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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday Festival, September 12

Dear Readers,

Here's this week's festival -- and what a diverse group of posts we have to read!

Tripp posted on the 9-11 anniversary. My guess is that many folks posted (or will post) on this event. If you'd like to leave a link in the comments, please do; or send in the nomination for next week.

Pastor Scott even got a response from the acolyte with this sermon! I don't know what else we could say that would top that, but head on over and leave a comment!

Just Jill had the experience of walking with the 35th woman to be ordained in the Lutheran Church as she moved toward an early and tragic death from Ovarian Cancer. Read about here and check around the previous posts for more on that holy journey, as well as new life sort of posts afterward.

Earthchick's sons receive a happy wish and some practical advice as they start preschool from a mentally ill homeless man. And check out the cute totes that she fashioned for them, too!

Sally shares a story of God’s faithfulness to them in many parts; here's the latest.

Leah Sophia shares first about borders and gates here and then a and a graphic expression of Romans 6:4 here.

Hedwyg writes about - about depression, how it affects us, and what this means.

You are invited to come play at the Poetry Party over at Abbey of the Arts. An image is posted waiting for your words of illumination. Plus one contributor will win a small gift!

Tandaina over at Snow on Roses has been doing some theologizing on God's will and prayer that are definitely worth the read. Part one is here and part two is here.

Check out this royal proclamation by Princess Mindy! Oh and her side-kick Rach provides this comment: "In a bit of a role reversal, the local funeral home sent flowers to my dad." Pray for her dad here .

Stop by and say hi to Lorna, too -- and sometimes the comments are as delightful to read as the post!

Mitch and his wife view the changing of seasons very differently. Even now he dreads the pre-Thanksgiving store displays of Christmas decorations... He shares his thoughts of Opposites Attract, or I Want Summer Back.

As always -- don't be shy about nominating yourself, or those great posts that I know you're reading. There's lots of great writing out there! Forget to send us the notice? Let folks know what you're writing about in the comments.



  1. I forgot to offer my "lessons in silence" -- two parts:


  2. I draw an analogy from the current misery of my favorite sports team.

  3. Oops. Sorry. Fixed the links...

    Try Part One and Part Two here...

    with moderately more caffeine in her this time!

  4. I don't think mine made it on there....I got married!

    You can also read about our honeymoon.

  5. Read a rant, a recipe and a review of Fellow Traveler's birthday travels at my place.

  6. I posted about the 9/11 anniversary


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