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Saturday, October 06, 2007

It's Baseball, It's Football, It's the 11th Hour Preaching Party!

And in my town, it's the High School Homecoming Weekend...(and they won!)

Coming up, will it be: Lamentations, Habakkuk, Psalm 137 or Psalm 37, 2 Timothy, or Luke - pick your team players!

Me, if I were preaching, would go with the Gospel, Luke 17:5-10. I'd ponder what it means to be "rooted" in faith like a mulberry tree planted in the sea. I'd wonder about how the rootedness of faith shapes and forms the way I live my life. I'd consider how faith informs the things we do in every day ordinary ways. Jesus is speaking to the disciples about their faith. He says their faith is enough, it is rooted, now it just needs to be lived. Slaves were everyday ordinary HARD working folk, disciples should be the same, living faith in everyday ordinary hard working ways so that the Kingdom of God can come near.

But to live life in ordinary ways we need to be fortified. Especially when ordinary life includes exciting things (like play off games and High School Homecoming and sermon prep). So to keep us well nourished I'll be around all day. The first meal will be pancakes, eggs (how do you like 'em), bacon and sausage, French Toast, real maple syrup and butter. Next meal, turkey wraps in flat bread with Munster cheese and lettuce. Dinner will be an assortment of grilled meats with salads. A choice of beverages will be flowing all day, or bring your own.

Last week Abi hosted a fabulous Southern Buffet, and this week I'm going to return the favor and strive to host a Northern Brunch. Have a seat, what can I get you?

Ladies and Gentlemen, strap on your helmets, it's time to fortify ourselves for "game time"...

....let the party begin!


  1. Checking in late before bed...

    I am starting totally from scratch this week. I have a vague inclination towards 2 Timothy and was not enthused about Luke when I last read it.

    Here's hoping that more will form after a good night's sleep! (Although that delicious brunch has me hungry now!)

  2. I almost hesitate to put my head around the door as though tomorrow is busy busy, I'm not actually preaching.
    I've put together the powerpoint for OpenHouse and am bracing myself to bless whatever animals turn up for the blessing of pets. I'm presiding at 10.00, with my friend the Canon preaching and one way and another I've no words to string together for public consumption. I do, though, have a bowl of cherry tomatoes from the garden, which are terribly moreish. Go on, do have one - they might just sweeten the process.

  3. I'm finishing up the stewardship campaign, but because I had a sermon due for a class this week and it had to be based on an aphorism, I chose the Luke text for this week, and the sermon was done on Tuesday so I could turn it in. YEAH! I have to do some tweaking on it to make it fit the context better (I kept it somewhat generic for the class). I still have to put together the pledge letter and go copy bulletins, then I really DO need to work on my commissioning questions. I'll post the sermon in a bit.

    Tomorrow is World Communion Sunday, so let's make sure we have a variety of breads available...I've got seven grain, marble rye, tortillas and pita. Do you want it toasted?

  4. As promised, sermon is posted here. Use or abuse as you please.
    If you have time, read the post immediately following (preceding in time). Sometimes I feel like I'm all my opening examples at the same time.

  5. Yay! Mompriest, your first Preaching party! I'm not preaching. In fact, I'll be gone on a 7th grade confirmmation retreat pretty much all day! Sadly, though, right now it's raining here. Put on the fair trade toffee caramel, I'm up for your brunch. And if it were preaching (I'm not either) I'd go with Luke as about faith as not something we have more or less of, like a muscle something to exercise.

    well, don't know if I'll be back for a long time... wish me luck!

  6. I have a full day today, with a wedding at noon (my musician and his partner, no less--no pressure!), and events this evening as well as a proposal to write and a blessing for a friend's shop to put together.

    See why the sermon's pretty much done already? Had to be!

    However, it does need a bit of polishing and I hope to drop in after the wedding, before the other festivities to do that.

    Caramel-apple muffins, anyone?

  7. Good morning, everyone! Mompriest, thanks for the invitation to the party!

    I have an amazingly quiet day ahead of me. That's nice, although sometimes it leads to teh procrastination.

    My sermon has a general theme and I've done some writing to prime the pump, but there is definitely more to do today, as well as making some choices about prayers for World Communion Sunday. So I will be around today, in between dog park and laundry and going to Weight Watchers.

  8. I am not preaching tommorrow. Woo hoo. However I wrote up a wonderful communion liturgy for world communion Sunday which includes participation from our deacons during the invitation. I've got lots of bread from around the world. Have some matzo, pita and tortilla. I'll also bring some hummus for dipping.

  9. Oh, I love the idea of bread from around the world for World Communion Sunday. Marble rye, mmmm.

    I'm putting on a pot of San Angelo Blend coffee...from my little sister's TX's in the kitchen if you want some.

    Blessings on the listening, writing, marrying, praying, and other activities of your days.

  10. As always, I am pulling up my chair to the brunch. I 'just' have a communion meditation to write, already have the theme and should have started and finished it yesterday but a head cold has me dragging.

    So I will sit over here with my lappie so as not to breathe on anyone.

  11. I have a day from hell. I won't be writing the sermon, just developing an outline so I can speak extemp. A wedding this afternoon, a church dinner at firstwomanpriest's church tonight and world communion sunday tomorrow and inviting my former parish to my new parish for world communion. NUTZ! And I have had a week from hell at clergy conference.

    Despite the world communion sunday, I am preaching on Habbakuk and Luke and maybe through some 2Tim in.

    I am hungry and virtual isn't doing it for me--but the buffet has given me ideas.

    And it is unseasonably warm---arg in a warm church.

    Forgive the grumpiness. Mea culpa!

    kim, thank you for your words!

  12. I'm not preaching, so no sermon writing; but I am studing for mid-terms.

    I bring gluten-free bread for the table so we celiacs can commune with the rest of you.

  13. Good morning everyone!

    Semfem, I hope a good nights sleep opened space for a sermon to form...

    kathryn, prayers for the powerpoint and pet blessings and all you are doing...

    kim, i'll stop over in a bit and read sermon!

    diane, oh my. rain and a 7th grade confirmation retreat...I wish you more than luck...

    rbp, hope the day is awesome, even if it is full!

    songbird, may you find sermon inspiration at the dog park...I often do - it's like walking meditation...

    godgurrlll, the bread from around the world is a fabulous idea. I'm not really family with world communion Sunday, so I'm learning a lot today...even as I am to host this party!

    ws, I'm not afraid of a little cold, sit down and have some tea...or would you like something a little stronger, black coffee perhaps?

    marybeth, thanks for the coffee, I'll take a cup!

    muthah, continued prayers for you. I like your idea of having the two congregations worship together for World Communion Sunday. I hope all goes well and you have the extemp words you need to say!

  14. Good morning!

    A full day here, too. It's homecoming for old Pretentious High School and they won. Tonight is the dance, which means that Wondergirl and I will be running around like headless chickens.

    I have a half-sermon to finish. And I have "gourmet club" tonight which means I have some kitchen prep work to do. It's a full day.

  15. busy days all around it seems. congrats to those who have alredy finished their sermons.

    and mompriest- what a wonderful invitation you've extended!

    so... any minute now I'm going to write my communion meditation on the Luke passage, extended to exclude verses 1-5 (and I'm calling it a communion meditation because it needs to be short). lots of ideas bouncing around, let's hope I can keep it short. i preach it for the first time tonight at our evening service which resumes today.

    and then i have to go to my office and try once again to find the magic paper on which i took all the notes about the wonderful endearing stories of the couple that I am marrying tomorrow and then I will write a wedding meditation- with or without the magic paper (it's looking like without- and now the Presbyterian prays to a Saint... Saint Anthony, please.... ) and I need to figure out what d.v.d i'm watching with the senior highs at 4. Then I will drive 20 minutes to do a wedding rehearsal at a ski slope. Then back to the senior high gathering, then worship at 6, and, Lord willing, a relaxing evening.

    So... let the race begin!

  16. I POSTED MY FIRST BLOG. Well women, I finally broke down and made up a blog. I'm still trying to get my profile in working order. However the link to my blog is

  17. cheesehead, always good when the hometeam wins their homecoming game. Our dance it tonight as well. So, prayers for you as you prepare for all you have to do...

    more cows, I've always thought it would be a good idea to do a wedding sermon exchang so we could have a file of wedding sermons that can be tweeked and nuanced for the occasion. I hope all you need to do gets done, papers found, etc. and you can have some R and R tonight.

    Anyone for seconds? Or more coffee, tea??

  18. ah, sermon to write. should have done it last night, but went shopping instead. Not grocery shopping, wander around a new store shopping. A new lalabean outlet opened up. I bought a collapsible cooler for 9 bucks. It seemed like a brilliant idea at the time, but now I'm wishing I had the day to play instead of write. Oh well...
    exegesis is done, and so are all the prayers and such, so just a sermon. If only I had an example or two.

    I bring cold CocaCola One (did you know that stuff was created specifically to market to men? Apparently men don't like to buy diet coke....but I like it much better than DC, so there you have it.)

    Good luck all of you!

  19. I'm not preaching tomorrow but I do have to prepare for an IRS audit on Thursday. I think I'd rather write a sermon. Is it wrong to request prayers for an audit? Hmmm....

    You people always serve the best imaginary food. Now I'm hungry. The hubby had pop tarts for breakfast. I think I'm going to look for something else. Something better....

  20. Here are some resources that may or may not help. I found them in my sermon e-file for today.

    Richard J. Fairchild, "A Little Is a Lot"

    Tim Zingale, "Duty Calls - Expected"

    Prayer is not asking.
    Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God,
    at his disposition,
    and listening to his voice in the depths of our hearts.

    Mother Teresa (1910-1997)

  21. mmm, I have pancakes, eggs, and hashbrowns to share too! And strawberries to go on top. yum.

    I am once again starting from basically nothing, though at least this week I have a) sort of an idea working from Lamentations 3 and 2 Timothy (starting from v5) and b) only 8 minutes to worry about! I also have a wedding this afternoon (sermonless, thankfully), and the first Lord of the Rings movie as breakfast-time procrastination (which I am calling "inspiration")....

    Also, it's a beautiful 80 degrees outside and I do NOT want to be here in my house writing. sad.

  22. Oh...I need help expanding a great idea.
    "Give Us More Faith!!"
    Someone else--not even Jesus can give you more faith. That's something that comes from inside. Growing in faith is our own individual work, not something that can be done for us.

    Anyone have a related story, idea, or ANYTHING to turn these 3 sentences into 7-10 minutes of life-changing message? ;)

    Oh, and I'll bring the dessert-- chocolate peanutbutter brownies (who knew you could substitute melted peanut butter for oil in the mix?)

  23. I think a wedding sermon exchange is a great idea! I've never had to write one, but if I ever do, I'll be lost.

    Kim-loved your sermon!

    I'm preaching on Luke. I think I'm going to incorporate verses 1-10. Here's a post I wrote a couple days ago.

    I've made some delicious whole wheat pancakes with walnuts and blueberries in them. I've also got some apple cider. My hubby will even steam it and/or add caramel to it if you want! I'm enjoying this spread.

  24. Momma Helen- if faith is a gift from the Holy Spirit, then maybe the trick is putting yourself in a place where your faith can grow. The seed for the tree is there but it needs to be tended. Too often when we have crisis or doubts we turn away from the very places where our faith could get some TLC.

    Sometimes I come to worship because my faith is strong. All too often I am there because my faith needs encouragement from word, sacrament, teaching, fellowship and prayer.

  25. this reminds me of the invitation from one of the Iona Community communion liturgies, with the lines "come, you who have much faith and you who have little; come, you who love God a lot and you who want to love God more."

    It's in the wee-worship book.

  26. Thanks for the gluten free bread althea!
    I'm going with 2 Timothy tomorrow. It's already 4pm (been at a Child Protection training most of day and got Harvest Supper this eve) but I have a rough outline and ideas.
    Just getting used to this whole 'Children's talk' first - will focus on the 'handing down' (as in Lois, Eunice and Timothy) and bringing some things that have been handed down or passed on to me symbolised by stuff in my special bag - Football team = spurs shirt; old Bible from my mum and her dad; faith in part from my mum-in-law (not sure what to put in bag!) etc etc. Saying that it's the really important stuff that we want to hand on - especially Jesus, and what will they hand on to others?
    The main sermon will talk about 'handing on/down' Jesus and how we go about that and how we came to be where we are now.
    Not sure if all this is very clear!

  27. sorry..."rclpc" is me posting accidentally from the church account...

    for a change, I actually have a children's time plan. I have the book "children like me" (or something like that). I'll show the kids a map, ask one to point to a place on the map, then we'll talk about the child from that area in the book. It has pictures of the kid, their family, home, school, etc, favorite food. We'll talk about how Christians around the world are sharing a meal today. That's the plan. The book is often available at borders, should you want to try it.

  28. Clarifying my thoughts here if that's ok! Conclusion to the children - treasure Jesus who has been handed on to you. Be a good hander-on of Jesus - not just in years to come but every day.

    Talking about Monica and Augustine in main sermon and the result of her prayer and handing on of faith.

  29. Hi there.

    Luke for me, because today is the anniversary of the founding of MCC and tomorrow we'll be celebrating that. The Rev. Troy Perry certainly had a mustard seed faith, and planted something as wildly improbable as a mulberry tree in the sea when he started the MCC movement in 1968, a church for LGBT people.

    Those are really good thoughts about the mulberry tree in your party invite, Mompriest.

  30. 11:43.

    Now in church office.


    Will try to write a wedding meditation that is personal, but lacks accurate personal stories.

    Have rough draft of sermon.

    Munching on free snacks from Curves.

    Thankful for all of you.

  31. Sorry I had to step away from the party, the kitchen floor was in need of a good sweep and wash (party moved outside to the glorious day here in the Midwest), and had to exercise.

    Grateful for the gluten-free breads thanks for the contribution. And for the Coke One - I really like too, and will have one after walking dogs...nice and cold with lots of ice...oh, I better fill the ice bucket...

    revh - an IRS audit, prayers are indeed warrented!

    teri, chelley, and mammahelen - some great ideas being passed around. Can I get you a refill of anything (other than great inspiration, which you are flowing with)?

    revdq - always great to hold up the anniversaries and remember our journey. Glad my thoughts helped.

    party - on! ideas are perculating like good coffee, brewing like fine tea, rising like good dough (whether wheat or rice or some other gluten-free choice.)..bubbling like pancakes on a griddle---ok... ok...'nuff said...

  32. I really don't feel like writing a sermon right now. Anyone else fell or ever felt like this before?

    Maybe I should have some prayer time, first.

  33. I wonder if Orlando Bloom would mind putting on his Legolas outfit (and hair) to bring me a sermon?

    Preferably before the wedding so that after 5 this afternoon I can just relax?

  34. redheadrev- totally have felt that way before. praying is a good idea- calling a friend is good too- hanging with revgals and partying doesn't hurt. deep breaths are great.

    teri- what a fantasy!

    well, i just wrote a wedding meditation in record time! it's even personal- hope my memory serves me well!

    so now i just need to find someone to listen to my drafts, edit, edit, edit. and then get on with my day.

    teri- blessings on the double prep for wedding and sunday! i empathize completely!

    diane- hope that retreat goes well, though you're probably off and not going to get this note.

  35. upon reflection, I would settle for Viggo Mortensen. In or out of aragorn character, and even though he's a little old for me....

  36. Okay, so I've played on Facebook, re-organized a drawer, re-organized some files on my rarely-used laptop, showered, what else can I possibly do to procrastinate?

  37. Couple is married. Some writing for next week worked on. I'm ducking in at home to change clothes before heading over to the wedding lunch--Thai!!

    Shall I bring back some pad thai, red curry, or something else? Thai iced tea of course, given our weather here...

    Blessings as you write.

  38. OMG I would love Pad Thai! I was just contemplating whipping up a box of Thai Kitchen Pad Thai. and bring on the thai iced tea, RP, it's 88 degrees here!

    So I took a shower after LOTR ended, hoping that would help me focus and stop procrastinating. But now I'm hot. So....sitting in front of fan to dry hair, contemplating whether I can start a sermon by asking people what they can always count on when they go to grandma's house? Will they name food, or will I open a whole can of worms that isn't going to serve my purpose?

  39. teri - I would name food. I don't know if that really helps, but I thought of peas before you asked food or can of worms.

    I've got to stop procrastinating, too. Here I go. No more blog reading or posting until I have an outline!

  40. Okay, I'm working on somehow doing something very short that combines Luke and 2 Timothy, leads into world communion, recognizes a departing staff member (not dead, moving), acknowledges big denominational offering, mentions big denominational peace letter going to the capital this week in way that inspires those who agree and acknowledges those who don't, and also recognize beginning of fall stewardship campaign. Oh, and somehow sharing about intergenerational love at Family Camp last week seems to fit nicely with 2 Timothy. I haven't preached in 4 weeks - it's all stopped up - anyone have sermon-declogger under the sink? And anyone want to walk the baby so I can type? :)

  41. Could I borrow Vigo Mortenson? I know I'm not in dire preaching need but I've just said a sad farewell to the family horse (sold not departed this life, praise be!)...I have an ear infection that is not responsive to antibiotics...and HattieGandhi has just been stood up by someone who seemed rather charming and hopeful.
    And there's nothing promising to divert me on I thought I could just glower in the corner quietly, but if Vigo wanted to try and cheer me up....

    Sorry. This is the preaching party, not the pity party isn't it? I'll get my coat...
    Blessings on all of you as you labour on...

  42. Okay--as much dance prep as I can do has been finished.

    As has food prep for tonight.

    Sermon? About 650 words, approximately 50 of which I like.

    Sigh...back to it.

  43. Kathryn, of course viggo can come over! I'll send him to you pronto.

    For the first time ever, I have come to basically a conclusion about 200 words too soon. Now to figure out where I can stuff some more things in--I hate doing that. Part of me just wants to say "6.5 minutes, really, is plenty for World Communion Sunday with so much going on" and another part says "why fluff it up if it's done?" and the third, winning, part says "that is much too short--get to work, slacker!"

    dumb little voices. Perhaps Orlando will quiet them....oh long-blonde-haired Orlando, where are you?

  44. 1/2 way there IF I ignore the fact that I hate it.

    I keep telling myself it is hard to really know it is awful for sure through the headache and the sneezing.

    Thai me please.

  45. checking back in on you, sounds like lunch has taken a delicious turn to Thai, yum! Green curry chicken anyone and iced tea? Of course I love Pad Thai as well... thanks, PPB for bringing it along!

    Redheadrev, I often feel like doing anything BUT write my helps if something comes along that I send up prayers for inspiration

    teri, I think either Orlando or Viggio might just be the inspiration some of us need today, thanks for inviting is that the door bell?

    also, I'd go with food...from grandma. for me it was homemade chicken pot pie with biscuits on top....yum. or quilting...she was a quilter...

    more cows, woohoo on the wedding meditation!

    zoo, I do have a sermon de-clogger here, somewhere, now...let's see, where did I put it...

    kathryn, prayers that you feel better and the ear infection clears...sorry about the horse, too. My daughter rides and trains and has seen many a beloved horse be sold. It's part of the business...anyway, prayers for you.

    Cheese - what can I do to help? Sounds like you need some major filler ingredients for the 50 words your like...let's see now, what do I have in the cupboard....

    have I left forgotten anyone? speak up, what can I get you?

  46. ws- (simultaneous posting)...I hate it when I hate my sermons....sigh...maybe some spicy curry thai will help? Or some sweet thai coffee?

  47. Off to the wedding rehearsal now.

    My sermon is up here if anyone is interested. It'll have to do. I have no more time for editing.

    Ooh... thai... and nearest thai restaurant is an hour and a half away... pad thai... i'm drooling.

  48. okay, so I managed to a) take out the redundant paragraphs, b) make it long enough, and c) write the single worst last sentence of a sermon ever.

    One of my friends does nanowrimo every year. Two years ago, her first year, she couldn't end the story at the end of the month (though she had reached the 50,000 word mark!) so she wrote "and their heads exploded and they died." hahahah! that's how I feel about the last sentence of this sermon. there has to be a better way....

  49. Had a great two hours hanging out in a coffee shop pretending to write. Okay, I did jot down some thoughts about all three texts (Habakkuk, 2 Timothy, and Luke) that might just gell into a sermon.

    But now the coffee shop is closing, so I must be on my way to somewhere else. The house just does not appeal today as a writing zone (too hot! sheesh!).

  50. I'm done.
    Well... I'm not sure if the Holy Spirit would agree with that so I will be leaning heavily on her tomorrow morning.

    Off to the couch... rally on, all.
    Rally on!

  51. What a happy preacher party we have going on today! I just got home from presbytery, rather uneventful, except for learning that I'm on a commission to install that I knew nothing about until the committee on ministry report!
    Finished the sermon offering for tomorrow night. Its using the lamentations scripture to begin the process of slowly burying the church. (read posts here and here Stop by and let me know what you think, when you have the time of course.
    We had bbq at presbytery so plenty to share with y'all.
    Blessings y'all!

  52. Well, I have been productive in my procrastination today. For instance, I am typing this in my new workspace in our sunroom, not at the kitchen table. I had to put off buying the desk I want due to the soul-and-wallet-sucking tendencies of my overworked Volvo, but I remembered my mother's old bridge table and set it up in the corner for the time being. I rearranged a bookshelf to have a place to put some important things like, you know, a Bible and all that.
    I do have some aspects of my sermon written.
    Wait! What's that I hear? Reminders that it's Communion tomorrow and the sermon can be shorter than usual?
    Amen to that.

  53. I'm done...finished yesterday afternoon and then reread it this afternoon to make certain that I had actually used English. To my surprise, I did!

    I posted an Agnusday comic on my site. Lovely fun.

  54. okay, so I posted the draft here. It needs a new ending--I hate my "their heads blew up and they died" ending. help!

    I have to get dressed for this wedding, go and do said wedding, and run out for batteries and juice. back in a couple of hours. anyone need anything while I'm out?

  55. Ok, so here is my rough draft. I don't think I like my ending, either, but I need a sugar break.

    I thought everyone was crazy about the heat, but i'm finally feeling it here, too. Maybe my sugar should be ice cream. Yum! I'm off to the store!

  56. Oh! And again thanks to Kim. I used some of her sermon. I liked the angle she used when talking about the questions. I was going for the same angle.

  57. OK, back with loads of Thai for everyone. When I told them it was for the RevGals Preacher Party, they gave me the magic take-out boxes, which deliver whatever Thai you like best! Personally, I really enjoyed their peanut curry noodles with chicken. And I have leftovers for dinner after church (and worship meeting and Board meeting) tomorrow.

    Can you tell I'm also on a spice, caffeine and sugar high?

    Now to review the sermon I wrote yesterday and, as Tripp said, see if it's written in English. Hope so, because I have "plans" for tonight!

    To work so I can play with a clear conscience!

    Oh, and Kathryn? This is the preacher's party. We do what we need to. So if you need Viggo--you got 'em.

  58. Wow, lots of food for thought here, I coming around shortly to read the latest sermons posted!

    teri, I hope you figure out that last sentence thing. It is always the toughest part of my sermon writing - and I've always thought we should create a shared file on sermon closers and final sentences...

    semfem, hope you found a new spot for pondering and writing, one with coffee, perhaps...

    ws- I hope the sofa is comfy and you can recoup from sermon writing and bad it too early for NyQuil?

    Cp- I'll be over to check out your thoughts on burying the church! :-)

    RBP - love the magic take out boxes, woohoo, Thai for everyone. (Does that mean I don't have to grill?)...

    My parishioner, who is preaching tomorrow on "Why I Come to Small Church" as part of our Oct. Celebration of Ministries, has shared his sermon with me. It's pretty good! So, now I can relax a bit about what's in store for tomorrow...

    Party on. Or is it nap time before we get our second wind?

  59. Sb- your new space sounds divine. I hope it inspires you as you write!

  60. Well, my sermon is done because it's recycled. We have our yearly church meeting complete with the DS present. All of that paperwork was completed by me, not the secretary, and was turned in to the district office ahead of the deadline. There remains one piece of work: The narrative part of the Pastor's report. I want it to be encouraging and challenging but since nothing has been written yet, I'll settle for it being done. I'll probably be up as late as usual just writing that stupid thing.

  61. only one kid showed for our first senior high gathering- but i think this gave him a chance to open up about his recent break-up. we watched the number two Nooma film- Flame- about love. And then no one showed for our first vespers service of the year. i should be bummed, but... i wasn't. i've put in a full day and am grateful for the break.

    so k's heating up leftovers and rest is on the way.

    thanks for the magic thai, rainbow pastor, i'm savoring it as we speak.

    congrats on the new workspace, songbird.

    feel better, ws. the holy spirit has your back.

    and teri- here's hoping you find an ending you can be satisfied with. maybe it will just come out of your mouth tomorrow! the h.s. is good at that.

    i don't much like my ending either. oh well.

    party on, folks.

  62. Did I really just work sour-dough starter into my sermon on 2 Tim?
    Yes, I did.

  63. It is with great relief that I say my sermon is finished. Phew!
    I have meetings before and after church tomorrow, and the early start means I need to get my rest tonight and not count on revising in the a.m.
    How goes it for the rest of you? May I offer you some popcorn?

  64. Hi friends, I'm back from the wedding and the grocery store, where I could not find the batteries to save my life but did manage to come out with some things I, umm, didn't know I needed until I saw them. However, I left all donut holes in their place in the bakery, in spite of their insistent calling out to me.

    It's very hot in my house so I can't decide what to have for dinner...luckily, I had loads of Thai for lunch so I'm not super hungry, but I'm definitely going to want something as I ponder potential last sentences. Perhaps burrito night at chez Teri? microwaveable fun....

    (for the record, I had a plan to make a pesto-potato salad today. I made the pesto on Thursday but it's been too hot to have my stove on long enough to boil potatoes. If it cools down, I'll share!)

  65. somebody come and pla
    somebody come and play today
    somebody come and smile the smiles
    and sing the songs, it won't take long
    somebody come and play, today........................................

    I have the opposite problem of Teri. I am an awesome sermon ender. I usually START with a sermon ending in mind. But there's that big gaping hole between the beginning and the ending....big, big, gaping hole.

  66. I realize I'm way down the thread from the original, but I have a wedding homily posted here:

    Wedding Homily's snowing.

  67. Usually my sermons end themselves. I think I'm having trouble with this one because the whole sermon is only so-so.
    I put in a new last line. I still am not happy with it, but it does sort of tie in with the song that's coming after the sermon...which sort of makes it feel like the sermon doesn't end until the song ends. And luckily the song has an end.


  68. I'm the only preacher in the world still writing.


  69. No, ppb, I'm still hanging with you. I guess I am about halfway done. Fortunately, with all the stuff going on with World Communion Sunday, at least it can be short.

    Hot here, too. Don't you all have A/C??

  70. I have my a/c turned off because I am too poor for my electric bills to continue at their summer rate. So it's hot...but not unbearable with a fan blowing right on me.

  71. My favorite question when I can't find the end is... In one sentence, what is the point of this sermon?

    We have curry with shrimp, mushrooms and a little Major Gray's chutney on the side.

    Hang in there people!

  72. I turned on the A/C. Which is going to kill me money-wise, but with my marginal neighborhood and the fact that I've already had my apartment broken into---I don't open windows. I miss fresh air.

    I'm glad I'm not alone here. I think I may be close-ish to done, but it's a bit long. It's sort of normal length, and that's too long for World Communion Sunday.

    Sharpening my knife....

  73. well... back from the retreat and the pre-baptism meeting and a couple of phone calls to make sure oh, that we have mikes tomorrow out on the lawn. REALLY tired. October, and it's about 85 degrees. it did stop raining though. great group of kids. I'm so tired and feeling like I have a few too many things going on.

    Actually, it's the annual stewardship sermon, so the baptism will preach the gospel.

  74. ppb, you are certainly not the only one still writing. I just got home from running hither and yon for the past two days with barely a moment to breathe. I'm just starting to get all the notes I've written all week, and all the little messages I've spoken into the voice recorder I keep in my car, into some sort of coherent sermon form.

    Teri, send Orlando this way, will you?

  75. Orlando's on the way, stacey!

    he didn't manage to help me with an ending...but he has made my heart go flutter-flutter for a couple of hours!

  76. Hey, my heart's already beating fast enough - in anxiety over this sermon! Nonetheless, I'll welcome him when he arrives. Especially if he brings me that sermon.

  77. okay, I changed the ending again. And you know what, it's good enough. With the no-days-off this week, good enough is going to have to be...well...good enough.

  78. Stacey, send him my way when you're done with him.

    In the mean time, I may just be close to wrapping this thing up. And I'm with Teri, I'm okay with "good enough"

  79. Ok, dessert is on. For those who are finished, well done. For those who are struggling, hang in there. For those who are just beginning, there's been some good work (I mean plays) here today, so I hope you find a source of inspiration.

    Anyway, back to desert, how about low fat, but delicious ice cream bars, or butter cookies with a chocolate drop center (yum), or ice cream with chocolate sauce?

    For those who are too hot in this unseasonable Oct. weather - I have decaff iced tea with a hint of peach.

    What else can I get you?

    And remember two things about the sermon:

    if you have a dog walk it proud.
    sometimes we feed 'em (the congregation) brunch and sometimes we feed 'em cereal...but regardless they will be fed and nourished.

  80. Momma Helen, I think God can give us more faith but we have to know what to do with it.
    I also think we have the community of believers to rely on when our faith falls short...they can lift us up.
    Just my belated 2 cents' worth.

  81. Okay, after pretending to work in the coffee shop for two hours, I pretended to work in the library for two more hours, and then I engaged in a massive detour involving Home Depot, dinner, returning five million phone calls, and laundry.

    And I still don't have an outline, although at least I have an idea for the beginning. Sigh. So I rejoin the late-night crowd. (You're not alone, ppb! presby babe! Stacey!)

    Can someone explain to me World Communion Sunday in a nutshell? (I Googled it too, but I'm curious how y'all would express it.) And I can't figure out how I never heard of this before I started eavesdropping on RGBP. How might one introduce it to a congregation who's never heard of it before?

  82. ok, I am ready for dessert, mompriest. just going out for raisin bran and bananas and a couple of other things, and need to jot down "a few words" for the pet blessing tomorrow. could use anything sweet. just want to go to bed.

  83. Hmm...I thought I had posted a comment, but now I don't see it.

    Teri, good enough is definitely good enough. I'd settle for enough right now.

    Presby babe, are you sure I can't keep him?

    Mompriest, pass the iced tea (I already had apple pie today, so no more dessert for me).

    Glad not to be alone, semfem! I have a bit more done now, but I'm not sure it makes any sense. Blah.

  84. so I had this plan to make fried plantains tonight (yum) for a little jamaican flashback (it's been, oh, 4 years since I was there). But it's too hot to stand over the stove. SO...I have strawberry popsicles to share! They are made only from strawberry puree, not high fructose corn syrup (or whatever). enjoy!

    RE brunch vs. problem is that I want to feed them some kind of high-fiber cereal with lots of vitamins, like Kashi or something, and sometimes I feel like I have only store-brand cheerios. plain, not even honey nut.

  85. Semfem, good question about World Communion Sunday...I'd like to hear more about it also...

    Well my friends. It's been a blast hosting this party today!

    I reallly hate to leave some of you still working....but there is plenty of left over food, beverages, and ideas - I hope inspiration strikes quickly and you don't have to pull an all nighter....

    Thanks for coming, for partying, and for sharing.

    Last one up get the lights, please. Sweet dreams one and all.

    (yeah, it's only 9:17 CDT...but it's been a long week)...

  86. great job, mompriest! you made it look so easy! can't wait 'til I get a chance...

  87. I don't know if it will preach... but I wrote a sermon and posted it here.

    Hope your Sunday is blessed. Peace.

  88. On the Center for Excellence in Preaching site for this week's texts, it talked about Jesus being fairly random in the Gospel reading. "And this, and this, and this..." I'm going to take comfort from this, for my sermon feels quite random, but it is what it is. Hey, I said I'd settle for enough, right?

    Semfem, how are you coming along? Sorry I can't be very helpful on the World Communion Sunday thing...all I know is that a whole lot of churches around the world have communion on this day, as a way of celebrating our union in Christ across national, denominational, and other boundaries.

  89. I like it, pk. In fact, I just read all the sermons that have been posted here today and loved them all.

    Mine, however, has not miraculously emerged as of yet.

    Although I did just get an idea for a beginning...yes, another idea for a beginning, and this one is better than the first. Hmm!

    Okay, I mean it, I'm logging off and not coming back until I'm substantially into a manuscript. But I'm still out here working until I post that I'm done, so all those still working, I'm right there with ya!

    Definitely time to break out the Coke. Whew.

  90. Oh, and thanks vicar and Stacey for the World Communion Sunday info. I think I have the basic facts about it, but I really am finding it interesting to hear how different RGBPers talk about it with their churches. More would be welcome.

  91. I'm logging off and not coming back until...tomorrow. Time for bed. Good night, everyone, and blessings on your preaching and communing!

  92. I surfaced from finishing my paper due before I head off to modular week. Now I "only" have an essay on my view of "how the local church should impact and be relevant to the needs of the community". 1000 words and must be "insightful" and "show critical thinking" as well as a "biblical world view." (I don't think he means sandals...)


    Don't YOU want to be back in school???

    OH yeah. THat student sermon? About half done. Have until Tuesday at 8 a.m.

    yee haw.... it's a wild ride


  93. ugh. just reread my post. Can you tell all of my grammatical moxy just left the building???


  94. Can I just say that I am not likely to write an "insightful" essay when the prompt misuses "impact" as a verb when it isn't one? that's all.

    For real, I am going to watch the end of LOTR (I've watched all three movies today--lol!) and go to bed. good night/morning friends!

  95. semfem--wwcs probably doesn't play in your neck of the woods--elca, right? ---since you have communion every week.

    it was begun by Presbyterians. Now Presbies have communion 4 times a year, whether we need it or not. But many do more--some even every week. My understanding is that it's really just the low church folks that celebrate it. So it's more like all the once-a-monthers and the once-a-quarterers join up with you once-a-weekers.

    People at the church I'm preaching in believe it's part of the liturgical calendar.

    It's a bit odd, in some ways, but I've seen some really moving liturgies come out of it.

  96. So glad to see some of you are still up! My sermon was also finished earlier in the week for a seminary class, but I've been tweaking it. I would post it but I don't know how- sorry. I'll work on that!

    I'm not much of a cook...but I always have Hershey's Kisses on kisses for all of you, especially those still writing.

  97. ppb--as with Presbyterians, the ELCA also varies as to frequency of Communion. Recommended standard is weekly, but tons of churches are monthly or semi-monthly and some are still quarterly. (Mine are weekly.)

    Your analysis helps a great deal though in understanding why I hadn't heard of it before. :) WOULD one perhaps celebrate it at a church with weekly Communion? hmm...

  98. Oh, and yes, I am still writing. Word count: 633. Yeah, that's not very much. Most of those words are my intro. I kind of took a little nap earlier and now I'm trying to stay awake to write.

    And one thing about being at two churches with weekly Communion...having Communion doesn't ever mean your sermon can be shorter than usual.

  99. Just can't resist posting number 100.

    Back to work now. Really. *yawn*

  100. Word count: 1160.

    (I'm sure you're all going to be SO interested in this when you wake up!)

  101. Done! Finally! Word count: 1897.

    Need to take a shower, take a second look at sermon, print it, print out installation of Sunday School teachers, and get going. Naptime will be oh so sweet this afternoon.

    Blessings on all preaching and proclamation. I'll leave the lights on, as I'm sure some early bird is about to get up already.

  102. Been up for an hour now, semfem, reworking the sermon - just hadn't checked in yet. Sorry I missed the discussion on World Communion Sunday - started by the Presbies back in 1936.

  103. Good morning Everyone! Looks like the party kept rockin' til the wee hours of morning. I hope you found plenty to sustain you (looks like it from what I've read).

    Blessings one and all. May the sweet sweet Spirit be in this place, and in you hearts, and in your words, and with your congregations this morning. May World Communion Day be awesome for those who celebrate it. My ECUSA church celebrates weekly but it's kinda cool to think how many will be doing likewise today!


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