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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday Festival--Mid Month

Wednesday rolls around again, and with it the Wednesday Festival. Here are the posts from the previous week nominated from around the webring.

Congratulations to Quaker Pastor on her 25th wedding anniversary-- a “silver time” indeed!

Katherine shares the joy of artistic papercutting.

There’s a great discussion going on at Reverendmother’s place about the power dynamics of sexual misconduct by the clergy. Join in here.

Lorna asks for your thoughts on some of the difficult ethical implications of stem cell research.

Sue at Inner Dorothy posted a lovely tribute to her late mother on what would have been her birthday.

It’s so hard to choose! Mirror, mirror on the wall, which are the ugliest shoes of them all? Go over to Deb’s place and vote!

Christine at Abbey of the Arts is preparing for autumn and received creative responses to her poetry prompt: Rumpled Sheets. Check them out here.
LutherLiz is pondering ways in which congregations can get to know her as a pastor and asks the RevGals “how do you share who you are with others?

Linda at Against A Brick Wall tells the story of the Preacher’s Jar of Words.

Sally (Eternal Echoes) shares reflections on a harvest festival
and thoughts on living.

Free Flying Spirit is searching for a Bible study for her group
and would like your suggestions.

And I got a little lagnaippe: Massage With Theology on the Side.

Don't be shy about nominating yourself, or those great posts that you're reading for next week’s festival. Email your nominations to Wednesday Festival using the link on the sidebar.. There's lots of great writing out there!

If you forgot to send in your nomination, please put it in the comments. Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Yea for the festival! Thanks Grace!

  2. I just posted my sermon from last Sunday. You can get to it through my blog here or go straight to the church blog and read The God Delusion

  3. At my place you can read the 10 Commandments -- delivered with "pirattitude."

  4. I've been neglecting nominating my posts for the Festival lately: here's a post I made today. There's an offensive comment, so be warned.


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