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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wednesday Festival: Invitations, Remembrances, and the Quotidian

Greetings, folks! Fall seems to be well on its way here, with leaves everywhere and chilly evenings.

Scott ran a half-marathon in Sioux, City, Iowa over the weekend! Pics and the full story here!

And in a related story, Mrs. M. offers an invitation. Gee, Mrs. M, I like that idea so much...will have to get back to you! Maybe Scott will be on your team!

Christine is inviting us to yet another type of party: her Poetry Party!

Gord shares a couple of sermons for Remembrance Day (Veterans Day, Armistice Day, what you call it). Follow this link to read them. Songbird has a great All Saints sermon remembering a wonderful man.

QG shares a great movie review with a surprising twist!

The Wing├ęd Man is thinking about the links between repentance, parenting, and positive discipline over here. And, it's out of the mouths of babes at Amy's place.

In my own backyard, I invite you to tell or show (or both) what is in your kichen window. Also, my dogs have started blogging.

If you have something to nominate or share for this week, it's not too late...just shout out in the comments!

Here's how to insert your link into a comment - use the following formulation.
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For a complete how-to, click here.

And, for next week and the future, do remember that the festival content comes from your nominations - of your own posts or others'. It's easy: Send them by Monday each week to, and they shall appear!


  1. I just posted another post in my series on forgiveness and repentance, focusing on exegesis of the New Testament in this regard. Now I'm off to the airport for my last trip to Toronto, and will check everyone's post when I get there.

  2. For All Saints, I hosted a series on Pastoral and Theological Reactions to Alzheimers, with guest posts by More Cows than People and Diane from Faith in Community, among others. I also posted some reflections on my daughter's All Saints baptism.

  3. I am not sure I qualify to comment but Scout sent me here to request prayers for recovery of my Nich.

  4. Thanks Mary Beth.

    reeling in shock at the high school killing here. That's my lastest post.

  5. I had some thoughts about people who are NOT in the majority in the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh. What about them? Read it here!


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