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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday Festival - Fall Edition

In our area of the Great Sinkholes Region, it is definitely autumn. This picture is a fairly good representation of the dominance of the yellows and oranges in this year's colorfest. I'm not exactly sure what conditions are needed to make the combination of leaf colors, but I know that God had a Hand in all of it ... just like God had a part in our Festival entries for this week!

Amy at Faith Musing says, "'s just not worth it! Feeling your pain, Amy!

Our church as recently been contemplating a move in the service time,"
says, "But how, exactly are these things set, anyway?" Tradition? Ours was set years ago by "milking time."

"The Gov. of Ga. has declared a state of Emergency and a natural disaster area. Water is running out ..." declares Reverend Mommy. Prayers ascending for our sisters and brothers in the drought-afflicted areas!

"Stop by and see my pictures of Ireland,
invites See-Through Faith. Do you have colorful autumns in Finland, Lorna??

A cranky LutheranChik nominates a trendy catchphrase for banishment in the LSSU 2008 Banished Words List. A good point, LC!

Mother Laura
suggests ways to make sacramental Confession a more safe and user-friendly experience. She says "Would love to hear the thoughts and experiences of other folks on that as well…." . She then goes on to add, "I posted a follow-up to yesterday’s suggestions for making people feel safe to try Confession with suggestions for helpful penances once they do (unfortunately inspired by a recent personal experience of confessional malpractice….too bad there aren’t any lawyers with that specialty!"

Christine invites you to her every-other-week Poetry Party at the Abbey. "Come and be inspired by the image offered to share your own sacred words."

"I had a first! A "first dunk"!" shares Deb. Celebrating - GOD'S work!.

1-4 Grace has issued an invitation for us to join her for some cake and punch to help her celebrate a special anniversary and her 100th blog. "BlogPets are welcome (always!) too!" Micah, Jasper and Asher will be coming over and bringing the Kitty Cookies, Grace!

reverendmother considers the phrase "spiritual but not religious" here.

Sally offers, " A couple from me: musings on reading from my Pastoral Theology Classes."

"I have a post containing some haiku I wrote in a fit of creative boredom at a theological conference," confesses Lutheran Husker.

RedHeadRev invites, "Come guess how old I am today at my Blog. Happy Bday!

And I will be starting the celebration of the last year of my forties on Sunday!

I love AUTUM!!!!!!

Be blessed,

net (Grace Happens)


  1. Happy Birthday to you, too, then!

  2. Oops - I meant to submit this and forgot! I ran a half-marathon in Sioux City, IA last Saturday - find the story and pictures here:

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, net--beautiful picture, too! I've blogged 2x so far about the southern California wildfires:

    here on Sunday evening and here Tuesday evening. please pray for us, thanks!

    and Scott, congrats on the marathon! way to go!

  4. You bet - but last year was much more beautiful. I'll try to post a picture.

    Thanks for the great festival. It's my (first) time next week and you've made me nervous ...

  5. Wonderful, net! Thanks and Happy Birthday!


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