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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"I'm Late, I'm Late" Wednesday Festival

I'm a West Coast kid, and I've had a busier day than I thought. Because it's already nighttime in the East, here's a quick romp around the ring:

Reverendmother writes a Christmas letter to Clear Channel.

Lorna gives us a reality check.

Lorna does Thanksgiving, in Finland.

Coffeepastor reflects on his schedule, and tells a story of the Worst Thanksgiving Ever.

Christine invites us to a Full Moon Poetry Party!

Kievas asks us to think about where we give, and gives us a quick ‘80s fix with “Money for Nothing.”

Scott has taken a new call in campus ministry! He asks for our prayers.

Sally gives us a beautiful poem, and a reflection.

I'm celebrating, at my place: 5 Things I'm Not Afraid Of Anymore!

Happy Exploring!


  1. Apparently too late to even mention a late request... please come by and see the first edition of my mission trip to France... HERE!


  2. You can see my pictures from Thanksgiving here. There were 85 for dinner. Honest.

  3. I posted about community-church partnerships and what that might look like. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences as we begin to flesh this out more in our context.

  4. I also nominated this post

    Reverend Mommy visits a virtual church - and asks if this can be worship in spirit and truth?

    not sure what happened to it - but check it out. It's superb!


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