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Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Meet n' Greet: Oops Edition

I am not quite sure why I had it on my calendar that there was no meet n' greet today but I believe I was mistaken. I think my days of meet n' greet are numbered.... nevertheless


nanawandering: I've wandered my whole life .... and will now put some of these meanderings down for others to read. Thoughts from an ordained ELCA pastor on being a mother, being a Nana, and being a person of faith.

Telling Stories and Learning Faith: Just me, trying to find my place in God's world, with random musings and the occasional photo. Random musings and an attempt at journaling as a spiritual discipline as I try to figure out where I fit in God's story.

KnitnTeach: I lead a too-busy life! I teach 6th graders, I'm very active in a wonderful United Church of Christ (UCC) church, I've been married to the same great person since 1977, and I have 2 adult sons. When I'm not at school, I'm probably at church, or maybe at the gym. If I'm at home, I'm probably knitting!

Yearning for God: For several years, I felt that I was called to the ordained ministry in the United Methodist Church. However, politics and innumerable meetings with people who yammer discouraged me, as well as my tendency to be quiet. Moving back to the Episcopal Church of my young adulthood and going to the Shalem Institute have brought me to greater seeking of God in silence. I am now in the two year program at Shalem for spiritual guidance. I'm an eclectic Christian and almost have a master's degree in theology from the (Roman Catholic) Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, TX. AND I like to hang clothes out on the clothesline!

Redhead Reverend: What goes on in the head of a redheaded woman minister?

Welcome one and all!


  1. Hello, everyone! Thanks for adding me to the ring. I look forward to getting to know some of you better through your blogging!

  2. (o) and a [hug] to Will smama!

  3. I think my days of meet n' greet are numbered.... nevertheless ... why do you say that ... you are a valued rev gal ... and we love you :)

  4. Ummm, just joking since I have missed a few deadlines lately. I am not jumping off of a cyber bridge or anything.


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