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Monday, October 29, 2007

Trick 'R Treat, Meet 'N Greet!

Hey, y'all, let's all go over and Trick 'R Treat at our newest member's (ktjhawk's) blog "Not in Kansas Anymore." She states, "I grew up in North Dakota, lived in Kansas for 11 years and now am living in the San Francisco Bay area and looking for a job in Southern California (and now Northern California). It's a weird life."

She's currently in the middle of a call process, so go make her feel welcome!


  1. I have just completed the Neverending weekend. I believe that I am getting so I like having Monday's off.

    The installation was great on Saturday. My first Reformation Sunday went better than it should have despite my lack of preparation.

    And it isn't even raining today. WooHoo!

  2. Thanks, RM! Great news, Muthah+ Glad it went well at the new church!

    What is Hampton Developments? Am I missing the joke AGAIN!?


  3. I don't think it was a joke. I've put up a new picture.


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