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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday Festival ---- WHEE Edition!

Here we go on a late Wednesday afternoon where it is a full moon (or was last night) and we are at the last Wednesday of the month as we are sliding into October. Anyway, this festival is loaded, because, thanks to you, we HEARD from you!!!! Thank you for all the snitches on yourself as well as others. Hold on to your hats - this is fast and furious!

  • Gallycat has been facing beautiful days, tough questions about her denomination, and a whole mess of silly stuff. visit her recent entries. and you can say you missed me if you want, it's been a while!

  • Believe it or not Quotidian Grace has gone into the song lyrics business - Got a frustrated job-hunting child, spouse or maybe you are looking in vain? Babs' Job-Hunting Blues worked for her and maybe it will work for you, too!
  • Some people may think Preachermom is crazy , (I don't!) but experiences like this one are powerful ones.

  • Here's Coffeepastor's review of the book Take This Bread by Sara Miles. (It's on my bednight table -- I need to read it!)

  • Revgaldogpals? Our dogs go to church....with a little side discussion on animals in heaven.
  • Lisa is totally confused about the theology about a new song hitting the streets in kiwiland (New Zealand) and needs some help working out the theology behind it!

  • Christine invites to participate in another Poetry Party over at Abbey of the Arts.

  • With Worldwide Communion coming (and it falls on Thanksgiving weekend in Canada this year) Gord has written a Communion Prayer. You can find it here.
  • Sally shares a post on loving ourselves ..

  • Jonah, at Love During Wartime, shares two prayers adapted from Native
    American traditions.

  • Mary Beth enjoyed Pledge Ingathering Sunday and a new way of receiving pledges at her church.

  • Sally has taken part in a synchroblog on Christianity and neo-paganism- there are links to other posts too!

  • Lutheran Husker has celebrated his 200th post, and asked his good friend RevScott to interview him. Take a look at the questions and answers!

  • Here is a link to a post Yutegal wrote concerning youth ministry and her current struggle with losing sight of what is important.

  • Momma Helen's got a bit on her blog about the Sunday School making prayer benches. Check out this FANTASTIC project.

  • Soon to be announced are the books for November, December, and January's RGBP Book Discussion (or you can check out the sidebar and go to the store and get a sneak peak!)

    That's it for the fast and furious Wednesday Festival. Make sure you drop by and leave an comment for these folks to let them know you dropped by. It's the neighborly thing to do!


  1. For the record, I'm a "he" RevGal, not a "she." =) Looks like some great reading today!

  2. Hey Lutheranhusker -- I think I fixed it for you. See what happens when one is in a hurry to get something posted quickly? YIKES.

    Would a female one of you be a lutheranhuskess? =)

  3. Cathy, thanks for filling in at the last minute!

  4. Ok, fun - I enjoyed reading this blogs.

  5. What a nice Wednesday!
    I'm thinking about the Quill awards.
    Go vote for Book of the Year!

  6. I enjoyed especially this week too. I wish I got on the ball and nominated someone sometime. there's an awful lot of good material out there.

  7. Hey all, you can read my method for preparing manuscriptless sermons, here.


    This was my week for the Festival and I had it all written up in Word...left my computer posting it and went to finish packing...

    and never got back to be sure it had posted. My husband says it appears the cat had something to do with the demise of my entire desktop.

    When I landed at LaGuardia 9 hours later, there was a phone message from the wonderful, the faithful Cathy..."ummm, Mary Beth?" And by the time I reached the hotel (one cab accident later) she had done it.

    Herewith, a second great truth:

    *The Holy Spirit's got your back
    *The RevGals do, too!

    thank you, thank you, Cathy!

  9. Ah yes, kitties and technology don't always mix happily.

    I have posted about a faith and justice retreat opportunity for those of you in and around Lake Michigan on my blog


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