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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wednesday Festival - Almost Thanksgiving!

Gannet Girl shows us the progress of fall at her place. This is her gorgeous photo.

Amy nominates a funny video "that was made for our contemporary service. Bryan
(the minister) preaches at that service and then leaves to come to the traditional service. So, this was a video story of where Pastor Bryan goes when he leaves. Very funny!"

We have a couple of "Worst Thanksgiving Ever!" from Jeff at Philosophy over Coffee, and one (a sermon) from Songbird.

Gord is pondering how congregations can best live up to the vows they make at baptism (instead of complaining about families who don't live up to theirs...) here and here.

Quotidian Grace shares some thoughts about the TSA in preparation for your holiday flying adventures. Or your writing to Congress!

and Mitch wonders why office supplies so often go missing at the church.
Wishing a happy and blessed Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate it tomorrow, and a day of peace and thankfulness for those who don't, too! I am thankful for this online community and each one of you!
If you have links to share or nominate, or just want to shout-out what you are thankful for, feel free to add in the comments!

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  1. I forgot to send in my thanksgiving sermon: Tables of Love.

    I also wrote a haiku about my first mammogram.

  2. Hey all!

    I just had my site redesigned as a belated birthday gift to muah and I'd love your feedback on it. Its been two months in the making and I feel like I just woke up Christmas morning! (except that it is Thanksgiving morning).

    Rev. Mel

  3. And it would really, really help if I gave you a link to the site. :)

    My birthday gift


  4. thanks MB ... blessings to you all at thanksgiving.


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