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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wednesday Festival: Boxing Day

Boxing Day is, according to Wikipedia, a variety of things. Nowadays it seems to mean after-Christmas sales in many Commonwealth countries. But it also had to do, in the past, with boxing up gifts or goodies and sending them home with the people who worked for them, and gatherings of extended families.

And since we are an extended family, I'll use this Boxing Day to ask you to type in the little BOX and tell us about your Advent and Christmas celebrations, thoughts, and writings. It will be ever so easy for us to visit your blogs for these if you will use the following formulation:

<a href="the url of your blog post goes here">what you want the link to say goes here</a> For a complete how-to, click here.

Kicking off our Boxing Day posts...Songbird shares her traditional recipe for Baked Cheese Grits. Yum! What are you eating, doing, thinking, praying today? Let us hear from you!


  1. Well, My first Christmas in my new little parish was absolutely magical! The music was good, the kids were wiggly; we had to put chairs in the aisles. And I really felt good about the sermon. ( The weather was good--the parking lot wasn't icy (a bit muddy but minor. God is Good!

  2. Boxing Day ... I love this day the most.

    Today we had a carol service (with scripture readings) at 4pm and then those without families (three men - not necessarily wise, but wonderful) came back to our house for Boxing Day supper.

    I'd made two savoury pies (one with ham, cheese, tomato and apple; the other with blue cheese, pineapple and tomatoes) - and we had cold ham, mashed potatoes and pickles.

    Hubby took the dogs for a walk (the African was a little afraid of them) and we sang carols for about 45 mins - then it was time for coffee and sweet things. (c/o MIL and friends)

    Lots of lively conversation - a lot of fun.

    When I was a child we saved some gifts for boxing day, but since living in Finland we've done away with this. In Finland Christmas Eve is when presents are traditionally exchanged but we have stockings on Christmas Morning and then open presents from relatives and friends from abroad.

  3. wonderful, muthah+! glad your christmas was magical!
    I love the idea of "boxing day". Today I assisted with a funeral, but otherwise I'm OFF. Monday is the usual day off, and, as you know, it wasn't.
    I actually had family over between the 5:00 and the 10:00 service, served meatballs, soar cream has browns, white jello, the traditional green bean casserole (with french fried onions), lefse and cookies.
    yesterday, didn't do anything but church and sleep (well, played with the dog.)
    we went out to eat.
    I'll be reading your sermon later, muthah+! watch out!

  4. Lorna, Both of those pies sound very good and different - I hope you will post the recipes for them!

    I posted our brown rice recipe and a little comment about small town life here.

  5. I am celebrating Boxing Day back in my little box at my "day job," but Christmas Eve was a day of many surprises. You can read about it here.

  6. My Christmas went well. Today I spent cleaning, cooking ('cuz I didn't make a thing for Christmas - we went out for dinner on Christmas Eve and to the in-laws Christmas Day). Also doing laundry, banking, and walking the dogs...a full day.

  7. Back to my job (pastoral counseling in a women's counseling center and shelter) today and I've never really known much about Boxing day since it was not part of our tradition. We had a nice relaxing day with just our family yesterday. I've posted a really nice picture one of our church members took on Christmas Eve at our church here.

  8. baked cheese grits-yum! thanks, songbird! i'm offering a celebration wonderful! prince of peace!...more tweaks of the image when I return to realer life. feast of stephen and boxing day blessings to all!

  9. A discussion on what the best dressed trees are wearing this year can be found at preacher, blogger or procrastinator.

  10. We broke tradition and drove on Christmas Day from Maryland to the beach. It is the last family vacation we will likely have at Christmas... since interns and seminarians are not expected to be around during Christmas week. Plus, The Harpist is in her junior year of High School and will likely want to hang at home and see her friends. Reedy Girl does not care as long as there are things for her to create in the kitchen...

    ANYWAY (blather blather) you can see my delayed Christmas gift HERE!



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