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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Music Video - 3rd Sunday of Advent

I was not familiar with this piece of music, but the images were, according to the Youtube site info on this video, acquired from Flickr. Interesting!

Today's worship was actually a day where the weather felt like it should. Many of you who live up in the Northeast had church canceled due to the storm. What might you have sung had you been there? For those of you who were there, what did you sing for hymns? Special music? For many churches this is the time of year that the choir pulls out all of their stops. Share with us what is going on musically in your congregation.

May the sharing begin!


  1. Today was our Cantata and the choir was wonderful. Our music director is retiring in two weeks time, so they give it their all as a final gift for her, and for all of us.

    We sang "Joy Shall Come" which is one of my favourite Advent hymns from Voices United (one of the UCCan hymn books). It is especially lovely with a drum, but we did not have one today. Perhaps next year...

    Here are the lyrics:

    Joy shall come even to the wilderness,
    and the dry land shall then know great gladness,
    as the rose, as the rose shall deserts blossom,
    deserts like a garden blossom.

    For living springs shall give cool water,
    in the desert streams shall flow,
    for living springs shall give cool water,
    in the desert streams shall flow.

    (the words and music are listed in the hymn book as "Israeli traditional")

  2. It was Pageant Sunday for us so it was carols, all carols, and nothing but carols.

    In a couple fo hours we have Blue Christmas at which I have to give the meditation. THen only 2 services in the Christmas Rush!!!!

  3. We sang "Mary's Child" and the
    choir music was "Christmas Calypso". As we went out we sang
    "Good King Wenceslaus" and the
    worship leader pantomimed it!
    We had fun! CarolMH

  4. Our choir had prepared "The Snow Lay on the Ground" -- so appropriate!

  5. We sang "Fling Wide the door", which I love. Our Children's Musical was today.

    We don't have choir "pulling out all the stops" because we don't have a full-time choir director any longer...:(

  6. Today we sang
    "People Look East",
    "Prepare the way, O Zion"
    "Comfort, Comfort ye my people"
    "Thy Kingdom Come, on bended Knee" and
    "Hark the glad sound! the Savior comes" (I was not familiar with they hymn tune on that one and no one else did either...)
    We sang some of these last week too.

  7. I did not trudge through the deep snow but husband did. Today was choir's big day with John Rutter Magnificat; for offertory they sang In the Bleak Midwinter, but I don't know which setting. Hymns were Angels from the Realms of Glory, Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming, and Joy to the World. Prelude on Magnificat text by Marcel Dupre, postlude Mary Had a Baby by (perhaps arranged by?) a Noel Rawsthorne b. 1929. Many churches canceled, but not mine.

  8. Still very definitely Advent here...we sang "Thou whose almighty word" and "Come thou long expected Jesus" this morn...but after Evensong I went out carol singing with the youth group and some choristers around the neighbourhood. Too cold to stay out much more than an hour, but it was good all the same...

  9. I go to church 125 miles away about twice a month - they plan most everything with a few suggestions from me which they may or may not use! LOL. Yesterday we had an amazing music day with two visiting musicians who had been in town with a school supported program. A keyboard and 12 string guitar 0 invited by our Senior Warden. They played instrumentals - nice to just melt into their music - some familiar some original - one called Embryonic Dreams - was played during communion. Afterwards people gathered around had an impromptu carol fest.

  10. My Congregation is small, but our little choir sang a piece called a "Celtic Christmas" was very nice. I loved this YouTube video. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  11. Patti Griffin!! I love her voice. She has another song called "Rain" that is a song of mourning and yet celebration...

    Visit it here


  12. We had some special music at my bigger church from a woman that we didn't even know sang. She sang "Breath of Heaven" which I LOVE, and it was so appropriate because I had just preached on how sometimes joy can be hard to find in our wilderness passages. The fact that Jesus brings transformation even in our wildernesses. This had been a challenging one because although I'm usually very joyful in the pulpit, one of our most beloved members had just passed away, and many in the congregation were in a sorrowful place. The song was a perfect fit: "Breath of heaven- hold me together..." Shalom!


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