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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wednesday Festival: The Times, They are A'Changin'

Change! It's the watchword right now, isn't it!? Schools starting, weather changing, new calls, new program years, Sunday School gearing up, kids moving out, back in...

Gord shares a newspaper column he wrote about the mathematics of change.

Sue made some final changes to her tattoo! You can see the finished product over at her place. Gorgeous! (August 30 post...can't get a permalink...and while you are there, read the other 8/30 post on her anniversary. Just BEAUTIFUL.)

Songbird is changing in some very impressive ways!

Some particular catz turned two and that was an exciting change!!

Karla Jean says, "It's not profound, or literary, or life-altering, but jumping into the program year I was tempted, as we all are in ministry, to get swallowed.
After 7 years of ordained ministry, and twenty-two years in professional ministry, I remembered that I need to love myself! (and my dog ;-)
AND, all the people and the dogs said, Amen!

Amy says, "One of the members of our worship planning team painted 4 beautiful paintings as part of an assignment to tell the Gospel Story in her own voice. She has graciously allowed me to post them on my blog. They are so beautiful that I want to share them with all the other RevGals." You may see them here.

Molly's mom has had an important birthday, and Molly shares some of the important lessons learned from her.

Talk about word. Net at Grace Happens left us a message on her way out of town to please pray for and blog-visit Bad Alice and her family; they are dealing with so much and could use our love and prayer support.

How to find a PH (Pastor's Husband), plus some tips on how to use Google, and how that's related to picking watermelons. Don't you just love reading Mitch?

Tripp's got a good Sunday sermon to share: The Ladies Who Lunch. And don't miss Shawna's poem, or the poetry over at Abbey of the Arts!

Sally is thinking about inter-active prayer and preaching and counting the cost of discipleship.

PamBG is meditating on what is a Methodist Evangelical? and continues with Methodists and Conversion.

Did you forget to nominate? Just write something amazing? Just need to connect? Shout it out in the comments!

Wishing you all Wednesday's best blessings!


  1. wow- an excellent round-up Mary Beth, THANK YOU :-)

  2. I guess I should have read the topic before I blogged today.

  3. What a festival -- thanks for putting this together MB - I am going to look at these tomorrow!

  4. Just got a note from Mid-Life Rookie -- she's ended her CPE-induced blog sabbatical! Go visit!

  5. I'd love some's back, the house is feeling empty, and the blog feels a bit empty too.
    I've even got a question I'm posting about right now, - so do come over here and see what you think.

  6. Over at my place I've been pondering AWOL parishoners, empty public parks and my dog's new fitness regimen...and if you wait a couple of days (until I can use FT's wi-fi and quickly upload some photos onto my blog) you can read all about her Excellent Birthday Adventure on Michigan's Leelanau Peninsula.


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