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Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday Meet n' Greet: "When Will My Mukka Work?" Edition

Good morning, RevGals and BlogPals! Songbird here. I dearly wish I were sharing a cappuccino with you all this morning, made in my new Mukka Express. Sadly, it tells me I must make at least three pots before actually drinking any of it, and I am appalled at the thought of pouring out that much milk, so we are at an impasse.

But the Ministry of Hospitality continues, even without the Mukka! Please welcome our latest members and one returning member!

Jacquelyn, a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) pastor blogs at Faithstones: Reflections on the Journey and says this about herself:
It is difficult to describe a perspective, an experience, a view of life. The words of our culture seem inadequate and limiting. The words/phrases that come to mind sometimes conflct with each other and yet in my life they do not conflict; rather they inform and complete each other: faith, doubt, strength, love, Christian, inter-faith, woman, feminist, anti-racist, passionate, quiet, solitary, communal, reflective, activist, prayerful, angry, GLBT-Affirming, priest, pastor, married, middle aged, sister, open,creative, lover of tradition, liturgical. spiritual companion, ordained, urban, pacifist, raging.

Please check out her recent post about Wednesday Noon Prayers.

Law and Gospel describes her blog this way:
A second career seminarian/lawyer and Lutheran contemplates the intersection of faith and the real world, and the tension between law and the Gospel , while maintaining a money pit house, raising teens, and sharing life with a wonderfully supportive but tool challenged husband and an old beagle.

Sign that beagle up for RevGalDogPals!! (Now you really know it's me and not will smama, don't you?)

At TribalChurch, meet Carol Howard Merritt:

a pastor of Western Church in Washington, D.C. and the author of Tribal Church: Ministering to the Missing Generation, which will be published by The Alban Institute in August 2007.

Using the term “tribe” with a nod to Ethan Watters, the Tribal Church is one that cares for young adults, understands their context, makes room for their beliefs, and supports their search for faith, meaning, and love.

Everyone is welcome, although the scope of the entries is focused on church leaders, especially ones who want to reach out to people in their twenties and thirties, in concrete and realistic ways.

Carol's most recent post recalls the aftermath of September 11th.

Track of Light is the blog of Tammy, a Methodist pastor, wife and mother who is also an artist and an avid scrapbooker. She will surely inspire you!

And a hearty welcome back to RevHRod at You Don't Have To Listen. I Just Like to Talk.

It may well be my favorite blog title ever.

Finally, let's have a shout out for our own will smama, who is hanging up the Meet n' Greet hat. Thank you, ws, for introducing our new members and encouraging us to go and visit them!

And on that note, go visit them!!!


  1. thank you songbird!
    and thanks to will smama too!

  2. Greetings to the newcomers! Welcome to a rich experience.

  3. Thank you Will Smama for the hard work you put into Meet n Greet -- along with the humor you have when you write.

    And welcome to the newcomers!


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