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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

Two hymns -- one traditional, one contemporary. Give thanks for all our blessings today; friends, fellowship and the spiritual food that comes our way.


  1. Thank you. I love both of these hymns. We sang the second one this a.m., but I was also thinking of the first one.

  2. How lovely...we sang the first one yesterday, but I listened to the second while I sketched out my week ahead, trying to do it in gratitude!

  3. Don Moen is one of my favourite ... what a start to my week :)

    Giving Thanks here. thanks Rev Mommy :)

  4. Love them both. We sing the second in place of the Doxology in the summer -- but we sing it very traditionally!

  5. We sang "Lift High the Cross" in honor of our admission of 6 Daughters of the King to our chapter.


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