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Monday, December 03, 2007

Meet and Greet

Meet the newest RevGals members:

Reflections on spirituality, scripture, art and life: This is the blog for the Kittamaqundi Community Church. kcchurch

a blog by a young clergywoman about life, ministry and the grace that is all around us. Young, funny, vivacious, married, fun, exciting woman serving a small church in her first full-time call after graduating seminary. (At least I would like to think I'm all of those things.....but who knows really?!)

Reflections on life during our family's year of fasting from TV. Blog posts on theology, parenting, kids, spirituality and sustainable living. We are a family of six…one dad (Rev. David Jones), one mom (Rev. Betsy Whaley), one eight year old boy(Ben), one five year old girl (Julia) and two dogs (DaVinci & Kess). We (the mom and dad in this family) thought it would be a spiritually fruitful and relationally enriching experience to fast from television for one year. This idea was not put to a vote amongst the other family members. The children protested in the beginning but are quickly adjusting to life without television programming. We do watch movies sometimes and the kids are allowed a small amount of time to play video and computer games on the weekend. Most of our news comes from National Public Radio and the internet and we are seeing daily benefit to our family relationships, spiritual life and general health. fasting and feasting

I could say that I am a librarian, mom of one, and wife, but I am really just Heidi, recovering fundamentalist, reader, doubter, advocate of the underdog, lover of simplicity, reality, and truth. Oh, and I am married to a gay, suicidal, agnostic pastor. What an adventure this life is. sh-out

And Greet hotcup

Where do you blog? my home office

What are your favorite non-revgal blog pal blogs? you're kidding right?? no such thing.

What gives you joy? watching my chocolate lab run, tail wagging, ears flapping in the breeze... that's the feel of heaven on 4 paws right there.

What is your favorite sound? the blaring of car stereo...

What do you hope to hear once you enter the pearly gates? the bark of my labrador, my father's voice, and well who doesn't want to hear the "well done..."

You have up to 15 words, what would you put on your tombstone? wife, mother, best dog owner ever, pastor, made several damn good pots of coffee!

Write the first sentence of your own great American novel. She never meant for this to happen, but staring at the cloudy swill in the styrofoam cup in her hand, she knew her tastesbuds and her lovelife deserved more than Sanka.

What color do you prefer your pen? red ink rules...

What magazines do you subscribe too? some denominational stuff; Forbes, Taste of Home, Field & Stream (no really)...

What is something you want to achieve in this decade? oh man if i could learn how to manage my time that would be wonderful... or reverse the effects of aging, i'd vote for that too!

Why are you cool? because the irish are always cool...

What is one of your favorite memories? coming home for the holidays and catching that first sight of my parents waiting for me at the train station.

Anything else you’ve always wanted to be asked? hmmm I'm sure there's something but it alludes me. I figure if folks have questions, they'll ask them in comments right?

Thanks, Hotcup...


  1. oh, I like the train station memory.

  2. I like hearing the bark of your dog at the pearly gates...i hope to hear that one too =) I love the picture of the chattering chipmunks--very cute

  3. Love the chipmunks! Does one of them want a "hoolo-hoop?"

    Does anyone have a guided meditation on any theme of Advent? We are doing our first Advent study this week, and I would like to introduce the group to guided meditations...lectio divina is next week! Can anyone help a sister out?

  4. Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to participating in this community!

  5. I want to pet the fuzzies. Chinchillas, maybe? Cute fuzzies. Soft fuzzies.

    Sorry, brain's fried. And I miss my cat. 'Course, he'd probably try to eat the fuzzies.

  6. In the interest of clarity, my profile photo is Ben's cat, the spooky Boo cat. Otis, my gorgeous baby, died of leucoblastic leukemia last year.

  7. Chilly, look at's Advent page and chase the links. I think I saw a couple of things you might use.

    Sorry for the many comments. ADD or something.

  8. Yes. Chinchillas....I thought they were cute...

    now my cats would probably try to eat them least if the chinchilla's were small enough...

  9. HotCup is a trip! (That means funny, in case you didn't know.)


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