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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Prayer

God of Creation, God of all Goodness, hear our prayers as we come together in prayer as a faith community. We thank you for the strength and inspiration we are blessed to share with one another as fellow travelers on this path.

God, we give you thanks for all the ways in which your best hopes for humanity are lived out around our world. We thank you for people in positions of power and influence who understand the urgency of creating peace in our time and saving our planet. We pray that they will find the courage to continue to speak out against injustice everywhere.

We thank you for non-governmental organizations who work tirelessly for causes relating to justice, hunger, oppression and peace. We thank you for mission churches who step in where bureaucracies fear to tread. We thank you for individuals who make a difference in so many small ways.

As we look ahead to this week, we pray for children everywhere. For those whose excitement will build for costume parties and trick or treating – we pray for their safety and find joy in their laughter and fun. Even so, God, we know that so many children will be hungry that night. God, help us to find hope in a world where children go hungry and wars rage.

God, help us to BE that glimmer of hope in the world. Help us to be leaders in our community – sharing a word of peace and justice wherever we go.

We pray for all who have need of your grace and your presence today. Bless each one of them, O God, and shower your love upon them, and bring them the miracle of your peace.

All this we ask in the name of the One who calls us forward and invites us to be the world’s cause for hope, Jesus Christ, who taught us to pray together singing…


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