plenty of homemade pie to share.

    I am still where I've been since Thursday - with 2/3 or so of a pretty good sermon, but stalled on that last third. I keep wavering between two directions. What a pain.

  61. Well no one put in orders before I left so I picked up a little of everything--some pad thai, some spring rolls and crispy ginger beef, a couple italian subs, and my personal favourite--chicken in wasabi cream sauce!

    Another couple well-married (yes I cried at the end of the 1 Cor 13 reading...90% of the time I do).

    I see every one has been busy while I was gone... Good stuff people!

    Settling in for a final polish on before I go over to Monsieur's birthday party for a bit. Pass the rice, please!

  62. Harvest festival. Did you bring back donuts?
    I actually cooked dinner (long time readers will no what a miracle this is) but it turned out yucky. (Who messes up salmon? me, I guess.) I want a donut. And a conclusion.
    But if I have to choose, I'll pick the conclusion.
    And pictures of Will in the hospital with teh clooney feeding her ice chips.

  63. Um the polish goes on the sermon...

    No I haven't been to the party yet, honestly!

  64. ppb, I'm glad that idea is helpful.
    Where is my helpful idea going to come from? Ack!!!

  65. I skipped the donuts today, because it was so hot out that warm cider donuts just lost their autumnal appeal. And also because we had so much pie at the festival. SO much pie. Might pie do in lieu of the donut?

    My brain hurts, and I have an absolutely enormous zit on my chin. Just thought I'd share.

  66. Harvest Festival here was last weekend. It was great but I already ate all that stuff....without sharing. sorry. I do have homemade veggie broth that you can turn into all kinds of yumminess, and also Trader Joe's Mango Sauce. That's about it over here. You would never know that I just went shopping today (unless you looked in my closet and said "hmm, this closet looks suspiciously like I walked into Ann Taylor Loft").

    We are worshipping outside tomorrow, celebrating creation and remembering our call to care for it. Off-lectionary with Lev. 25 and the business of giving the land a rest. There's another turn that needs to be made after that and I have no idea what it is. I have no ideas for the children's time. I have no prayers written or even pondered. I also have no bug spray in my house because I apparently ran out and then forgot. Do I go out again and buy some now? If so, can I also buy a children's time?

  67. Why, oh why, did I agree to be the fill in preacher tomorrow?!? This is not fun! So I am taking a break and putting burgers on the grill. I almost have enough words/pages, but it just isn't sticking together the way it should. Thanks to Chilly Fingers, your sermon helped me find a couple of good corners to turn. Yikes!

  68. Whew--finally zooming in here to start on the sermon--I have a few vague ideas and a general direction on Luke, picked up from discussion with pastor friends, but not much else. I flew back from FPP today, landing at 2 pm, and now it's time to get down to business.

    Well. After I read a few more sermons out there and get a few more ideas.

    My friends did suggest a modern-day twist such as a person working for a fraudulent mortgage company or something cancelling people's debts to get back at their employer for firing them...but in the midst of their act of revenge and anxiety, somehow God works with that to see that justice is still done.

    The steward could have demanded that the debtors pay up immediately and then kept the money for himself and gone into hiding. But instead he cancels part of their debt. Why? (More random thoughts.)

  69. Is it bad that I'm sort of banking on the fact that this church loves me? Becasue I'm sort of seeing a leash in my future. and I'm sort of too worn out to care that much.

  70. okay, so after looking over the stuff in the folder for this Sunday, this is what I have so far:

    "something about how our experience of God in creation influences our faith."

    That's it.

    I feel confident that is not going to be enough.

    Why did we think worship outside was a good idea again? it means I have to know what I'm talking about since there can be no notes involved. boo.

  71. Ooh, but teri you can always play the, "I knew it, and then forgot it" card!

  72. It is 7:30pm and I have yet to find much to put fingers to keyboard about. I REALLY don't like this Gospel but Mompriest said some important things about it.

    Had a funeral this morning and then a round with my treasurer (I think it is round one of many to come, sigh) At least the chair of council is supportive.

    I could use some prayers. I am wrestling with a low grade infection which makes me loggy and doesn't lend itself to making me bright-eyed and bushy tailed in the light of tomorrow's gospel. And as it says in the Good Book--"night cometh"

  73. Phew! Done!
    Need to edit and write all the prayers. I am NOT doing this next time....stresses me out.Luckily I have next Sunday off!

  74. Ack! Prayers for you, muthah+. That's quite the difficult day!

    I'm coming down the stretch with my sermon, although it's kind of all over the place.

    I really wish I had won the wine and cheese basket at the Harvest Festival.

  75. You all are so kind and considerate to think of us in our time of need and so only to you will I admit that the motorcycle accident is a made up story to cover for the real way I accidently broke Teh Clooney's rib.

    Oh and that other chick the press keeps mentioning is actually my sermon writer.

  76. well, i managed to write a sermon in our anniversary cabin between 8 and 10 this morning. and i read it to K in the car and tweaked it a bit.

    and when we finally got home from the wedding this afternoon and our wanderings i read it to a colleague and got a stamp of approval. good thing because i'm wiped out.

    god bless you all for preaching this gospel reading. my worship team said "please don't read and preach on that the first Sunday of Sunday school" and I said, rather quickly, "O.K." Genesis 1 instead- the first story of the Sunday School year.

    Mags... i don't know who all will get the Bada Bing reference, but those who will will appreciate it.

    ppb- hope your sermon comes together SOON.

  77. Well, I'm finished, and I stupidly promised someone that I'd stop by the local watering hole tonight, so I'm out of here...hopefully not for very long. I'm exhausted. Here's praying that the Spirit does her thing for all of you in a hurry.

  78. WS - your secret is safe with us. Wishing you both a speedy recovery.

  79. Prayers to teh clooney, ws, and muthah+ ! I am preaching on Amos, I think. Hubbie and I had our first funeral at the church (acctually our first solo funeral, numer 12 in a year, the other 11 were with former pastors)The funeral was last night, about 600 in attendance and the graveside was this morning w/ 100 or so there. I am worn out! I've sat around in a comatose state until the Texas Tech game came on and for 4 hours I was rivited. I have finally stopped crying at the loss, and now hubbie is blessing out UK as it fights Arkansas. It will not be a fun night at our house. :( I think honestly I am going to bed without a word on paper tonight. Hoping that with a refreshed mind and spirit I will be receptive to the Holy Spirit. (Plus I'm not preaching until 6:30pm so I can always use nap time tomorrow for prep!)
    Blessings y'all!

  80. cpclergy mamma, I have on occasion written good sermons under similar circumstances - choosing to sleep before writing and then writing in a I suspect you will be just fine. Sleep well.

    I have ice cream, tea of all sorts, and dark chocolate chocolate chip cookies...please help yourself.

    And, I better get my sermon ready to preach, ie increase the font and break apart the sentences to match the phrasing I want to use.

  81. I wonder what teh Clooney would think if he knew he had the prayers of so many preacher women?

  82. I am sure he would be most thankful.

    I have one last umph to get this sermon done and then it's off to bed. The theory on supply preaching is that they ask you back if you don't suck. Time will tell with this one....

  83. Hey preacher pals. I can't believe I haven't stopped by before now. It has been a thoroughly nutso day. Thankfully, I'm not preaching tomorrow. Unfortunately, dh's computer crashed in the middle of his sermon writing and we cannot revive it (15 month-old MacBook, 2 months out of warranty - signs point to a dead hard drive). So now he is trying to remember what he had already written, and rewrite it. He is doing much better than I would be under those circumstances.

    Blessings on all who preach and hear the Word tomorrow.

  84. SO its after 10 and I have two pages and I need to find out a way to get at least one more. I started this yesterday and I am still not done.... Tomorrow is going to be a long day. My church is hosting a Gospel concert in the afternoon= me being at church all day. And none of my school work is done for next week ;-/

  85. 9:25 and I'm done!! The sermon is printed but now I have to clean off the monitor - I spit Gen's Diet Dr. P all over it whn I read Will Smama's post!!

    Sweet dreams!!

  86. Earthchick, I'm really really sorry to hear about your MacBook (mine is only 3 months old!). I'm confident that dh's sermon will come out even better than before the crash.

    I haven't made much sermon progress. The MacBook battery was running low so I plugged it in and settled down for the 2nd half of the game. (that's my story and I'm stickin to it) My joy over Notre Dame actually scoring its first 2 touchdowns in the season almost makes up for the sorrow over them losing 4 in a row! Ah well, it's a young team. They have to grow together, not unlike pastors and congregations. :-)

    Then I looked at some more stuff I should be sorting and packing, then played with Mr. Whiskers the Bunny, then cooked dinner and now I'm considering working on it some more. Or not.

    I seem to do some of my best writing when I go to bed early, let HS get all my confusions worked out in my sleep and get up to write at 4 am on Sunday. At least, that's what I gather from congregation reactions.

  87. Rev Gen - please email me - I'm so BAD at facebook that I can't find anything & I do not have your email!! I'm so excited that your on here!!

  88. Mine is on my blog:

  89. Back from the watering hole, having drank unfortunate beer and been hit on by both a 23-year-old and someone who couldn't have been younger than 70. Good times. All while WS is sitting around with teh Clooney...

    I am just so depressed by the idea that I have to preach at 8am. But I won't whine too much, as I can see that many of you are having much more stressful days than I am. Anyway, I'm off to bed. May those of you who are done rest peacefully, and those of you who are not work productively and then rest as well.

  90. Night all. Peace and blessings for a good rest and a Spirit-filled day!

  91. Friends, I'm going to bed. I hope you're all finished soon, and sleep well, and wake refreshed and preach the Good News, using words if necessary. Good night!

  92. Argh. I have NOTHING yet! This sucks! *grumple*

  93. argh. argh. argh.
    think it'll preach?

  94. Hey semfem, I'm in the same boat. I had an unplanned visit to the house of church members that took 2 hours out of my sermon writing time.

    I'm going to cobble together stuff on prayer from the UMW web site since tomorrow is their Sunday. Ironically, a male pastor would probably have the Sunday off.

  95. Rainbow Pastor--ginger beef! Yum! Any left?

    LOL at Will Smama as usual.


    My first Sunday not to preach in a long time...and I love preaching...really I do...but it feels good not to be preaching tomorrow. I'm struggling with some deep soul issues and longing for peace that is not to be found as yet, so just as well I'm not preaching anyhow.

    And praying for all...seems more than usual angst round these parts.


  96. I'm headed for bed. The sermon is not done but I'm getting a migraine. Hopefully, it'll come together in the morning.

  97. Oh my word. After falling asleep several times at the desk, I do believe I'm done. Word count: 1653. I can't wait for Sunday afternoon and the holy nap...

  98. Teh Clooney says: "If you've got a dog walk it proud" and... what's that honey?... "Let it go - the Holy Spirit has got your back."

    I couldn't have said it better myself.

  99. Yawn. Cold and dark here. The coffee is on, fresh and hot. Sermon is tweeked and now it's time to let it go and hope the HS does the rest...

    It's a busy day for me, perhaps no holy nap - but for the rest of you - I hope it is a fine day.

  100. Give him our thanks, will smama. I hope you're both feeling better this morning.
    I drank a Diet Coke a little too late in the evening and am going on less sleep than I would like, but everything is on paper, and I will do as teh Clooney says.
    Blessings to all you preachers today.

  101. WEll I will start the sermon today by saying "I don't get it". AFter all it is okay to be honest and admit that the passage is confusing.

    THen a little exploration of what it might mean.

    My Stewardship theme from Monday has pretty much evaporated though.

  102. Finished! And it's barely morning. :-) I've posted "How Do I Love Thee?" here

    May blessings fall upon all who preach and listen today.

  103. two down, one to go. It's getting warm out there as the sun creeps over the trees. And you would think that, having done it twice now, it would all be committed to memory.

    That would be a no.

    Waiting patiently for middle school mini-golf after worship!

  104. Thank you all for your partnership in the gospel! Apparently the sermon wasn't too bad, and I have the Holy Spirit and y'all to thank for it! ;-)

  105. So now that all of you are done, I am just starting. I pray your services were filled with the Holy Spirit and that the word was heard by receptive ears. Blessings y'all!

  106. Home at last....No idea how it went, but it's gone. Thanks be to God!

  107. Mine was better on paper than in audio... oh well!

  108. Mine went over great at St. Smaller, but sucked at St. Larger. Oh well! At least it's done.

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